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Automate Appointment Booking for WooCommerce Websites

Amelia is the best-rated WooCommerce Booking plugin that turns your WooCommerce-driven website into a fully featured appointment and event booking platform. It allows you to manage multiple services, events, customers, locations, virtual sessions, real-life events, online payments, and much more!

Amelia WooCommerce booking plugin

Manage your business with ease

If you’re utilizing the power of WooCommerce, but looking for a way to automate appointments and bookings for WooCommerce, you’re in the right place. With the Amelia WooCommerce booking plugin, you can build an appointment booking system for your store, allowing customers to schedule appointments for services or products.

Besides offering online booking and automating booking processes, the Amelia WooCommerce booking plugin enables you to manage different aspects of your business and ensures everything runs smoothly. Amelia allows you to set up your team’s schedules with complete flexibility and adapt them to the specific needs of your business, organize on-site and online appointments and events, provide numerous online payment gateways, automate communication with customers, and much more!

Amelia's payment methods and options

Expand to markets worldwide

When it comes to payment methods, the Amelia booking plugin for WooCommerce offers some of the world’s most popular payment gateways - Stripe, PayPal, Mollie, and Razorpay. While these payment methods work great in some parts of the world, they may not be supported in others. So, if you have clients from countries that require different payment providers, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

With the Amelia WooCommerce booking plugin, you can have access to more than 50 payment providers. Just to name a few - Square,, PayU India, IPay88, Worldpay, and many more.

When your customers book through Amelia, they can pay for your services through any payment gateway that is supported by WooCommerce. That way, the Amelia booking plugin for WooCommerce helps you expand to many markets around the world that weren’t previously available to you because of the limited payment methods.

Amelia's payment gateways and payment providers

Streamline your payment processes

If you need to send invoices to your customers, you can do so through the Amelia WooCommerce booking plugin. It takes just a few steps to set up invoices through WooCommerce. Once you’ve set the invoices, when a customer books an appointment or event using the WooCommerce booking option, they will automatically receive an invoice via email.

You can also add taxes with WooCommerce. After going through just a few steps to configure taxes, you can add the tax rate you want and that rate will be applied to all your future bookings.

Amelia invoices and taxes via WooCommerce

What can you do with the Amelia WooCommerce booking plugin?

Promote sales with WooCommerce discount coupons

Promote your business and engage with existing and potential customers by offering them loyalty coupons. That way you will award existing customers for their loyalty and attract new customers.

The Amelia booking plugin for WooCommerce offers coupons within its feature set, but you can also send coupons using WooCommerce. When creating a coupon in WooCommerce, you can configure different options to create the coupons you want. Add a coupon code your customers will use and enter a description of the coupon. Choose the discount type and expiry date and set up various usage restrictions and limits.

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Use the same language in Amelia and WooCommerce cart

In many businesses, multilingual support is a must, and the Amelia WordPress booking plugin has the option to translate everything into multiple languages. Even if the strings in Amelia are not translated to the language you need, you can easily select the language you want and translate everything using plugins for translation.

Besides translating Amelia to the language of your choice, you can also translate the WooCommerce cart to the same language, so when your customers proceed from Amelia to the WooCommerce cart, there won’t be a change of the language and you will avoid confusion or a potential drop off.

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Match statuses in Amelia with order statuses in WooCommerce

When your customers book appointments and events or buy packages in the Amelia booking plugin for WooCommerce, they receive an email, SMS or WhatsApp notification about the status of their booking, whether it is Approved, Rejected, Pending or Canceled.

WooCommerce also has statuses for orders your customers make, and they are On-hold, Processing and Completed.

In order to avoid any confusion and make a smooth connection between Amelia and WooCommerce, you can choose which appointment, event, and package status in Amelia will match which order status in WooCommerce. When you change the order status in WooCommerce, it will be automatically changed in Amelia.

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Customize the steps to suit your needs

To make Amelia’s integration with WooCommerce easy and smooth for both you and your customers, there are a few more options you can configure and customize.

If you have a service that you offer for free, you would probably want to hide the WooCommerce cart, as there is no payment to be processed. In this case, you just have to set the price of the service to zero, and the cart won’t be visible.

When your customers are redirected to WooCommerce from Amelia booking page, you can choose whether you want to send them to the WooCommerce cart, and then to the Checkout page, or to skip the cart and send them immediately to checkout. This usually depends on the use case you have.

Also, once your customers finish the booking successfully, you can choose whether you want to redirect them to WooCommerce Thank you page or you want to send them to Amelia Congratulations page, where they can add the appointment or event to the calendar.

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“I am really happy with Amelia. I just implemented crypto because you have so many options with WooCommerce, and now I have scheduling software that has WooCommerce.”

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