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Using salon booking app is pretty popular among entrepreneurs because they can easily schedule the work of their employees, they can manage bookings, their inventory, their sales and even more. Salon booking apps come with a function that allows clients to book their appointments, which means you can say goodbye to the stress of managing them on your own.

In this article, you will find a brief comparison of the best salon software out there. This should help you choose the most appropriate one for your own business. You will learn more about the apps’ prices and features.

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How do you know that a salon booking app is good?

Managing everything easier

A hairstylist appointment book is probably the most complicated, unorganized thing you will ever see. Replacing the manual system of managing appointments with something that is much more intuitive and easier to use will entirely change how you run your salon.

You need to find salon booking apps that are easy to manage, that has a clean dashboard and that is user-friendly. Don’t choose apps that look too complicated or that are built for tech-savvy people only.

The perfect user booking process

A hairdressing beauty salon is considered good when the booking process is organized. Respecting appointments is a sign of professionalism and is a quality that clients look for the first time they try a salon.

Salon online scheduling is the perfect solution to keep things in order. Clients can go through the booking process on the app and you can manage the appointments much better, everything on the same convenient platform.

Professional information

There are many salon booking apps that don’t present relevant information for the customer. You need to choose an app that has features such as setting reminders, sending notifications, rescheduling options, staff schedule listing and so on. The app should be great for managing data.

Easy to comprehend

An online salon booking app must be easy to comprehend. This means that a complicated interface will only lead to confusion and more mistakes in the long run, which is exactly the situation you are trying to get rid of. The app must have all the necessary features you need, all in one single place. Avoid using multiple apps at once.

Top salon booking apps you should know about


Amelia is a hair salon software that has been built based on the latest technology. This app has a professional feel to it. As for the features, the booking experience is the smoothest and easiest to use. Installing and configuring Amelia takes just a few minutes, which means you can make the transition from one system to another very fast.


Rosy is another salon scheduling software that is highly recommended for entrepreneurs that own small or midsize businesses. It is cloud-based and it has features such as scheduling, tracking sales, managing the inventory, creating reports and so on.

Rosy also has premium features like credit card processing or email marketing. The only downside would be that the app doesn’t generate one single provider report for tracking, but multiple ones. Some say that the app is quite costly for what it offers as well.


Shedul is a salon management software that is highly versatile. It is also cloud-based and it offers the necessary features to keep everything organized. It has a comprehensive scheduling feature, online booking, client management, and even retail management. It generates invoices, receipts, and tax reports. It is one of the salon booking apps you should definitely try.


Another good salon scheduler, baxus comes with numerous features. Clients can book their appointments, you can set schedules, you can manage client details, set reminders, manage stocks, it has a point of sale feature and also a voucher management one. The app also has a rescheduling management feature and clients can choose the rooms and equipment they prefer for their appointments.

Square Appointments

Square Appointments is one of the salon booking apps that offer integrated payment processing. Square also offers an individualized price plan based on the number of employees in your salon. The features offered by the app are quite unique. It is perfect for salons that prefer credit card payments.

Super Salon

A great salon scheduling app, Super Salon is a management solution that is based on both cloud technology and on-premise systems. The app offers features to manage sales, payroll, stocks and so on. It can generate predictive purchase reports and retains what each customer bought from your company. For each customer, the app can generate custom offers based on their preferences and history.


SimpleSpa is a salon booking app that is suitable for all-size spas, beauty salons or hair salons. The primary features of this app are online booking, marketing management, appointment management, and inventory management. It is a simple, yet effective app.


When it comes to salon scheduling apps, Transcend is definitely one to try. Compared to other salon booking apps, Transcend is a suite of applications created by ProSolutions. Each management sector is separated into modules. There is one separate module for client management, for appointment booking or inventory tracking.


Vagaro is one of the salon booking apps that is affordable and offers the basic features needed for comprehensive management. It sends notifications to customers, to employees, it has an appointment tracking feature, it generates financial reports and more. Vagaro also offers a calendar management tool.


Boulevard is a more expensive salon booking app, as you will pay $75 each month. The software is highly customizable. If you need tailored services for your business, this software is recommended, as it uses the preferences, social media accounts and data of the customer to personalize their experience with the salon.


Versum has advanced tracking features and email marketing features. It has very high security for data protection, it generates complex financial statistics and more. It is capable of sending email marketing campaigns and many more. This is one of the few salon booking apps that do not offer POS functionality.

Ending thoughts on choosing the best salon booking app

There are a lot of options when it comes to salon booking apps, but you need to choose the one that suits your salon’s needs the best. Choose the app that is both functional and has a good price for what it offers.

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