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Thrive Automator Integration with the Amelia Booking Plugin

This integration offers you to send data from Amelia to numerous third-party applications after certain actions. Whether you need to add customer details to your CRM, send an additional email after booking or canceling, update the Google Spreadsheet, etc. integration with Thrive Automator is made for you. We have chosen to connect Amelia with Slack in this example, so we can receive a new notification whenever a customer books an event or appointment.

1. Install and activate the Thrive Automator plugin on your website.

Thrive Automator plugin activated

2. Once the plugin is activated, you can open the Thrive Automator page from the sidebar of your WordPress admin dashboard. From there, click on the “Add New” button to add a new automation.

Add new automation on Thrive Automation

3. Next, you need to configure the newly-created automation.

Let’s start with the name of the automation:

Name a Thrive automation

Then, you need to choose a trigger category, which is Amelia in this case:

Name a Thrive automation

And choose the start trigger, which will be “Event Booking Created” in this case:

Choose the start trigger

Once you choose a start trigger, you can also choose the conditions so that the automation runs only when the conditions are met. Click on the “Done” button once you have set up a trigger.

Choose Automation conditions

4. As a next action, choose the “Slack” category:

Choose Slack category

And choose “Send notification” category:

Send notification action

5. Then, set up a Slack notification according to your needs.

Set up Slack notification
  1. Slack channel – choose the channel to which the notifications will be sent.

  2. Message title – add a title that best describes your notification. You can use dynamic information as is shown in the example above.

  3. Fields – you can also add additional fields such as name or email using the dynamic information as well.

The “Send test” option allows to you to check if the information is passed correctly through the notification on Slack.

To complete the configuration of the automation, click on the “Done” button, and you are ready to go.

Once this is set up, you will receive your configured notifications on Slack.

Notification from Amelia sent to Slack