Updating Amelia WordPress Booking Plugin

Updating Amelia WordPress booking plugin regularly is very important to keep up with the new functionalities. There are two ways for you to update the plugin, automatically and manually, read more about both ways below.

Automatic Update

To enable auto update just add the purchase key in the Activation Settings Dialog on the Settings page.

If you bought it from CodeCanyon, you can take a look at this tutorial how to find your Amelia Purchase Code – Link.

If you bought it on our website then you can find your purchase code in the email that you got when you made the purchase or in our TMS Store following this link where you can login with the credentials you received in the email after your purchase.

Manual Update

When downloading the new plugin version (if you buy it over CodeCanyon please download it from this link, or if you buy it over our website then please download it from our TMS Store from this link) please follow these steps to update manually from the existing version:

1. Go to your FTP and open WordPress plugins folder
2. Delete the old Amelia version folder
3. Upload the new version of Amelia
4. Go to WP-admin panel, and open the Plugins section
5. Deactivate Amelia, and then activate it again