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Organize your Virtual Events, Online Sessions, Conferences, Meetups, Offline events and concerts, classes, and any other happenings with the Amelia WordPress events plugin - join more than 30.000 event businesses that already use our plugin for their events calendar!

Amelia - Events

Responsive and customizable events manager to create one or multi day events for any occasion

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”Among WordPress events plugins, this one is a top tier kind. Feels like SaaS because it was built with care”


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”We love how simple the booking interface is”

Install, create multi day events, choose booking view, and set up tickets

The Amelia events calendar plugin is built for a variety of event types, which can be differentiated by creating event categories. All the key aspects of the events calendar and event booking forms can be customized easily from the back-end customization page.

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Recurring Events

Various repeating options for recurring events

One of the WordPress event plugin features that users highly appreciate is the possibility to set recurring events. Use our events manager to create recurring events with various repeating options. Recurring events can be created by day, week, month, or year - day of the week or by exact date in the month. Even a custom repeat schedule is easy to set up in your events calendar. See all of your events with a clear calendar view.

Dynamic Ticketing

Set up Dynamic Ticketing

Event ticket prices usually differ based on attendees’ profiles or the date of purchase. You can easily create events, sell tickets and early bird tickets, or set different prices for adults and kids directly from your website with our WordPress events plugin. Also, you choose when sales open and close.

Form Shortcodes

Add Booking Forms Shortcodes

Use our events manager plugin to create booking pages. Add a shortcode or use one of the popular page builders compatible with the Amelia WordPress event plugin: Divi, Elementor, or Gutenberg blocks. Your event booking page will be ready in minutes.


Filter & Sort

In our WordPress events plugin, you can create event tags and use different colors to distinguish event types for a more straightforward navigation. For example, you and your employees can sort & filter on the back, while users can do the same on the front-end event booking form.

Deposit Payments

Set up Deposit Payments

You do not need to charge the whole amount upfront. Instead, sell tickets for your events by setting an amount for deposit payment. Attendees can pay the rest when they come to your event. This is especially useful for those who host on-site events.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar and Outlook Synchronisation

An event calendar plugin would not be complete without direct integrations with other calendars. Your hosts can synchronize their Google and Outlook calendars to ensure the event is always on their radar. Furthermore, attendees can add the event to their calendars.

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Translate Events

Translate Events to Different Languages

You are hosting events in different languages and would love to offer a booking experience to your international audience in their language. This is super easy with a translation option for events available in our events calendar plugin's dashboard.

Thanks to the Amelia events calendar plugin we were able to run bookings on our website in less than one day which actually saved our event.

Due to covid-19 and restrictions on customer numbers in shops, we were looking for an easy events manager for our ski sale event. Thanks to the Amelia events calendar plugin we were able to run bookings on our website in less than one day which actually saved our event. Amelia did such a great job for us that we are going to use this WordPress calendar plugin in the upcoming seasons even though there are no restrictions. Automated customer notifications, custom fields, simple admin panel - all of this was a great deal for us!

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Martin Vachata

Lead Designer

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Take control of your appointments and events

Amelia is a simple yet powerful events calendar plugin for accepting online bookings & payments on your WordPress site. Amelia has no hidden costs, unlike other Wordpress events plugins.

15 days money back guarantee

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Features that will simplify arranging and hosting a virtual event of any kind or onsite event of any size

Visual sessions

Virtual Sessions and Online Events

Nowadays most meetings and events take place online. Our calendar WordPress plugin allows you to organize and host an online event, whether it is a conference or a yoga class. You can use the native integration with Zoom or Google Meet to manage events easier.

Visual sessions
Event Calendar

Modern Events Calendar

Showcase events through a nice and customizable calendar view, which allows direct booking by clicking on the particular event. Attendees will be able to see more information about the event and buy event tickets right away.

Event Calendar

Events List View

If an event calendar is not a suitable way for you to display your events (e.g. you don't have so many per month), show upcoming events in a list. You can also include past, closed or sold-out events.


Recurrent Events

If your events happen on a regular basis - e.g. every week, month, etc. - configure these as Recurring, and don't worry about adding and configuring each occurrence separately.


Online Payments, Including Deposit Payments

No need to work with cash anymore, especially if you hold online events - accept and process all payments online through the payment system of your choice - WooCommerce, PayPal, Stripe, Mollie and Razorpay.
All of these in a single WordPress event plugin.

Visual sessions Event Calendar List Recurrent Payment

Event agencies and organizers love creating and managing events with Amelia

Increase ticket sales for an event

Interact with your customers and increase sales

Amelia streamlines the flow for your customers and allows you to interact with them via reminders and follow-ups, increasing sales and attendance by 20% or more!

Manage all events, attendees & venues

Manage all events, attendees & venues

Amelia aggregates and handles all the components of a successful event booking process, so an event manager like you can handle the whole event management in one place.

Waste no time on administration

Waste no time on administration

Creating and tracking tickets, attendees, and free slots, processing payments, and managing cancellations and reminders can be a nightmare. Amelia is taking care of those so you can focus on organizing your event.

The effortless, modern event booking experience

The effortless, modern event booking experience

Amelia allows you to organize the event presentation and the attendance booking process on your website in such a smooth and seamless way that your customers will be blown away by the ease of it.

Also, let's not forget...

Keeps event schedules in order

Reduces no-shows and lateness

No training or education needed to install and use

Fully automates the customers and employee interaction

Constantly updated and modernized

Integrates with the business tool stack

Allows you to take your business completely online

Gives real-time insight in all the key performance indicators

Updates every month

Yearly or lifetime subscriptions

15-days money back guarantee

World-class support solving any issue or concern

Let hosts connect Google calendar and Outlook calendar

Sell event tickets for various attendees based on age or time of purchase

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