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The Most Customizable WordPress Appointment Scheduling Plugin

Amelia is one of the most flexible WordPress scheduling plugins. Customize everything related to employees, customers, and services and meet the specific needs of your business.

Amelia wp schedule plugin

Schedule appointments professionally and effortlessly

If you have an online booking system and offer bookings online, most of the bookings probably come through the booking form from the customers' side. But if you have customers who reach out to you through phone calls, messages, or emails to book appointments, you can easily configure everything related to appointments in the backend.

As an admin, you can book recurring appointments or recurring events in the backend or apply coupon codes for your customers and give them discounts. If your clients want to buy packages, you can do that instead of them in the backend or book appointments in the package your client has already bought.

The Amelia WordPress schedule plugin offers you to choose whether to show all services available for booking on the front end or select some that can be booked only from the backend. In the Amelia WordPress calendar plugin, you can also book an appointment anytime, even after your defined working hours.

Amelia scheduling calendar and appointments manager

Streamline bookings & prevent no-shows

If you use Amelia’s customer panel feature, you give your customers the option to easily create their own profiles without logging into WordPress. After your customers create an account, they can simply schedule appointments in just a few clicks, see appointment details, and cancel and reschedule their appointments and events based on appointment availability. This will help you reduce no-shows and last-minute cancellations.

Another reason customers love the Amelia customer panel is that they can see and manage everything related to packages when they buy one. If customers buy a package on the appointment booking form, they can see all package-related details like the time limit and the number of appointments, and they can also book an appointment within the package directly from the customer panel on your WordPress site.

Our WordPress scheduling plugin will help you provide a smooth booking process and build a base of loyal clients.

Amelia service and customer management dashboard

Let employees manage their schedules

If you have multiple employees, you would probably need a person to take care of all their schedules, working hours, appointments and events. But, with the Amelia WordPress scheduling plugin, you can use an Employee panel, and let your employees manage the appointments on their own. That way, your employees can always have a clear view of their booked appointments and you don’t need to hire an extra employee to handle the appointments.

The employee panel is on the front end of your WordPress site, and your employees can see all their appointments and events with a simple login and simply schedule appointments for their customers. Depending on the permissions they have, they can configure their own schedules, service, days off, and special days, and manage their appointments and group and multi-day events. They can also connect Amelia with their Google calendar account and add Google calendar events. It’s up to you to decide what permissions you want to give to your employees.

Amelia appointment management dashboard

Manage every aspect of your business with the Amelia WordPress scheduling plugin

Manage multiple employees, services, and locations

No matter how many employees, services, and business locations you have, you can set up everything with the Amelia scheduling WordPress plugin. Add as many employees as you need, set up working hours for each employee, assign as many services, locations and events as you want to one employee, select different time zones, and configure everything related to employees on an individual level.

If you have multiple locations, you can assign different employees and services to each location and create a list with all locations in the backend that you can easily search through and make any changes you want.

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Configure working hours per service and employee

Amelia is one of the most flexible, feature-rich, and best WordPress calendar plugins. With the Amelia scheduling WordPress plugin, you can have full scheduling flexibility and cover every need of your business. Regardless of the working hours of your company, you can set schedules and working hours for every employee individually.

You can assign different services to different employees, select a time when each employee provides a certain service and even add multiple different locations in each working period. If your employee needs to be absent from work one part of a day, you can create a special day for specific dates for that employee and select the hours not available for booking that day.

With the Amelia appointments and events booking plugin, you can also set the period available for booking in advance globally or for every service individually, if that service requires a longer or shorter period.

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Add your company’s special days or days off

The Amelia WordPress calendar plugin allows you to define global rules on working hours, breaks, and days off at a company level. However, even when you have global working hours, you can still configure different schedules and working hours for every employee individually.

When you create unique schedules for your employees, global working hours will not be applied, but they will serve as a template for every new employee that comes until you make a unique schedule for that employee.

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Define the number of resources you provide

If you have multiple employees, but limited resources available where your employees can provide services, Amelia’s resources feature allows you to share rooms, equipment, cars, chairs, or any other resources between employees. In this way, you can accept appointments based on the number of resources you have.

For example, if you have a barbershop and three available chairs, but six barbers, your customers will be able to book only three barbers at the given time. Once that number is booked, the remaining employees will become unavailable for booking in the booking calendar at that period. That way, you will no longer face overbookings.

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Features that help you meet the specific scheduling needs of your business

Buffer time before and after

If you need time before the appointment to prepare or after the appointment to clean everything up, you can use Amelia’s buffer time feature. Set the time you need before or after the appointment, and this time slot will be unavailable for booking in the booking calendar.

Service extras

Configure extra services or special treatments provided additionally with a service, which can appear on the frontend booking form and optionally raise the service price.

Custom service duration

With a custom service duration feature, you can offer a single service with multiple durations your customers can choose from, define different prices for those durations and choose whether those prices will be applied to all employees.

Minimum time before booking, canceling and rescheduling

Set the minimum period before the appointment when customers can submit a booking request, cancel or reschedule an appointment time slot in the WP simple booking calendar.

Period available for booking in advance

Set how far in advance your customers can book appointments. The periods can be set globally and per service.

Google Calendar and Outlook sync

Connect your and your employees’ Google or Outlook calendars and avoid double bookings or any conflicts in the schedule. The occupied hours in your personal schedule in Outlook or Google calendar will be automatically unavailable for booking in the Amelia booking calendar.

Email, WhatsApp, and SMS notifications

Keep your customers updated about upcoming events and appointments with scheduled automatic SMS, WhatsApp and Email follow-ups, and reminders, and reduce no-shows to a great extent.

Packages of services

Increase sales by bundling single or multiple services in a package of appointments. Set the price for the whole package and create discounts for your customers.

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“I have tested many other plugins, but Amelia was the easiest to set up, and most importantly, it was the first plugin that both employees and customers found easy to use”

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