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Amelia is the WordPress appointment plugin every appointment based business needs. It works 24/7 and allows customers to book appointments online and pay at their convenience. Amelia is the only WordPress booking plugin with all the included features without any additional or hidden costs.

Amelia - Appointments

Run your entire business online and save several hours per day

Amelia is one of the most customizable and most feature-rich appointment booking WordPress plugins. With the Amelia appointment booking for WordPress, you can automate repetitive tasks and manage your entire business online. Our WordPress appointment plugin allows online bookings 24/7 and enables you to manage bookings, organize your team’s schedules, offer multiple services with different prices and durations, manage many different business locations, offer online and on-site services and payments, and save several hours per day. With our booking system, you will have more time to focus on developing your business or having more time for yourself.

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Provide the best customer experience and gain more loyal customers

How often do you have to answer emails or phone calls after working hours to book another appointment? With the Amelia appointment booking WordPress plugin, you can have your appointments booked even while you sleep. Amelia works 24/7, so you wouldn’t have to.

When you integrate the Amelia WordPress appointment scheduling plugin, your customers can come to your website whenever they find it most convenient, check your scheduling calendar and available time slots, and simply schedule appointments. The moment a new appointment booking happens, you get instantly notified.

When your customers register on your customer panel, they can cancel or reschedule the appointment if they cannot attend. With online bookings, you reduce no-shows because you give your customers the freedom and offer the best appointment booking process.

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WordPress Appointment Plugin That Covers All Your Scheduling Needs

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Manage Services

Manage online and on-site services with ease

If you are, for example, a coach or a language teacher, you probably hold a lot of lessons online, if not all of them. And if you work in some institutions, you often provide on-site services. Amelia WordPress appointment plugin meets different needs and enables you to organize online and offline services with ease. If you want to hold online sessions, use Amelia’s integrations with Zoom and Google Meet , and the link to the meeting will be sent to your customers in the notifications they receive. And if you provide services on-site and have a few business locations, you can manage all locations with one Amelia account. You can also use Amelia’s custom fields to ask your customers some additional questions during the appointment booking.

Collect Payments

Accept payments online and on-site fastly and securely

Offer your customers the possibility to pay online and on-site and get paid for your services easily and on time with Amelia booking system. Our WordPress appointment plugin integrates with the world’s most popular payment gateways - PayPal, Stripe, Mollie, RazorPay and WooCommerce . That way, your customers will be able to pay for the services immediately when they book and you will receive payments even while you sleep. And if you don’t want to get paid for your services online, you can deactivate the integrations with payment gateways and collect payments on-site, when your customers come to the appointment.

Offer Packages

Offer packages of services and increase sales

Scale your business with one of the best booking plugins. Promote your services and increase sales by bundling single or multiple services in a package of appointments. Set the price for the whole package and encourage your customers to buy a bundle of services at a discount price. Combine any services and the number of services in a package, set duration, limit package purchases per customer. If you offer services to international clients, you can also translate the name of the package into any language you want.

Repeating Appointments

Allow your customers to book repeating appointments

Many businesses, like coaches, tutors, language teachers, and so on, have appointments that repeat up to several times per week or month and need plugins that allow multiple bookings. To avoid booking each appointment individually, the Amelia appointment booking for WordPress offers you and your clients to simply schedule multiple appointments that will repeat the way you set. Recurring appointments can be created by day, week, month, or year, or by exact date in a month. Your customers will have to choose the first date and time in the booking calendar and then set when the appointment will repeat based on your availability and working hours. Create a smooth appointment booking process for your customers with appointment booking WordPress plugin.

Automated notifications

Automated notifications

Amelia WordPress appointment booking plugin helps you keep your customers updated and reduce no-shows to a great extent. With Amelia WordPress appointment booking, you can send SMS, Email, and WhatsApp notifications and reminders, and you can choose whether you want to send them to customers, employees, or both of them. Besides sending reminders for upcoming events and appointments, you can send notifications about the booking status of each appointment and appointment details. Amelia’s automated SMS, WhatsApp and Email notifications also help you engage with your customers and increase loyalty because it allows you to send follow-ups a few days after the appointment, congratulate birthdays to your customers with birthday greeting notifications, or create custom notifications that will be sent whenever you schedule them. Increase customer loyalty with the best WordPress plugin.

Features that make Amelia perfect for managing everything related to appointments


Custom service duration

With a custom service duration feature, you can offer a single service with multiple durations your customers can choose from, define different prices for those durations and choose whether those prices will be applied to all employees.


Buffer time before and after

If you need time before the appointment to prepare or after the appointment to clean everything up, you can use Amelia’s buffer time feature. Set the time you need before or after the appointment, and this time slot will be unavailable for booking when your customers schedule appointments.

Calendar +

Google Calendar and Outlook sync

Connect your and your employees’ Google or Outlook calendars and avoid double bookings or any conflicts in the schedule. The occupied time slots in your calendar will be automatically unavailable for booking in the Amelia appointment booking calendar. Calendar synchronization provides smooth appointment management.


Email, SMS, and WhatsApp notifications

Keep your customers updated about upcoming appointments with scheduled automatic Email, SMS, and WhatsApp booking confirmations and appointment reminders and reduce no-shows to a great extent.


Deposit payments

Reduce no-shows and cancellations by setting deposit payments where your customers will have to pay a certain amount upfront when they schedule appointments.


Custom intake forms

Use custom fields to create intake forms and ask your customers questions you need to have answered before the appointment while they are booking during their booking process.

people plus

Group appointments bookings

Allow your customers to book appointments for a group of people in the appointment booking calendar or organize appointments with a limited number of people per appointment.


Multiple locations

If you have a business that spreads across numerous locations, you can create a list of all your locations and manage all of them with a single Amelia WordPress appointment booking account.

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Choose the booking form and customize it to suit your business needs

3 types

3 types of appointment booking forms

Our appointment booking plugin uses shortcodes for adding a booking forms and customer and employee panels to the front-end page. You have several possibilities to show your services on your website by choosing which Amelia booking shortcode you want to insert: Booking Search Booking Catalog and Step-by-Step Booking Wizard. Select the appointment booking form that suits your WordPress site needs or choose multiple booking forms.


Customize the appointment booking form to your needs

Amelia plugin for WordPress has one of the most minimalistic & modern user-friendly interfaces among booking plugins. You can quickly adjust to match your theme and business branding. With a fully customizable booking widget, you can create your booking form to look as if it’s an integral part of your WordPress site.
On the backend of the customization page, a WYSIWYG editor will help you adjust colors, information, and fonts to make beautiful appointment booking forms and events calendar forms that fit your booking page.

customer profile

Let customers self-manage their appointments

Improve customer experience by offering a customer panel on your WordPress site. Through the panel, your customers can register and then book, cancel or reschedule their appointments based on your appointment availability in the WP simple booking calendar. In the customer panel, customers can manage their personal details without logging into the WordPress backend. Take customer booking experience to the next level with the best WordPress plugin.