Google Analytics Integration in Amelia WordPress Booking Plugin

In order to help you track visitor activity on your website and Amelia particularly, monitor conversions and marketing performance, there is an integration with Google Analytics available in Amelia. If you use GA you can create tracking for different events/actions in Amelia on which you will track conversions in your Google Analytics account.

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To use this integration in Amelia go to the Settings page and then open Integrations settings. Under the Marketing Tools tab, you will find both Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics. When you click on the Google Analytics option, you will see the mandatory ID field where you need to enter the ID from your Google account where you will track these events, and below this field, you will see tabs for Appointments, Packages, and Events where you can create trackings for each one of these separately. You need to create a tracking for each event/action in Amelia that you want to track in your GA account.

When you click on the +Add tracking button, a modal for creating a tracking will open where you should choose one type from a list of actions on which the event will be called and the list of events is different depending on which tab you choose – Appointments, Packages or Events. The events that are available for all three are:

  • Load page – the event will be sent on each page load where Amelia is
  • Show Checkout Form – this event will be sent when the last booking step (where customers provide their information) is accessed
  • Complete Booking Without Payment – this will track all of the successful bookings without online payments (on-site payment method)
  • Complete Booking With Payment – this will track all of the successful bookings which are paid using the online payment methods during the booking process

Please note that the WooCommerce payments can’t be tracked using this event because the form redirects to WooCommerce pages where the Amelia booking form isn’t available anymore.

The events that are available for Appointments only are Select Category, Select Service, Select Employee, and Select Location, which are sent when the customer chooses a category, a service, an employee, or a location accordingly. For Packages, there is the Select Package event and for Events the Select event.

Then you need to provide the Category and Action names for the event. Label and Value fields are optional. To the Value field, you can add placeholders so you can add service or employee names or similar to the events.

The placeholder list will show the available placeholders that you can use for that action/event when you choose the Type of event. You can copy the placeholders by clicking on one of them and then paste it to the Value field.