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Events Pricing and Capacity in the Amelia WordPress Booking Plugin

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When creating an Event, you will see the Pricing tab, where you can set up a unique event price and capacity for the event, or choose the option to set up custom pricing. Adding custom pricing to your Amelia Events, allows you to create several event tickets which can be purchased by attendees, as well as allows you to set different pricing based on the time when someone is booking the event, so you can create discounts for early booking, seasonal discounts, etc.

If you have a recurring event, you should know that the price that you set here will be for one event, and will not be a cumulative price for all recurrences, since the customer can just book one event, not all recurring events.

In the Pricing section, you can also manage the Deposit options for the event, and you can read more about these options and how to set it up on the Deposit payments page.

When you enable the “Custom pricing” option, three options will show up for creating the first pricing category (ticket):

  • Name – here you can set the name for your pricing category 
  • Price – here you set the price for that individual pricing category
  • Spots – and here you can set the maximum number of spots that will be available for this pricing category. 

Please note that when you enable custom pricing, any previously imputed Price and Maximum allowed spots values set for the event will be overridden with what you set under the Custom pricing option. As for the deposit, if you have set the deposit before, once you enable Custom pricing, the deposit will return to 0 as it cannot be greater than the pricing category (which is by default 0).

On the “Add pricing category” option you can add as many pricing categories as you wish, so you can differentiate the price and available spots for each ticket that you create.

Once you have added pricing categories for your event, your customers will be able to choose which ticket they want to purchase both on the Event List and Calendar booking form.

With the Maximum allowed spots option inside the Custom pricing, you can limit the maximum number of tickets that can be sold for the event in total. If this option is enabled, the Spots fields for each ticket category separately will be disabled, and the number that you set for this option will be taken into consideration as the maximum number of spots that can be purchased for the event, no matter what the pricing category is. 

Pricing by Date Range

There is also an option to set different pricing depending on the date when your attendee is booking the event. By enabling the option “Pricing by Date Range” you will see the option to select a Date Range and set the price for the pricing categories (tickets) you previously created, for that specific time frame.

You can also add as many date range options as you need, by clicking on the Add Date Range button, and when a customer is booking the event, they will see the price according to the date when they are booking. If you do not set a date range for a certain time period, the price will be the default price set for the ticket category. 

Please note that in order to be able to add any sort of Date range pricing you first need to define the Date for that specific event. 

Event Capacity

The default capacity (Maximum allowed spots) of an event is “1” when you start creating a new event. Once you increase this to at least “2”, you’ll notice that three new checkboxes appear:

  • Allow bringing more people – an option that, when checked, allows your customers to add more attendees when booking an event. If this is unchecked, each customer will only be able to book for himself/herself;
  • The price will multiply by the number of people/spots – enabling this will multiply the price of the event by the number of people or tickets that were chosen during the booking procedure of the event;
  • Allow the same customer to book more than once – this is the default behavior, but if you uncheck this option, a customer won’t be able to book the same event more than once.

Along with these three checkboxes, 2 new options also appear below:

  • Close Event after certain minimum is reached

This feature allows you to close an event automatically once a certain minimum is reached, and it can be configured in two ways:

  1. Configuring the Minimum of attendees – where each spot in an event is equal to an attendee. So, if this option is checked the Set Minimum will apply to the number of total attendees in the Event.
  2. Configuring the Minimum of bookings – each booking can include multiple attendees, so if you select this option, the Set Minimum will apply to the number of bookings (regardless of the number of attendees).
  • Limit the additional number of people

This option allows you to limit the number of people a single attendee can add during the booking process.