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If you’re planning to design a new site, or perhaps redesign an existing one with a fresh new look, it always helps to get inspired first. Regardless of what your site is about, what better source of inspiration can you find other than the website of a top digital agency?

Digital agencies and design studios are great places to gather ideas because they’re often ahead of the curve when it comes to web design. Not only that, but they also know how to put a new spin on an old trend, as well as creatively forging their own according to best practices.

In this article, our team has gathered a list of the most stunning digital agency websites for you to admire and get inspired by. Enjoy!

Why Should You Focus on the Website of a Digital Agency?

Even if the website you’re planning has nothing to do with the design industry, digital agencies include some of the best creative talent in the world. Their job is to put products and services in a good light, and they’re a great source to discover new ideas.

Besides the fact that digital agency websites have an overall aesthetic appearance, you can also learn a thing or two about the latest trends doing the rounds in the professional design scene.

The Most Important Elements of a Digital Agency Website

Most digital agencies focus on the same things when it comes to website design. They follow strict principles where it matters while keeping their layouts innovative and unique. For clarity, we’ve broken down the elements that digital agencies consider important:

The homepage

The first impression always matters and the homepage is the critical factor that will help visitors decide whether they will continue to browse or not. Agencies know this well, and their homepages can range from extremely minimalist to extravagant.

The portfolio

For digital agency websites, there’s no better way of showcasing work other than putting together a portfolio. The main purpose of a portfolio is to show the capabilities of the team behind the digital agency by putting their best work on a virtual pedestal.

The services

Besides showcasing your work, you’ll have to list the services you can offer. Some digital agencies only focus on certain parts of website design, while others have a wider range of services that they would like to share. This is just as important as the portfolio and it needs to be highly persuasive.

Social media

Without social media, your website won’t get the attention it deserves. Diverting traffic to your site will become much easier if you use social media platforms as a means of communication and marketing.


A simple color scheme can make all the difference if chosen carefully and with purpose. This is where branding steps in. The way you build your website will act as a business card for what you are doing. The more unique and consistent it is, the easier it will be to recognize.

Thoughtful design

Every element that you include on the website needs to have a purpose. Don’t clutter your site without thinking about what purpose it serves or how it will help you achieve your goals.

Websites of Digital Agencies That Will Wow You

Below you will find 30 digital agency websites that are worth taking a look at before building your own. Have a good browse around and try to understand how each site works and why it works so well.

Check them out!


Wonderland is a small graphic design consultancy agency that offers a wide range of services for all types of clients that need ideas and design. The company works with both small and big companies, finding creative solutions for their branding strategy.

The disciplines they cover are various, ranging from corporate literature to identities and exhibitions. This is a standard digital agency website that incorporates all the right elements effectively and with class.


Kanarys is more data-centric, as the company is focused on providing survey data on certain issues related to diversity, equity, and inclusion at work. All employees can provide their feedback anonymously and the social enterprise will provide employers with data.

As homepages go, this one’s absolutely mesmerizing.

Vlnc Studio

At Vlnc Studio, you can explore a digital agency that is nothing like the others. The team behind this project is based in Paris and the members are talented art directors.

The company’s focus is to innovate in the advertising world through one-of-a-kind campaigns and projects. Their website is just as creative as their work, impressing visitors through the visual-laden yet seamless experience.


Ransom is a digital agency that deals with anything visuals. Whether it is producing photos, shooting films, or developing a brand’s website, Ransom can have it done.

Besides the wide range of services they offer, they are backed by many partners and collaborators, and their portfolio is nothing short of spectacular.


Zajno is a digital agency that specializes in UX/UI design. They create experiences that users don’t encounter on a daily basis, on both web and mobile platforms.

This is one of the few digital agencies that adopt a problem-solving approach instead of a visual-based one, and you can tell that from the way the website looks.



Oflox is a Digital Marketing Agency based in India. and according to Feedspot, it is the 8th most popular digital marketing blog in India.

Because on Oflox’s blog, you get all kinds of information related to digital marketing for free every day with complete information. And apart from this, they also provide all the services of digital marketing, you can also take advantage of them.


Digital agencies don’t necessarily have to be focused on standard design services. Stuuudio is not your basic digital agency, and you can tell that from the moment you visit their website.

The team behind Stuuudio is formed by creatives and thinkers who brainstorm to find the best design solutions for their clients. Stuuudio is a full-service digital agency with an extensive background in working with film and photography.


CLM is a digital agency founded by Camilla Lowther more than 20 years ago. The company gained massive recognition over the years, becoming one of the most influential digital agencies.

At the moment, CLM represents more than 70 artists world-wide, in all sorts of industries, from styling to design and make-up. The website speaks for itself in terms of experience and famous collaborations.


Simform is primarily a tech company, but it deserves a mention among all these digital agencies because they help small companies in their journey of becoming huge.

There are not a few cases when Simform worked with a start-up company and it took off like wildfire, so their work is worthy of respect. Check out the immersive case studies that let you explore their best projects in-depth.

Wolf & Whale

Wolf & Whale is a digital agency that can entirely change the way you perceive time. The team behind this company focuses on delivering mobile products that encourage people to use their time in a meaningful manner.

Their high-converting products are constantly selected by Fortune 500 brands and clients worldwide.

Coulee Creative

How long has it passed since you’ve visited a website that really made you feel something? The answers usually range from “never” to “a while back”. Well, Coulee Creative does exactly that —creating websites that are specifically designed to stir emotions and have their own personality.

In a world where every website seems the same and nothing impresses users any longer, the work of those behind Coulee Creative is more precious than gold.


Animal is a small digital agency that works with product and communication design. The company can offer services in all industries, which means that they are quite flexible in terms of collaborations.

This website is the most simplistic —and yet impressive —we’ve seen. Animal doesn’t put filler content on their pages —they keep everything short, concise, and clear for those who know exactly what they want from a company like this.


SameSame represents those photographers that are, ironically, not the same as those everyone knows about. The digital agency promotes those photographers that comeup with their own style; their original visual language.

The industries they focus most are fashion and advertising, but they collaborate with emerging talents in all art-related industries. They worked with Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, and more big names.


We list the best digital agency websites here, but Jon Way Studio deserves a special place in this top because it is a one-man studio that works with both photography and design. Isn’t that impressive?

Jon’s work expands into multiple fields and his collaborations include both photography and design work in different industries.


Talking about the big names in the digital world, Firstborn is an award-winning company that was founded in 1997 and still rocks the market in terms of creating brands, experiences, and content that change the way you know advertising.

Firstborn has collaborated with PepsiCo, Mountain Dew or Adidas, and the list doesn’t stop there.

Onix Design

Onix Design’s main focus is on experience design. It is an international agency working with clients all over the world.

This project gathers together a team of talented designers that create unique brand identities, as well as the visuals involved in their stories, from logos to illustrations and even personalized animations.


The Makespace group boasts a website that deserves your attention. This is a digital agency that brings together the best in brand, culture, and physical space.

They are currently trying to put together a retail campus for those who have innovative ideas and want to explore them in modern workplaces.

Whispers & Giants

Whispers & Giants is a digital agency that specializes in ethnographic research and design while bringing innovation into the scheme of things. The transformative journeys they promote are meant to bring a change in the industry, combining both the new and the traditional while doing so.

Their website is unique and complex, while also giving visitors that sense of clarity and immersiveness.

This Works

This Works is a digital agency that deals with branding and consultancy in various fields. Their main focus is positivity and adopting proactive approaches —two topics that are of very high interest at the moment.

The digital experiences and environments they create within the company are worthy of admiration, and their website is so complete that you will enjoy spending a few good minutes on it.

Cub Animation Studio

Cub Animation Studio was founded with the aim of creating cheerful animations for all sorts of brands, institutions, social networks, and individuals.  Their site is nothing short of adorable.


Chaptr is an independent digital agency in England that has won several awards. Their forte is bespoke web design, but they also handle projects in the fields of web animation, motion graphics, or simple illustration.

Chaptr is known for delivering second to none designs, a reason why many companies —big or small —choose their services over others.

Grow with Studio

Studio is that digital marketing agency that you never knew of but needed.

For more than ten years now, Grow with Studio tries its best to help eCommerce merchants grow their businesses through marketing and branding.

The agency started small and it evolved into something beautiful, much appreciated by clients worldwide today. They operate under the Volusion brand and work with eCommerce stores only.


This is a design studio that is now international, with headquarters in Oslo, Bonn, and Amsterdam. The company strives to create never-before-seen digital products and ventures, helping small startups differentiate themselves on the market.

They also create ventures themselves, innovating the industry with entirely new concept work, product design, and branding services.


Significa is a digital agency that creates responsive user interfaces that also impress through visuals, besides good functionality. The company takes care of the business model and the entire process to get the product in people’s pockets.


SPACE10 is more than a digital agency —they are a design lab that directs their resources towards research and creating sustainable ways of living.

Though this is not your basic digital agency, they work tirelessly to deliver something new, investing resources into prototyping, concept development, digital strategies, and more.

Made by Many

Made by Many is a digital agency that offers consultancy services and has as its starting point a focus on digital strategy and execution, instead of the final product.

They’ve created state-of-the-art products before, and they’re not planning to stop any time soon. At Made by Many, they want to bring together technology, business culture, and people.

Stink Studios

Stink is a global creative network that directs its innovative ideas and impressive resources to advertising, tech, and entertainment. They offer services such as content production, web design, and creative technology concepts.

Sagmeister & Walsh

Sagmeister & Walsh is a digital agency with exquisite taste in art. They create unique identities, innovative commercials, impressive websites, responsive apps, and expressive films for all their clients, regardless of the industry they work in.

This is a self-initiated project that has built its own tangible personality over the years.


You absolutely need to check out Inviqa’s website. The team behind this project is just huge — more than 200 strategists, creative designers, and tech specialists were brought together to give birth to the most awe-inspiring projects.

They’ve earned multiple awards thanks to their creativity, so take a few moments to read more about their story.


Adchitects makes the best out of functional design and secure development, combining all this with storytelling and ethical business.

The way they handle business gives clients a million reasons to stay and support their brand by using their services. Clutch named them the best company of this kind in Poland.

Akins Parker

Finally, the last one on the list, Akins Parker has impressed audiences since 2004 when it was launched. This is an ad agency that has all the tools a design studio needs in order to function.

The evolution of this company coincided with the revolution of technology in the last decade, and they have changed as much as the industry did, continually making use of new ideas, technologies, and opportunities.

Upcut Studio

Upcut Studio does content marketing for startups and does it quite well. If you’d be working with them, you would get high-quality content that drives organic traffic to your blog,
by boosting your DA & your Google ranking through the roof.


Human-centered UI & UX, located in San Francisco & NYC. Their mission is to significantly impact the user experience in everyday products through bold design.

Concept Studio

Concept Studio is a design agency creating brands & websites that brings together creativity & design to help businesses rise in a developing environment.

Toi Shop

SF and LA based digital design and innovation agency that helps companies create better websites and products faster using Design Sprints.

The Great Agency

The Great Agency cover a large range of creative digital projects, platforms, and campaigns with one purpose. They transform brands, grow businesses, and tell brand and product stories in a most creative and fascinating way.

Superhero Cheesecake

An award-winning digital production studio from Amsterdam, in the business of creating unforgettable interactive experiences with people.

Immersive Garden

Immersive Garden has been recognized as Studio of the year 2017 by both AWWWARDS and CSS Design Awards. Their vision is focused on crafting in-house meaningful concepts and stories thanks to digital experiences. This translates in websites but also mobile app development or any media that is relevant.


Dogstudio is a multidisciplinary creative studio at the intersection of art, design and technology. They are on a mission to explore, create meaning and provoke emotions through design and storytelling.


Award-winning multidisciplinary digital agency based in Italy. They are brains with a lot of open tabs, without bonds to creativity and imagination.


AQuest combines creativity and technology to create digital experiences that connect brands to people’s hearts. They believe in continuous evolution, in the constant search for new means with which to overcome increasingly interesting challenges that amaze their customers and achieve increasingly difficult goals.


Locomotive stands out among web agencies, and offers a wide range of creative and strategic services for brands, companies, foundations and other remarkable organizations.

Hello Monday

Hello Monday builds better businesses by creating joyful digital ideas, products and experiences that connect the hearts of brands to the hearts of their consumers.

Red Collar

Red Collar, announced as Agency of the Year by international web design and development award platform CSS Design Awards. They create impressive digital things that help brands to reach both minds and hearts of people.


10 years of creative hacking. A team of thirty people whose roles range from strategy developers to brand content and UX Design.


AREA 17 is a digital product agency with studios in Paris and New York. Founded in 2003, they are independently owned and creatively motivated. AREA 17 also refers to the visual cortex of the brain where sensory data is received, patterns recognized, and images formulated. They plan, create and grow digital products for clients of all sizes.


Merci-Michel is a digital production house based in Paris. They specialize in creating cutting edge interactive solutions, UIs & immersive campaigns.


In Focus, a digital creative studio, based in Tokyo and New York. In Focus, propose new perspectives by crossing digitized creations.


Bonhomme, digital branding studio. Defending a minimalist approach, focused on users and their behavior and believes sophistication of simplicity


Boldare is a brand that emerged from combining the power and best qualities of two companies: XSolve, a software development company, and Chilid, a high-end web design agency.


Vergani&Gasco is a digital communication agency established in the year 2000 and located near Como and Milan.

EPIC Agency

EPIC is a Belgian digital agency made of passion and sorcery that proudly delivers bewitching projects since 2009.

Oui Will

Oui Will is a holistic digital agency that builds influential brands and digital products.

Isadora Digital Agency

Driven by innovation and human behavior, Isadora Digital Agency is changing the way brands connect with audiences in a digital world.


Huemor is an interactive agency that brings together digital strategy, design, and technology to help businesses thrive in a rapidly evolving digital environment.

eDesign Interactive

eDesign is an award-winning digital agency. Creates world-class websites, interactive landing pages and immersive social media marketing campaigns.


Kubikfoto³ is a multi awarded digital production studio. They work in the fields of VR, 360°, Film, Photography, 3D and Web.

Rezo Zero

Rezo Zero is a graphic and digital studio that designs and develops unique brand identities and tailor-made digital solutions.


Socialrise is a creative digital agency at the cutting edge of trends, technology and contemporary aesthetics. Socialrise provide innovative, eye-catching solutions that help brands to stand out from the crowd.


Avex is a NYC digital agency that focuses on creating beautiful, conversion based websites, to tell your brand’s story & engage with your customers.


A digital agency focused on web. Building great things in the heart of Silicon Valley. Building great websites for industry-leading brands.

Big Drop Inc

Big Drop Inc pride themselves on delivering innovative, digital experiences that make an impact. Since 2013, they’ve proudly partnered with start-ups, SMB’s, Fortune 500 companies, and everyone in between to unlock value through creativity, technology, and business-minded thinking.

Which Was the Best Digital Agency Website for You?

Hopefully, the websites we’ve listed here will be of great inspiration for you. There are plenty more to explore, but this list should give you some starting points.

It’s important to note that each digital agency has its own way of viewing things and showcasing products and that should be your purpose too —finding your unique style of delivering what you have to offer.

We hope you enjoyed reading this article about digital agency websites created by the team at Amelia (the best WordPress booking system for web developers).

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