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API Endpoints and API Keys

You can see all the API endpoints with examples of requests and responses in the Amelia API Postman collection which you can download here.

API Endpoints allow calling the plugin’s actions from external systems. These endpoints are designated locations within an API where requests are accepted and responses are provided. They facilitate communication between diverse systems and applications by enabling the exchange of information and instructions through these designated access points.

API Endpoints are designed for developers and software applications that need to interact with Amelia via an API (Application Programming Interface). They serve as access points or URLs within the API that allow external systems to make requests and receive responses.

They are essential for:

  1. Developers and Programmers who are building software applications that need to access data, services, or functionality provided by Amelia. They use API endpoints to communicate with that system in a structured and standardized way.
  2. Interoperability: API endpoints enable interoperability between different software systems. They allow applications to work together and share data or services without needing to know the internal details of each other.
  3. Access to Data and Services: API endpoints provide controlled access to a system’s data or services. For example, an e-commerce website might have API endpoints to allow third-party applications to retrieve service information, process bookings, and payments, or retrieve customer data securely.
  4. Standardized Communication: They define a set of rules and protocols for communication, such as HTTP methods (GET, POST, PUT, DELETE), request and response formats (usually in JSON or XML), and authentication methods. This standardization ensures consistent and reliable communication between systems.
  5. Security and Authorization: API endpoints often include security measures, such as authentication and authorization mechanisms, to ensure that only authorized users or applications can access specific resources. This helps protect sensitive data and services.
  6. Scalability: API endpoints allow systems to scale and grow by providing a controlled way for additional applications or services to access their functionality.

Please note that API Endpoints are included in the Elite license plans only. Using API Endpoints requires a certain level of coding skills, and is not included in the provided support for the plugin.


All Amelia endpoints use an API key authorization, using the header property named “Amelia”.


Amelia API paths start with: {{your_site_URL}}/wp-admin/admin-ajax.php?action=wpamelia_api&call=/api/v1

You can manage API keys for Amelia Endpoints in Amelia Settings, under API Keys:


When you click on View API Key Settings a right-hand side modal will appear where you’ll be able to generate the API key (1), copy it (2), delete it (3), and download the Postman collection from here.


Amelia will hide the API key due to security purposes, so you need to copy it before you click on Save as it will not be visible again.

If you don’t yet have the Postman collection, you can sign up for free and download a native app for Windows, Linux, and Mac here.

In the collection, downloaded from Amelia settings, you will see examples of Payments, Appointments, Bookings, Entities, Search, Timeslots, and Coupons.

Please check out the documentation provided on the left, if you need further assistance.