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Online coaching with the use of a professional coaching website is a profitable business. A modern coach has a modern coaching website; it looks great at first sight and delivers a good dose of energy throughout. You’ll also notice that coaching websites typically emphasize looks with bold text and clear pictures.

When coaches introduce themselves by their coaching website, they tell you what they can do for you and why you need them. And without stalling they will guide you to a CTA (Call-to-Action).

The call to action is the core of any good coaching website. For dry theoretics, clients can go to the zillions of university courses available. But real-life needs practical solutions and a can-do-mentality, and that’s what you’re offering.

It’s all about building trust from the get-go.

That’s why it’s so important that you introduce your life coach website in an attractive way that builds rapport instantly. Use colors, videos, plenty of happy photos of yourself. Make people believe they came to the right place for happy coaching.

On your YouTube channel and other social media pages, the energy explodes from the screen. Your website must be equally sparkling. Your landing page must captivate clients and spellbind them.

Be original, and let your personality shine through. The great coaching websites we will look at are personal. They shout: I’m the coach you were looking for! Stick around. You’re in safe hands. No question about it, this coach was born to help you.

And we’ve all heard of finding your niche. Yeah, it’s getting pretty annoying. But great coaching websites are indeed built to attract certain people in a specific target market. So for once, we will repeat the slogan about niches: don’t cater to everyone. Find your niche and own it.

In this article by our team at Amelia (the best WordPress events plugin), we’re going to take you on a journey through several amazing coaching websites. Then, we’ll identify the main elements of a coaching website so that you, too, can start building your own.

Great Life Coaching Websites

Life-changing content that will make the best copywriter envious. A slick, polished look, and professional branding. This combination makes the following coaching websites stand out. Think of them as life coaching templates.

Become inspired by these coaching websites and get your website ready to compete!

Andrea Beaman

Holistic health coach Andrea Beaman gives visitors a taste of all the ways her coaching can help improve their lives in her extremely well-designed coaching website. The CTAs are clear and in your face (as they should be), meanwhile there is tons of free content such as healthy recipes to keep visitors interested.

Mel Noakes

Without having to go through endless descriptions, you immediately get a feel of how Mel can help you. This is a prime example of how images are most powerful. Wouldn’t you, too, want to wake up with that dazzling smile, ready to face the day?

Insight Coaching

What’s coaching about and what can it do for you? On Insight Coaching’s website, you’ll discover that not only pro athletes need coaching and gain access to your own one-on-one coach. This website goes to show that you don’t necessarily need to target one or two niches. Successful coaches make their services approachable for many different types of people.

Karla Gilbert

Beautiful beach pictures get you in the mood for pursuing health and wellness. As a former Ironwoman Karla knows what she’s talking about, and she’s not afraid to show off her credentials. This builds trust and makes for an easy way to convince visitors to get off the fence and become a client.

Ciara Foy

Bestselling author Ciara’s website is a visual treasure. She presents two free offers to help you get started and makes generous use of CTA buttons throughout her site.

David Ball

David Ball offers a one-on-one life mentoring program aimed at men who need a little help balancing “self, relationships, and work”. The link in the menu titled ‘If you’re not sure’ convinces men to overcome prejudices about getting a coach, and it works great as a persuasion tool.

Cortney McDermott

“Change starts with you.” The high-resolution image of the coach makes you feel like you know her already — and hey, what do you know, there’s a video for you to get better acquainted right off the bat. Cortney is not shy about her accomplishments and she inspires trust and confidence with a host of big-name clients shown just below the fold.

Elizabeth Rider

Vibrant colors, positive writing, and energetic pictures. Wellness coach Elizabeth is a successful entrepreneur and a great coach, and it shows. Everything about her website shouts “vitality”.

Alexandra Jamieson

On Alexandra’s site, the beautiful layout and use of color lead the eye to the blue and red call-to-action buttons. Getting to action (and securing a client) is a priority indeed for all coaching websites, and this one takes the cake when it comes to CTAs.

Gabby Bernstein

This site is all about great content and building her community. There is wonderful interaction between Gabby and her many readers, and she certainly knows how to do social media right. Her followers number in the hundreds of thousands, phew!

A nice touch on Gabby’s website is the Shop section, where visitors can instantly purchase a membership as well as card decks, meditation albums, and more.

Wild Sacred

Harlene underlines the benefits of simplicity. The simple block structure, bright colors, and smiling photos prove her right.Everything about the Wild Sacred website just works.

Steve J. Thomas

It’s no mystery who Steve is and what he can do for you. The “What I do” video introduces you to his presentation style and message. He has a great sense of humor and a fondness of Starbucks, football, sunsets, NYC, and dad jeans.

Katrine van Wyk

Ever heard of Best Green Drinks Ever? It’s one of Katrine’s nutritional masterpieces, but it’s not the only reason she’s famous. Her one-on-one and group coaching, along with cooking classes and yoga, are all testaments to her energy and drive for life.The website reflects who she is and what she does, in no uncertain terms.

How You Can Make a Great Coaching Website Too

Top coaching is an art form

What were the things all great coaching websites have in common again? You land on their page and don’t want to leave any time soon. Right. You feel you can trust this guy or woman, and you feel connected to what they can do for you.

You think: this looks awesome! The colors, the layout, the structure, the personal touch… I will stick around. Where can I sign up?

Great! Now step by step, here’s how you can emulate what works by those who have proven it:

I need photos of me

And not just any photos. I will invest in getting some nice photos done by a professional photographer. People will buy me. I am my business. The coach.

Call To Action 

That’s my message. Helping people to make changes that will improve them. Action Jackson, oh yeah. How can I help to reach your goals?

I will make this CTA easy to find, on the top third fold of my homepage. Please “call for a complimentary session.” Good stuff. Oh, you scrolled all the way down to the bottom of the website without clicking on my CTA? Here’s another one for good measure!

Good SEO Practices will bring great traffic

I will ask my clients to write positive reviews. This can be on coaching databases, Google Maps, LinkedIn, Angie’s List, etc.

Client testimonials will add extra motivation to my visitors. This will let visitors know what I can do for them and how well I can do it. But it has extra benefits too — getting reviews on external websites will bolster the authority of your own and greatly increase your traffic.

My visitor’s interests are what I care about

I sell a solution to a problem. No need to sell coaching, or explain too much what coaching is. My coaching business isn’t to bore clients. I aim to help out and guide people to their goals. The client’s perspective is my priority.

Tell clients about yourself, but put your visitors on the pedestal. It’s about them, not you.

I include video 

The downside of introducing myself through the internet is people can’t see me in real. We can’t shake hands, exchange invisible body language, or look at each other in the eye. How can people trust me? How can we build a relationship?

I will add videos, so people can see and hear me. An extra bonus is that I can later get the videos I produce transcribed for my blog posts and social media posts.

My website needs a signup button

Maybe they will not buy now, but I’ll make sure they won’t forget about my website. I want them to return when they are ready and it’s the right time for them to use my services.

Beyond a contact form, which is essentially mandatory, there will be some way for interested visitors to follow up with me down the line. A mailing list with CTA to register will work wonders.

I will make my website mobile-friendly 

I optimize my great coaching website for mobile. Keeping up with the times will keep my website relevant. Who can tell when the next client will pop by to sign up on the spot, only to discover that the website won’t work on mobile?

Conclusion on Coaching Websites

It’s not that complicated to build your own great coaching website. There are plenty of good examples online and many of them follow the same basic principles even when they appear completely different from one another.

A successful business depends on a website that looks good, but that’s not the end of the story. It needs to supply all the information visitors are looking for. Their needs are all that matters.

Personalize your website. Make people feel they get to know you. Make a good first impression, and keep making good impressions by using your creativity and imagination. Stand out! Make your brand a household name.

Positive reviews will skyrocket your business like no other marketing tool can promise. Make sure you have a genuine interaction with your clients. If you allow clients to leave comments on blog posts, reply to each and every one.

Most important is to focus on what you can do for your clients. Your website must breathe the Call to Action mentality. You can help, but only if you are asked for help. Make it easy to ask!

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