Front-end Booking Catalog in Amelia WordPress Booking Plugin

You can use the “Front-end Booking Catalog” view when you want to show your service in a form of a catalog.

To add the “Front-end Booking Catalog” view on one of your pages, click “Pages” the in WordPress admin panel, and then on “Add New”. You will see the “Amelia” insert shortcode button.

Amelia WordPress - Add Shortcode

When you choose Catalog to create a shortcode for your page, you will see three new options:

  1. Show catalog of all categories.
  2. Show a specific category.
  3. Show a specific service.
Amelia WordPress - Add Catalog Shortcode

Please note: If you cannot find the shortcode button you can use one of the following shortcodes:

  • [ameliacatalog] if you want to show all categories,
  • [ameliacatalog category=1] if you want to show just services from the category with ID 1,
  • [ameliacatalog service=1] if you want to show just service with ID 1,

Just put the shortcode on the page and “Publish” it.

In the “Front-end Booking Catalog” view, categories are shown in a form of cards with their name, the number of services that belong to that category, and the services picture.

Amelia WordPress - Catalog View All Categories

After your customer chooses a category (which you can also show separately by choosing the second shortcode we mentioned above), he will see similar boxes for services with service picture, service name and price, and pictures of employees that are assigned to it. The customer is able then to choose between the services and open the one he wants to book, to find out more about it (that is the third option mentioned above).

Amelia WordPress - Catalog View Specific Category

Opened service provides a lot of information: capacity, duration, description, a category that service belongs to, assigned employees and extras information (if service has any extras configured), and if the customer chooses to book it he can easily continue in the same page in the wizard below. The only difference between this wizard and the one you get when you insert “Step-By-Step Booking Wizard” view is that here you have already chosen the service so you need to choose the only employee in the first step.

Amelia WordPress - Catalog View Specific Service

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