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You can’t grow your business unless you provide excellent services. Your clients should have memorable experiences starting from the moment they find out about your business. That includes the appointment-making process.

The appointment process is a step where most prospective clients get lost. That’s why you have to modernize your system and consider using reliable salon bookers. Most people try to schedule their appointments sitting comfortably on their coach. You can help them by organizing an online appointment system based on salon bookers. This will not only ease your clients’ work but yours, too. Salon bookers help you avoid duplicate orders, missed appointments, or any other misunderstandings.

If finding the right salon booking software sounds hard, don’t worry — we got your back! You’ll find the best salon bookers below that will help your customers have a nice experience with your brand. Scheduling, editing appointments, and details checking will be only a click away for them. On the other side, your staff will be more organized and fully prepared to take care of the customers.

The best salon bookers


Amelia is a powerful WordPress booking plugin that works flawlessly with WordPress sites of all kinds. It has a minimal, yet powerful appointment booking interface designed to ease your workflow, automate repetitive tasks, avoid double booking, and make appointment booking a breeze for your customers.

You can even have email notifications and SMS notifications so that nobody forgets about their appointment bookings.

In order to book an appointment, the complete user interaction takes a few clicks with this WordPress plugin. Moreover, with it you can accept payments via PayPal and Stripe, perfect for those who want to pay in advance to book appointments.

As a business owner, you can monitor KPIs in the WordPress dashboard and analyze other important data to keep a pulse on your business. Amelia is a straightforward, no-nonsense customer management plugin and an amazing option for those who want an around-the-clock solution for their WordPress site.

Amelia also has an Events Calendar module integrated within its features.

You can now automate your event bookings as well. To be more precise, it means that you will be able to schedule a single day, a multi-day, and also recurring events with Amelia.

Did we mention that you can manage multiple locations and that you have Google Calendar integration?

All of these and much more are under only one license, no add-ons are needed.

To test things for yourself, I’d suggest checking out the demos and seeing how things look on the front end as well as in the back end.

Spa/salon booking page demo

A dummy cosmetology website – look through different cosmetic procedures and treatments, pick an employee and schedule appointments.

→ View Frontend Demo – Backend demo



Any salon or spa needs this type of salon booker software. It runs directly from your website and customers can use its online booking features from different devices. From this point of view, Neko is compatible with companies of all different sizes and services.

Besides an online salon booking software, Neko will also remind your clients about their appointments so they don’t forget about them.

You will also be able to check and analyze statistics and data about the evolution of your business. This is a great way to understand how you can improve your services and the connection you have with your customers.

Square Appointments

Not sure about switching to an online salon booker?

No problem.

Square Appointments is a free salon management software you can try. See whether it is suitable for your business or not without paying a cent.

Apart from efficient appointment management, it will also provide Square products integration. This includes the POS system, card payments processing, and marketing services.


Appointeze will do its best to make your business function efficiently and in a professional way. These are the features of Appointeze that will make you forget about schedule management problems:

  • Real-time schedule updates. The customers will surely know when you are free or not.
  • It’s cloud-based, which means it won’t lengthen the load time of your website.
  • SMS/email reminders will notify them about any details regarding their appointment.
  • Clients can choose between one to one meetings or group sessions.

Salon by Premier Software

This is an online booker built especially for businesses in the hair and beauty industry. This guarantees that the needs of both types of salons will be fulfilled.

Forget about blank spots in your schedule or double meetings at the same hour. Your clients will receive tip-top services and you will be able to manage your business more efficiently. Look at the sales charters, upcoming events list, inventory levels and over data to analyze the evolution of your salon.


Fresha is a salon management software that is highly versatile. It is also cloud-based and it offers the necessary features to keep everything organized.

This salon software has a comprehensive scheduling feature, online booking, client management, and even retail management. It generates invoices, receipts, and tax reports. It is one of the salon booking apps you should definitely try.


SimpleSpa started as a basic salon scheduling soft suitable for small-sized businesses. Its features have been drastically improved, as it offers today Multiple Locations Management. This means that you can adapt the system to every staff team from every location your business has. In all cases, you can group different types of your services together, and the categories are entirely customizable.


As a cloud-based system, it covers all the basic features of salon bookers. Apart from scheduling, editing, and canceling an appointment, some other features may draw your attention. Salonist

  • Works on both your website and your Facebook business page.
  • Accepts POS payments.
  • Provides reports and statistics.

These are some features that make us recommend Salonist. It will help your business grow while you do what you know best – selling salon services and products.


LatePoint is not only about functionality and efficiency — it comes with astonishing design and an impressive interface, too.

Unlike other salon bookers, LatePoint provides multiple-choice functionality during the scheduling process. This means that you can propose different pricing plans to your clients before they even finish their bookings.


As its name suggests, this cloud-based beauty salon software will make sure all your clients arrive on time for their appointments. What makes it special among other numerous salon bookers are the third-party integrations. You’reOnTime is compatible with Facebook, Apriva, Stripe, and Authorize.Net. These add to its basic features, including email and SMS marketing, reporting, online payments, and so on.

These tools are especially useful for businesses in the beauty and hair industry. Yet, you can customize You’reOnTime based on the type of services you provide.

Versum Salon Software

Small and medium salons can’t afford pricy software to manage their appointment systems. That’s why we recommend Versum Salon Software. It provides complete salon management at an affordable price.

This is not only a basic program that will make clients book an appointment with you. With this salon booker, clients can also enjoy some advanced features at a high quality.

Pro Schedule

Any type of professional services that require prior booking can benefit from Pro Schedule’s features. This is suitable not only for hairdressing and other salon type services. Dentists, lawyers, doctors, and other business owners who work with appointments can use Pro Schedule.


Accessible from both mobile apps and websites, Rosy made it easy and effortless for customers to book an appointment. The easier the booking platform works, the higher the chances that your customers finish the booking. And the developers of Rosy know that.

Additionally, Rosy also has some advanced features for middle-sized and large businesses. These are some of them:

  • Multiple appointment scheduling
  • Customer history access
  • Automated emails
  • Salon appointment booking


Do it your way! This should be the motto of Schedulicity because it’s very customizable and easy to adapt to one’s needs.

It is perfect for salon businesses but can be used by many others, too. This is due to the appointment scheduling system it provides. It works with clients’ profiles, helping you to build a relationship with your fellow visitors.

As a manager, you can deal with your responsibilities anywhere in the world, as the program is widely accessible. Customers can also finish their part easily – Schedulicity accepts and processes online payments.


ChiDesk provides all features you would need for successfully managing your clients and staff. This includes appointment scheduling, marketing through email and SMS, and online payment processing.

You can use the same soft for your clients to check-in when they get to an appointment. ChiDesk will also help you with business monitoring and accountability. It issues reports, statistics, performance rates, and different tools you would need to use when analyzing data.

Booksy (Formerly Versum)

The once called Versum, now Booksy, has advanced tracking features and email marketing features. It has very high security for data protection, it generates complex financial statistics, and more. It is also capable of sending email marketing campaigns.

Salon Iris

This is one of the pioneers of salon software. Since its launch in 1999, Salon Iris has been constantly growing, improving its features and efficiency. What proves its modernity today is the POS integration system and the credit card processing solution.

This salon booker is built especially for businesses in this industry, but everyone can customize it for their services and needs. There are even different plans for companies of different sizes.



If you’re looking for something simple and inexpensive for your start-up, then Baxus is your solution. It offers all the basic features you need – appointment scheduling, reporting, and fundamental marketing.

Baxus can also help your business grow because it gives you the possibility to organize webinars and build a community around your brand. Through Baxus, you can take care of your customers.


Visibook works perfectly as an appointment scheduling app. It leads your customers through all the necessary steps as a reliable assistant.

This salon booker will show available hours and places in real-time, avoiding any kind of misunderstandings. Also, you can set your availability if you don’t want to receive clients at a certain hour.

Visibook will notify your client when they successfully make a reservation, or their appointment is coming up. You can also do credit card processing through the same app.


MindBody is an enterprise-grade software, designed and marketed toward businesses providing fitness, wellness, and beauty services.

MindBody also offers digital solutions to specific business needs such as client experience, marketing, multi-location management, payment system, and more.

The application provides lots of features but the most important one is that it enables clients to schedule appointments online.

To improve brand awareness, MindBody also allows a salon owner to create a branded mobile application to provide clients with a more immersive and personalized booking experience.

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