Events List Booking view in the Amelia WordPress Booking Plugin

The “Event Booking view” gives your customers the option to choose the event that they want to book from a list of events.

To add this view on one of your pages, click on the “Pages” in the WordPress admin panel, and then on the “Add New” button. You will see the “Amelia” insert shortcode button in your TinyMCE editor.

Add event shortcode Amelia WordPress Booking plugin

After you click on it, the Amelia booking widget will open. Select “Events” from the drop-down, and you will see options to choose whether you want to show just one particular event, one event with all its recurring events or one particular type of the events by choosing tag from the list that you have previously added to your events during the creation. If you just want to show the list of all events skip selecting anything here, click “OK”, and “Publish” your page.

Currently three types of shorcodes are available:

  • The [ameliaevents] shortcode that will show you the list of all events with dates, price, capacity, location and status.
  • The [ameliaevents tag=’name’] that will show the events that belongs just to one particular tag. In the place where name is the tag name will be shown.
  • The [ameliaevents event=1] that will show just the event with ID 1, and similar to this one the [ameliaevents event=1 recurring=1] that will event with ID 1 with all his recurring events.

If you use Gutenberg blocks for adding shortcodes please follow this link to see how to add a shortcode.

Events can have three statuses:

  • Open is the status of events that are opened for booking,
  • Closed is the status of events that are either full or the period for the booking has expired,
  • Canceled is the status of the events canceled by admin.

For each event, you can choose whether the event will be shown on the front-end list or not, no matter which status it has (more about this option you can read here).

When a customer comes to the page for the first time he will see the list of all events that you have created and marked as visible on the list. Customer can filter events by types that are automatically added here when you add tags to the event, and he can also search by date. By default, datepicker is made to show all events from select date to the future.

Event List Amelia Booking WordPress plugin

Once the customer clicks on one of the offered events, the event will expand showing pictures, description, and option to select the number of persons that are booking the event.

Event Info Amelia WordPress Booking Plugin

After customer selects the number of persons and clicks “Continue” he will see the second step where he can enter his personal info and selects the payment method (if you have enabled multiple payment methods).

Attendee info Amelia WordPress Booking plugin

On “Confirm” the last step of the booking will be shown where your customers will be able to add this event in their calendar. You should know that you can remove “Add to Calendar option” if you want, just go to the “General Settings” and there you will see the option to hide it.

Booking Finish Amelia WordPress Booking plugin
Please note: Since Google Calendar doesn’t support events that last multiple separate days, your customers and employees will not be able to simply add that kind of events in their calendars. By default, the first date of the event will be added and others will be opened in separate tabs.

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