Today, every single aspect of our lives is governed by technology. Businesses adopted technology to perform most of their tasks and even small firms rely on technology to manage their data.

The benefits that technology comes with are truly great, the main one being easily handling information. For example, Amelia enables business owners to enjoy an automated booking platform.

Tracking information with a pen in your hand is susceptible to human errors and it is definitely not comfortable. Getting a text message reminder can save lives today, as, in the past, the methods used to transmit an urgent message weren’t efficient at all. Technology opens many doors, and we should be ready to use them!

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The importance of a text message reminder

A simple text message doesn’t seem to be so important at first, but a few details about their use will definitely make you change your opinion. The beauty industry is one of the industries that rapidly adopted the technology, especially for managing appointments, schedules, and stocks.

Appointment reminders come in many forms – the beauty industry, the medical field, in fitness training, in consulting, education and so on. Receiving a text message reminder makes the job of the people working in these industries and many other much safer and effective. There is no question regarding the importance of a text reminder, that’s for sure.

The benefits of using a text message reminder

Appointment reminders have many benefits, and they don’t limit to one industry only. Having an automated system that sends text message appointment reminders can be a business savior when used right.

We value that greatly and that’s why we implemented SMS notifications in the Amelia WordPress Booking Plugin.

Here are the benefits it implies:

Clients prefer receiving reminders rather than being called

In a world where technology evolved, and smartphones are no longer used just for calling, people definitely prefer texting over voice calls. The reason behind that is the lack of time or simply the comfort of just reading a text.

Numerous researches show that people prefer receiving a simple text reminder to be notified about there appointments rather than being called to confirm. Basically, the client is kept up to date without you having to interrupt them from what they are doing.

You will save time

Voice calls also take a lot of time, both for you and the client. In business, time is money, as the saying goes. There is no better option to save time other than having an automated system send a text message reminder to each person who has an appointment with your company.

This way, you will drastically reduce no-shows and last moment cancellations, which means you will have more time to focus on other tasks instead of wasting a couple of hours.

Your business will look more professional

Professionalism is one of the key features that people seek for when selecting a company. Sending an appointment confirmation text is one tiny detail that makes people think well of your company. Sending such a signal is proof that your company keeps things organized and that you mean serious business.

Tips to set good text message reminders


The first tip you should consider is always personalizing your appointment reminder text. Sending a generic text won’t do the trick. It would be best to use your client’s full name when addressing them.

Write normally

Some companies write their text message reminders in capital letters only. This is not only aesthetically unpleasing, but also unprofessional. Keep in mind that even the way you type the appointment confirmation text can be a sign of how professional your company is or what tone the customer perceives from your brand.

Capital letters only are often perceived as shouting in the online environment. It would be best to keep a sentence case template for the text messages.

No-show policy and a friendly reminder

Include the following information in the text of your appointment reminder: the no-show policy and how early the client can come. Usually, the clients should show up at least 5 minutes before the appointment is scheduled.

As for the no-show policy, it is different from one company to another. In some cases, the appointment is simply canceled if the person doesn’t show. In other cases, financial compensation might be required if a no-show or a late cancellation occurs. Depending on what’s your case, you need to include it into the text reminder’s body.


Don’t be afraid to get a little bit personal and use emojis. Emojis are usually not appropriate for the business world, but a simple smiley face will definitely change the tone of the message you are sending.

Only do that if you know you can be a bit friendlier with your customer. If your company is a very professional one, you might want to stay away from emojis.

Include relevant details

At the end of the message, you should include a phone number where people can reach your company or yourself and a link directing the client towards one of your social media accounts. Whatever contact information is relevant for your company should be included at the end of the message.

Text message reminder templates that you definitely need

Ending thoughts on setting up a text message reminder

There are many other ways to compose your message, but the key is to get creative and find the one text message reminder that goes best with your company’s needs.

Make sure to check out our SMS notifications option that we have built in within Amelia, our booking specialist.

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Using a salon booking app is pretty popular among entrepreneurs because they can easily schedule the work of their employees, can manage bookings, their inventory, their sales, and even more.

Salon booking software help salon owners say goodbye to the stress of managing them on their own.

In this article, you will find a brief comparison of the best salon software out there. This should help you choose the most appropriate one for your own business. You will learn more about the apps’ prices and features.

Table of contents

How do you know that a salon booking app is good?

Managing everything easier

A hairstylist appointment booking calendar is probably the most complicated, unorganized thing you will ever see. Replacing the manual system of managing appointments with something that is much more intuitive and easier to use will entirely change how you run your salon.

You need to find salon booking apps that are easy to manage, that has a clean dashboard, and is user-friendly. Don’t choose apps that look too complicated or that are built for tech-savvy people only.

The perfect user booking process

A hairdressing beauty salon is considered good when the booking process is organized. Respecting appointments is a sign of professionalism and is a quality that clients look for the first time they try a salon.

Salon online scheduling is the perfect solution to keep things in order. Clients can go through the booking process on the app and you can manage the appointments much better, everything on the same convenient platform.

Professional information

There are many salon booking apps that don’t present relevant information for the customer. You need to choose an app that has features such as setting reminders, sending notifications, rescheduling options, staff schedule listing, and so on. The app should be great for managing data.

Fast learning curve

An online salon booking app must be easy to comprehend. This means that a complicated interface will only lead to confusion and more mistakes in the long run, which is exactly the situation you are trying to get rid of.

The app must have all the necessary features you need, all in one single place. Avoid using multiple apps at once.

Top salon booking apps you should know about


Amelia is a WordPress booking plugin created by our team at TMS Outsource. It includes all of the features that a salon needs.

Amelia is an excellent option because it is easy to install and does not involve a steep learning curve. After installation, users enjoy free and complete booking functionality.

It can be fully integrated with WooCommerce so that you can accept payments via PayPal or Stripe. You also get calendar sync, whether you use Google Calendar or Outlook Calendar.

With Amelia, it’s easy for your clients to book appointments. It’s a perfect booking system and a simplified solution to online booking.

Plus, the settings can be highly customized to suit your needs. Not only the settings but you can also customize the booking page so that it fits your brand.

Making appointments and subsequently managing them is a breeze with the integrated capabilities.

It sends SMS reminders to both the client and the relevant employee. It also includes functions for canceling and rescheduling appointments.

You can do a test drive on the demos page where you can see how it looks both on the frontend where the booking page is and the backend where you have your dashboard.

In this way, you’ll have a good idea of how your booking website will look both on the front end and the backend.


Rosy is another salon scheduling software that is highly recommended for entrepreneurs that own small or midsize businesses. It is cloud-based and it has features such as scheduling, tracking sales, managing the inventory, creating reports, and so on.

Rosy also has premium features like credit card processing or email marketing. The only downside would be that the app doesn’t generate one single provider report for tracking, but multiple ones. Some say that the app is quite costly for what it offers as well.


Shedul is a salon management software that is highly versatile. It is also cloud-based and it offers the necessary features to keep everything organized.

This salon software has a comprehensive scheduling feature, online booking, client management, and even retail management. It generates invoices, receipts, and tax reports. It is one of the salon booking apps you should definitely try.


Another good salon scheduler, baxus comes with lots of features. Clients can book their appointments, you can set schedules, you can manage client details, set reminders, manage stocks, it has a point of sale feature and also a voucher management one.

The salon software also has a rescheduling management feature and clients can choose the rooms and equipment they prefer for their appointments.

Square Appointments

Square Appointments is one of the salon booking apps that offer integrated payment processing.

This salon scheduling app also offers an individualized price plan based on the number of employees in your salon. The features offered by the app are quite unique. It is perfect for salons that prefer credit card payments.

Super Salon

A great salon software, Super Salon is a management solution that is based on both cloud technology and on-premise systems.

The app offers features to manage sales, payroll, stocks, and so on. It can generate predictive purchase reports and retains what each customer bought from your company.

For each customer, the app can generate custom offers based on their preferences and history.


SimpleSpa is a salon scheduling software that is suitable for all-size spas, beauty salons, or hair salons.

The primary features of this app are online booking, marketing management, appointment management, and inventory management. It is a simple, yet effective scheduling software.


When it comes to salon scheduling apps, Transcend is definitely one to try. Compared to other salon scheduling software, Transcend is a suite of applications created by ProSolutions.

Each management sector is separated into modules. There is one separate module for client management, for appointment booking, or inventory tracking.

It will allow your clients to schedule appointments online and you to not worry about having someone answer appointment calls.


Vagaro is one of the salon booking software that is affordable and offers the basic features needed for comprehensive management.

It sends notifications to customers, and to employees, to never miss an appointment. It has an appointment tracking feature, it generates financial reports, and more. Vagaro also offers a calendar management tool.


Boulevard is a more expensive appointment scheduling app, as you will pay $75 each month. The software is highly customizable, though.

If you need tailored services for your business, this software is recommended, as it uses the preferences, social media accounts, and data of the customer to personalize their appointment booking experience with the salon.


Versum has advanced tracking features and email marketing features. It has very high security for data protection, it generates complex financial statistics, and more. It is also capable of sending email marketing campaigns.

Ending thoughts on choosing the best booking software for your salon

There are a lot of options when it comes to appointment scheduling for salons, but you need to choose the booking software that suits your salon’s needs the best. Choose the app that is both functional and has a good price for what it offers.

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Many people fear using color schemes that include darker colors, but if you know how to choose them they can provide your website with a great look. Using a white background remains the safest bet when building a website (take a look at Amelia), but a dark background is a much better aesthetic choice when the website is meant to transmit something, to generate emotion.

Is either this reason or the designer simply wants to come up with a design that is unconventional and personalized for the brand he is working with. Staying away from using a dark background is a mistake, considering the many design opportunities such a theme gives you. Here are some more details about this topic:

Table of contents

What you should know about dark backgrounds

Understanding how dark nuances are visualized

A dark background might change the perception of the visitor. The best condition for using one if the content which is present on the website is less text-oriented, meaning that the visual effect of the website is much more important than the written part of it.

As in any other case, the time spent researching the color’s effect is paramount in the design process. Keep in mind that websites that use dark backgrounds are pushing the limits of traditional web design and they need to be very well thought beforehand.

Darker backgrounds can absorb light from the other elements you include on the website. This is why you should make use of negative space to avoid distracting the users from the relevant information.

If you include a lot of written content on a black background image, make sure to make it readable, so that users find it easy to skim through it.

On a dark wallpaper, readability becomes an issue, and you need to put more effort into making all the elements visible and readable. You should learn more about the best paragraph size on such websites, kerning and leading. These details will make the difference between an enjoyable dark website and one that can’t be navigated on.

Dark websites are not all about a black background. You can also use other nuances that have the same effect, such as a dark red background. The options are unlimited, but the rules remain unchanged. You still need to make the content easy to read. Avoid using shades or gradients because they can be difficult to read when the background is darker.

Sans-serif fonts are more recommended than serif ones since they are easier to read. Serif fonts should only be used if readability is not an issue on your website.

Talking about emotional perception

Emotional perception can be altered by the color scheme you select for your website. Color psychology has been studied long enough to determine what effect each color has on the human mind. Dark colors usually transmit a sense of mystery and elegance, even though some other feelings are attributed to them.

Black is the color of formality, power, and elegance, which makes using a black background appropriate for websites that want to transmit that idea. Powerful businesses make good use of color psychology by selecting black or other nuances that match their goals. Dark colors started to dominate the business world. Understanding the effect that colors have and choosing one that is in line with the purpose of the website is a must.

Making everything readable

Designers who choose a dark background often struggle with making the content readable. Visible content that the user can find rapidly is a condition of a successful website. The interface that the user interacts with must contain content elements that are well-emphasized. Text, pictograms, icons, images – they all must be visible enough to make the website easy to navigate on.

Designers that opt for a black background image should test a multitude of typefaces, colors for these typefaces, icons that match the theme of the website and so on. The process can be a thorough one, but the result is surely worth all the trouble.

The benefits of using a dark background

It is good for tired eyes

Reducing eye strain seems to be a mutual goal for websites. Making the website friendly for the eyes of a person can be done by choosing a dark background instead of a brighter one. More than that, a dark background will sustain the hierarchy you want to achieve for the content on the website.

It is aesthetically pleasing

Darker themes for a website are just as dark desktop backgrounds – they are more aesthetically pleasing, and they give users a sense of minimalism. Using a dark background and a similar color scheme will offer the website the needed amount of contrast.

To emphasize one element, using a darker background is the most recommended option. Placing an image or a block of text which is lighter in color on a darker background will make it immediately stand out for the visitors.

Keep in mind that you need to find the right nuances so that the content doesn’t become difficult to read. Unreadable content is what makes users immediately leave the website, which is not the result you desire.

It resembles the night mode option

Using cool dark backgrounds for a website instantly transforms it into a night-mode one. As you may have seen, most devices nowadays feature an option which is called night-mode and turns the lighter colors on the devices to black. Because the device produces less light, energy is saved, as well as saving your eyes from getting sore quickly.

It is appropriate for dark-themed interfaces

If you pay a closer look, user interfaces such as TVs and game consoles have a darker-themed design. The reason behind this is that these devices are mostly used in dimly-lit rooms. This is why the interface of the device must have darker colors, to be suitable for the eyes of the user. More than that, content is easier to promote on a darker user interface.

Other benefits

When you should use a dark background

When you shouldn’t use a dark background

Staying away from a dark background should be done when the website contains a lot of written content and mixed-media that doesn’t match the color scheme. Moreover, B2B applications should opt for other color schemes because a dark background would make the forms difficult to read. If the brand of the website requires brighter colors, a dark theme wouldn’t be suitable.

A few examples of dark background websites

Thomas Rhythm

This is an example of a portfolio website that is mostly based on the color black. The dark background is selected to add a fine touch of refinement to the website. The portfolio looks edgy and it is very easy to visualize.

Tim Brack

Another good example of a portfolio, Tim Brack uses dark nuances to emphasize his work in a clean manner, without overcrowding the page. He makes great use of negative space and has several layout elements that make the site unique.


Roidna uses a dark theme, but also includes different types of hues to accentuate certain elements present on the website. It is a good example of websites that direct the viewers towards an image.

Self-Destructing Book

This is a unique project that has a dark theme and multiple animations that make the website look high-tech and mysterious. The content is structured in blocks that are easy to read.


YnY combines multiple elements into a great result. It has a color scheme based on two fundamental colors and it is very aesthetically pleasing, given the website’s elegance. The content on the website can be distinguished fast and the overall look of it is exquisite.

We Make Awesome

Another website that uses black exclusively to achieve the wanted result. We Make Awesome is a portfolio website that incorporated a dark background and dark color tones. The typeface selected is grunge and the accent nuance is deep red.


Anime.js (/ˈæn.ə.meɪ/) is a lightweight JavaScript animation library with a simple, yet powerful API. It works with CSS properties, SVG, DOM attributes and JavaScript Objects.


Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are two ground-breaking technological trends which have the potential to become even more revolutionary when put together.


These days CSS-Tricks is really about building websites and all that entails, mostly from a front-end perspective. They have staff writers and loads of guest authors, so the content you find here will be as diverse as they are.


Bondlayer empowers web designers to craft native apps and responsive websites. Without coding or template restrictions.


A fast, easy to use and powerful visual web design tool, that lets you create responsive websites without writing code.

Samuel Scalzo

Freelance digital designer based in Liège, Belgium who loves to craft attractive experiences for the web. Working as designer since 2007 and had the opportunity to work and collaborate with diverse companies and brands.


Nomad is much more than a brand name. It’s our philosophy as a company and a team: owning fewer things, being resourceful, and seeking adventure. This is the very core of our product vision: creating minimalist, practical tools that keep us powered on the go. We develop all of our product concepts from the ground up — relying on the lightest, thinnest and strongest materials for our designs.


His work often goes beyond conventional interaction patterns and visual styles. He specializes in consumer products by distilling complex data into simple visualization with a sharp eye on subtle details like consistency, color, and typography. I enjoy adding delightful and meaningful microinteractions.


Introducing Dark Mode in Sketch. Hit the lights, lose the distractions and watch your designs come to life, letting you focus on what matters most — your work.

D2 Design Agency

A design studio working to mould organic ideas into sleek creations.


Sessions with Typography is a self-guided experiment celebrating Typekit fonts and Adobe Muse. Come along for the journey as we explore the boundaries of typography with, of course, no coding required.


Radically efficient machine teaching. An annotation tool powered by active learning.

Eat Genesis

Genesis is a 100% plant based alchemy restaurant concept specialising in fast casual dining and organic comfort food.


Skinfinity laboratory presents a line of products for skincare which changes everything. The ingredients we introduce, the ratio of active matter which we use, as well as their combination, have not yet been seen in the field of preparative cosmetics. Skinfinity line is unique in every way, most of all in its approach towards skincare.

States of the artboard

Create different states and switch between them easily. Just like layer comps for Sketch.

Dark backgrounds you can use for your website

Dark grunge interior with spotlight shining on wooden floor

This is a high-resolution dark background image that can be used for all sorts of purposes, including in showcases and logos. There are also some black and white wallpapers that you may use as backgrounds. Be careful about the licensing, though.

Free Black Textures

As the name says it, this website is a collection of dark textures and dark backgrounds, great for artists or web designers who want to experiment with this type of theme.

3d render of spotlights on a grunge brick wall

For images that have the best quality and scale well with different devices, choose this 3D rendered image with nice lighting effects. It is great for a darker theme, as you can place your products on it and use it as a mockup.

Black dark background with a geometric gray shape

In case you are looking for a dark theme with a twist, this is a simple black background with some geometric shapes on it, great for that elegant feel that business websites want to add to their branding image.

Dark City Walls texture

If you want to find a grunge texture for your website’s background image, this website will give you all sorts of walls textures to choose from. You can use the images on this website as simple backgrounds, for logos or as overlay images.

Ending thoughts on using a dark background for your website

If you finally decided to use a dark background for your website, do your research and you have nothing to worry about. Make sure that the dark theme suits your website purpose and – once you are completely sure that this type of user interface is for you – start working on the perfect website.

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You probably already know that Amelia is one of the top booking specialists for WordPress, perfect for the business owners who want to give their appointment-based business a trustworthy and professional feel.

However, what you might have not known is that people behind this useful scheduling system have not rested since day 1, and Amelia constantly keeps getting better. What this means is that new handy features are added to Amelia on a regular basis and at the same time, the old bugs are getting fixed.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the latest improvements that make Amelia stand out from the competition.

Recently Added Cool Features

We’ve added many useful new features to Amelia with the latest updates and here are the most significant ones:

SMS notifications

A lot of our current customers have asked for this one and it’s now available. You can now send SMS notifications to both customers and employees

Custom Fields Feature

This helps you add new custom fields to your booking form to collect additional information from your customers and to match your specific business needs.

The default fields include basic customer information such as their name, phone number, and email address. However, by adding custom fields you can collect additional details that you might need through checkboxes, text areas, and similar.

Here’s a tutorial video on using custom fields:

Support for auto-update

You will never have to search for the latest Amelia updates manually again. Your favorite booking specialist will always be up to date and all the newest features and benefits will be available to you as soon as we release them.

Choosing the default payment option

Default payment option

While we improved the payment-related features significantly with the WooCommerce integration, with the newest Amelia updates, you can now select the default payment option of your choice.

Translations added

We have added Spanish, Greek, and German translations as well as the date translation in the notifications. Also, labels settings like “service”, “services”, “employee” and “employees” could be translated using the translation plugins.

Special Day feature

Special days Amelia


You can now add a date or range of dates with different working time and services. With the latest update, the employees can now add their Special Days as well as their Days Off.

Service Schedule

You can now set a specific schedule for each service during the employees working hours. For example: if your employee has different services, you can set up how long during his/her day he/she will be working on each.

More Cool Features

Recently Fixed Bugs

Not only by adding useful new features does Amelia consistently becomes better and more user-friendly. A very important part of developing a product comes down to fixing all the bugs that surface down the way. Luckily, people behind Amelia understand how important it is to catch and fix as many bugs as possible.

Here are some of the latest bug fixes that you might want to know about:

The list goes on and on. However, if you at any point encounter a bug that interferes with your user experience, you are welcome to report it to Amelia team and we will take care of it as soon as possible.

Other Features

If you are a new Amelia user, you might want to know more about other features that make Amelia the leading booking system out there.

Here are some of the most important features worth mentioning:

All of these features and more make Amelia the perfect plugin for business owners who run an appointment-based business and want to save all that time that need to put into managing their bookings and schedule.

Not only does Amelia make your business look more professional and trustworthy, but it also minimizes the number of scheduling errors and mix-ups; not to mention all that time that you can now use on more important things instead of dealing with your bookings.


As you can see, Amelia cares about the users and their experience. Every day, the new cool features are being developed and the old bugs are being fixed in order to give the users the most stable and useful booking specialist they can get.

That is a part of the reason why even though Amelia is a relatively new product, it is already one of the favorite booking systems used by the business leaders and small business owners equally. On top of that, with all the recently added features and improvements, Amelia became even better!

Have you ever heard about color psychology? Is the science that proves the effect of colors on people. Black covers a wide range of emotions and this is why it is used on websites so often. It expresses mystery, authority, and elegance, being one of the top choices when designing a website.

White backgrounds, like the one used in Amelia, are quite popular these days. Black websites also became popular lately, and you should try such a design theme for your own website and see the results. Read this article to get your inspiration.

Table of contents

The best black websites you can find

Blissfully Aware

This website has a retro-style layout and a black background to begin with. The website isn’t very dynamic, but the simplicity of it and the buttons included make it very pleasurable to navigate on. It also contains elements such as the logo and other branding details of the company.

The dark background is well-selected considering the links included on the page and how visible they are. It is one of the best dark websites out there.

Take the Walk

Take the Walk is a black website that focuses on charity purposes regarding AIDS and poverty. The website encourages people to walk a mile to sustain their cause. The background is black and has accents that emphasize the other elements present on the website. This black web page is definitely a good example of how this design should be conceived.

Blake Allen

This is another black website that presents a simple portfolio. Because it respects the symbol of elegance, the website is not loaded with animations or other elements that transform the space into a crowded one, which is difficult to navigate.

The website features a black background and white typography, which is very easy and pleasurable to read. It has a small number of links and minimal design elements, but the design is powerful and highly appreciated by the visitors of it.

Duft & Co.

This is another simple black and white website that is separated into two sections. The company has a Bakehouse site and a Brickhouse one, both on the same platform. You can choose the one you are interested in and you will be greeted by the respective side of their business. The website is well-thought and has an elegant design as well.

Esteban Muñoz

Another one from the best dark websites top is Esteban’s website. It is a great source of inspiration if you want to adopt this design style for your own website. The website has a black background and multiple graphic design elements.

The animations and the typography fonts selected work perfectly with the rest of the website’s theme, making it enjoyable to navigate on. There is also a slider that makes seeing the portfolio items more efficient.

Studio Grafite

If you look for black blog sites, this one should definitely be on your list. Black websites are not as easy to obtain as people think, as you need to find the perfect balance between aesthetics and readability.

This website design has elements of dark gray, black and white, which are also related to the name of the studio, which is Grafite. The use of wordplay and design turned out to be a great way to make the website stand out.

Thomas Rhythm

Another portfolio website, Thomas Rhythm includes multiple elements that make the website refined and elegant. The color black is predominant on the website, but it also has other graphic elements that make it visually appealing.


Void is one of these basic black websites that people enjoy navigating on. It has animations and it tells a visual story, without using any other sort of content other than images and animated content. The page is entirely black, transmitting a sense of mystery. Other dark colors are used to enhance certain elements. The website also has a narrative background.

The Ordinary

The Ordinary has a black and white design, which gives the feeling of a star-filled sky. Behind the website, you can see what a gourmet seafood restaurant has to offer. The website has a nautical theme because seafood is the main attraction at the restaurant.

Kruppa Hosk

Kurppa Hosk is a diverse team of design thinkers and design doers. They collaborate with brave organizations – from early-stage startups to some of the world’s most admired companies.

Canopy Films

Canopy Films is a production house based in Boston. With a background in documentary filmmaking, they know that the story always comes first.


Extended travel can be arduous, and so their project remains open-ended to support our preference for slow and virtuous travel.

GT Super

GT Super is the result of an extensive investigation into display serif typefaces from the 1970s and 80s. It captures their expressive nature and translates it into a well-balanced system of Text and Display styles.

Ben Wegsheider

He is a creative director, designer, and developer. Based in Berlin, he focuses on digital and analog experiences that surprise and thrill.


They call themselves a bastard agency; a dedicated crossbreed between culture analysis and design.

Fork Spoon

A public storefront and design studio dedicated to showcasing the inherent importance of design through the curation of objects and books, education, and practice.


DIA is a creative design agency that challenges itself, its clients, and its convention.

Simon Phipps

Simon Phipps is a photographer with a multitude of interesting projects.

Reykjavik Fashion Festival

The Festival has been running for 6 years to give Icelandic Fashion a platform. After a one year break and change of owners, the festival aimed to reconnect with local designers and generate attention in international media.


They are a hungry young media brand that produces and publishes premium content celebrating real people and their authentic stories in an ever faker world.

Titouan Mathis

Titouan Mathis is a lead developer at studio meta.

RUKI Product Planner

RUKI is an early-stage venture funding firm focused on companies that require manufacturing. We help to build the company’s culture alongside its prototypes and products.

Printworks London

Printworks London is a groundbreaking multi-purpose venue that has already changed the face of the capital’s cultural scene.

Michael Metzner

Over 15-years of experience creating high-end content for brands, agencies, media platforms, and government departments.

Nick O’Reardone

Nick is a web developer.

David Arias

David Arias is an independent graphic design professional based in Vancouver, BC.

Open Foundry

Open Foundry is a FREE platform for curated open-source typefaces; to highlight their beauty, activate ideas, and encourage exploration.

Commando Group

At Commando Group design studio, they embrace an individualised service practice, providing a uniquely crafted experience for each and every client.

GT Haptik Font

GT Haptik is a monolinear geometric grotesque typeface. Its uppercase letters and numbers were optimized to be read blindfolded and by touching them.

When is the moment to use a black background?

If you are wondering what types of websites are the most suitable for a black background, then here is an extensive list of website types that would look great as black websites

Tips on how to use a black background for your website

Keeping an eye on trends

As you may have seen, people look for MediaTakeOut 2018 gossip very often. This is why blogs started to adopt themes and website layouts that are easy to navigate when the number of people who are visiting the website is very large. Following the trends is a must in web design, so make sure to keep an eye on what people desire from web pages today.

Typography tips

Black websites have to contain readable fonts. Because of the use of a black background, you need to find fonts that work well with the color. White, sharp typefaces are the ones you should stick with. Darker fonts won’t be visible and will require other types of highlighting to be seen.

Reflections are a nice feel

If you feel like the website is too boring without any other elements other than a black background, you should include reflections. Reflections in web design are mostly used when the background is dark or black.

Using images

Make sure to use an image as a background if the theme is too repetitive or common. Using a background image that is dark will have the same visual effect as using a theme that is dark. You just have to find the one that suits your website the best.

You should also pay attention to the way the dark background image blends into the theme’s background. The theme you select should also have darker nuances, so that the image doesn’t just pop-up there.

Selecting a color scheme

Finally, when choosing your color scheme, think about darker nuances that go together, but also think about an accent color that will make elements distinguish better. The color scheme you choose shouldn’t contain a lot of nuances, because black websites are usually minimal and a lot of colors will just make the website crowded and difficult to read.

Ending thoughts on the best black websites practices

Once you have selected the theme you want to apply to your website, make sure to incorporate elements that are visible on it. Depending on what the website is presenting, black websites can add a very elegant touch to it.


The website background you select is the first element that your visitors are going to notice when they access it. For instance, when you visit Amelia, you see a lot of white space, which gives you an impression of a clean and organized website. Website backgrounds can make the difference between a user that remains on the website and one that chooses to leave it in an instant.

Finding the right image to use as a web background is paramount, and this article is going to give you some tips on how to do it effectively in just a few steps.

Setting up website backgrounds

Choose website backgrounds that are accessibility-friendly

You should keep in mind that the background images you select must be appropriate for the type of content you include on the website. Would the website background interfere with the readability of the content? Is the effect of that background image positive or negative? Make sure that you analyze all the factors that may affect the accessibility factor on your website.

Use variations

If you found a theme that you enjoy, and you want to stick to it, you can use your creativity to come up with a pattern based on one single image. Selecting one image and playing with it until you create a good-looking pattern is a unique way to build a website’s layout.

Transmitting a message to your audience

When building a website design, the one purpose you have is to transmit a message to your audience and set up an emotional connection with it. Emotional branding is the concept that summarizes the way you can convey a message through the use of background images and other graphic elements.

The user must rapidly associate your brand to something positive and beneficial for their being. Use images that transmit emotions through their content to create perspective for your audience. For instance, if you own a website that is related to the real estate world, try to use landmarks that may inspire people or build their trust in your company.

You can do it yourself

Another way to move your audience emotionally is by creating the website background yourself, using the many available tools you can find online. If you have drawing skills, putting together some sketches, scanning them and manipulating them digitally might to the work just fine. Original content tends to be much more effective than the one you find online.

Always choose relevant content

Don’t include generic web page backgrounds on your website. You need to transmit an idea that has something to do with the website you own.

Consider taking professional photos of the products you are selling, the physical location of the company or even of yourself. Audiences love familiarity, as this characteristic offers them a sense of trust. Look for images that are relevant to the content you publish on your website.

Choose high-resolution background images

Besides the fact that you should use royalty free backgrounds, make sure to choose only the ones that have a high-resolution. Low-budget websites can look good as well as they respect one principle – quality.

Using fewer quality items instead of a lot of bad ones is the best choice you can make to attract visitors.

Spending some of your money on paying wallpaper websites that offer great resolution wallpapers is a must if you want to achieve that crisp look. Simple images you find on Google might be protected by copyright and aren’t that high-quality either.

Other tips to keep in mind

Keep things symmetrical

Visitors will always find beauty in a symmetrical design. Even though asymmetry is one of the trends these years, you should first try to come up with a symmetrical pattern in your website’s design. Do that by using symmetrical, minimal background images.

Check the size of the image

Pay tremendous attention when choosing the size of the image. Crop it if necessary, but not too much, to avoid losing the quality of the image. Read more about optimizing images for a website as well, to keep the loading times fast.

Create a focal point

Focal points help visitors reach the content that you consider important on your website. Use a hierarchy to guide people towards something. The background images you choose should align with the focal point created and point to it.

Choose the right color palette

Simple color palettes are the ones that work great at all times. Regardless of the branding elements present on the website, a nude color palette will definitely do the job. Don’t forget to select an accent color too.

Stay creative

If you notice an idea that is a little more unconventional than the rest of the website design ideas you saw on the Internet, don’t be afraid to use it. Uniqueness is something that people always appreciate and you have the chance to manifest it.

Create a dynamic design

Avoid creating designs that are too static. If you decide to use background images, choose layouts that guide the visitors through your website. Interactive elements are paramount if you feel like your website is not dynamic enough. Don’t exaggerate either.

Consider video backgrounds

Video backgrounds represent a trend in web design today, so you should get informed on how to include one on your own site. They are impressive, but they can slow down the loading times of your website if you don’t optimize it correctly. If you are not much of a tech addict, you can simply include a slideshow instead of a background video. This way, you can use the background images you have selected without having to pick just one.

Create an interactive UI

Transforming your website in an interactive one can be done by adding such elements on your website. Parallax scrolling is one of the effects that works great with websites that have a full-page image background. On selection or hover, the elements can perform an action which gives the user that sense of interactivity that you want to achieve.

Use solid colors as background images

If you feel like no image fits your website’s design, you can use solid colors as background images. You just have to pick the nuance that seems to work well with the other branding details you have incorporated on the website and everything will look as smooth as ever. This way, you can invest more attention to other elements, such as light background music.

Examples of websites with great looking backgrounds


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The latest Epicurrence event website, featuring a timezone controlled header with WebGL image transitions, hand crafted paper illustrations and plenty of quirky elements to play with.


Originally established in 1900 in Switzerland, Huber Fine Watches & Jewellery has one of the richest Traditions in the Luxury Watch and Jewellery segment in Europe.

Smith & Sheth

Seeking out the exceptional. Hand selecting the best grapes from the finest vineyards. Establishing steadfast relationships with land, growers and makers who form the DNA of our CRU.

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Welcome to the portfolio of Ephraim Joseph. Ephraim is a Creative Director + Designer who elevates brands through clean design and clever words.

Whitetail Gin

Inspired by Nature. Soured in Mull. Created in London. Whitetail Gin is named after Europe’s largest bird of prey. This fine spirit is noted for its smoothness and strength.

Greyston Bakery

Greyston’s mission is to create thriving communities through the practice and promotion of Open Hiring™.

Wind Channel

Website for full service video production.


This awesome project which connects business owners, locals and real estate professionals with a local community.


ReAnimania is an annual International Animation Film Festival in Yerevan, Armenia. For one week a year, audiences enjoy creative animated films in a variety of genres.

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Sanzaru is an independent video game development studio, pushing the boundaries of interactive entertainment and technology on all fronts.


An agency website for Output, communicating a new proposition: ‘Adapt & Thrive’.

Corn Studio

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The contemporary and classy women. Timeless accessories and lasting pleasure. Inspiring heritage and unique interpretations.

Earthrise Multimedia Experience

A storytelling experience about the Apollo 8 mission and the first image taken from the earth.


The website for Denmarks biggest film festival.

Gramercy Tavern

Danny Meyer’s Flatiron District tavern with a fixed-price-only dining room & a bustling bar area.

Ending thoughts on using background images

The power of background images should not be underestimated. The background you choose can transmit a message and leave the first impression in seconds, and it can be the element that makes a person come back to your website or not. Take your time to find the image that works best with your website.