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In this well-known battle between Housecall Pro vs Jobber, which scheduling program would win? If you’re still hesitating, a fair comparison between these two may help you end the debate. We know your goal is to work more efficiently and make the scheduling process easier for your clients. That’s why we’ve analyzed both types of software and came up with a series of advantages and disadvantages. We focused on the prices, features, tools, and the offer conditions of the two.

We hope this article will help you decide which scheduling software is better – Housecall Pro or Jobber.

Housecall Pro vs Jobber

General Information: Housecall Pro – Digitalized Processes

The developers’ team of Housecall Pro, Codefied Inc., gained experience in the field even before launching this software. They had previously worked for some of the best software companies, building similar programs and gaining experience.

Since the beginning of Housecall Pro, the goal of the soft was to make its users forget about their paperwork. Due to a multitude of features, this program can digitalize and automatize the workflow of a company. It suits best for cleaning, plumbing, electrical, or housekeeping services. But similar companies that provide home services can take advantage of the Housecall Pro features, too.

Housecall Pro includes not only scheduling and appointment managing but also many other processes related to them. With Housecall Pro, you can dispatch, process payments, send reminders, issue invoices, and chat with your customers.

Housecall Pro is available as an app and the website comes with some additional features.

Jobber – Communication Through Software

Jobber’s target users are similar – field workers from companies that want to ease their work and assure better customer care. This includes, but is not limited to, small and medium-sized cleaning and household companies.

This cloud-based software will intermediate between you and your customers, assuring better experiences. It will ease the scheduling, dispatching, and task management processes. Thanks to Jobber, you will establish a continuous and safe communication between your office and your field workers. Everyone will get the messages in real time, including your customers.

If you feel the need to better organize these processes, you can count on Jobber for that. It’s accessible for mobile devices and fits the needs of a growing home service business.

Basic and Special Features of Housecall Pro and Jobber

Up to a point, these two apps are very alike. They both provide all the basic features for good scheduling and appointment soft. This includes invoicing, online reserving and payment processing, and business-client relationship maintenance.

However, each of them provides some extra features that may draw your attention.

First of all, unlike Jobber, Housecall Pro can be used without having a website. This is undisputedly important for startups and newly launched businesses. The Housecall Pro’s offer includes a website builder that will assist you while you create your page. You’ll own your domain, the content is going to follow SEO principles, and everything will be customizable. All in all, you’ll get a new website with a fully functional appointment scheduling soft.

On the other side, Jobber will work only on the website you already have and also on the Facebook account of your business.

Housecall Pro

Housecall Pro will take care of the things you didn’t even think you should automatize.

We’ve already mentioned the scheduling, dispatching, invoicing, booking, and marketing features, but there’s more to talk about. You will be connected with your employees through GPS tracking. The soft also has payment processing and instant pay features. Your data will be synced with Quickbooks Online and your accountants will thank you for this.


Jobber will improve your general organization skills and make sure you provide top services.

This app will also offer some extra features that you may like. These include advanced customer care services (client hub, feedback, reminders) and accounting assistance (QBO, XERO integration, reporting).

Offers and Prices

The price you pay for such a scheduling app is not just a number. It includes more than the installation and maintenance of the soft on your website. A subscription covers basic training sessions, hardware help, and full technical support services.

Housecall Pro Price

The price of Housecall Pro varies depending on the number of users and the features you need. After a 14-day free trial, the subscription starts at $49/month.

Jobber Price

The monthly price of Jobber varies between $69 and $259. Yet, there is the possibility to take a lite subscription with fewer features for only $19/month. Don’t forget about the 14-day free trial, too.

Deployment Options

The developers of Jobber came up with ultramodern solutions to modern problems. The deployment is now so much easier because this is a cloud-based software.

These are some of the advantages of Jobber and Housecall Pro when it comes to their deployment:

  • They won’t prolong the loading time of your website. It will remain as fast as it was before because you don’t install large applications on it. It’s all cloud-based.
  • You won’t need to take care of software regular updates.
  • It’s a safer and more reliable storage space.
  • Great responsiveness. Both apps will perfectly adapt to the resolution and size of a mobile device. This is of great importance to both your clients and your field workers. The former asks for services and the latter will immediately know about it.

Mobile Apps – Features and Accessibility

Housecall Pro

Housecall Pro designed its app so that it meets a field worker’s needs. Therefore, it has five basic sections – dashboard, schedule, messages, and more. You can download it for free on both Android and iOS devices.

These core features help you check the clients’ database, issue invoices, make estimations, and see future jobs to be done. For other features, you will need to use the Housecall Pro website or buy a premium version of the app.


Jobber’s app is a simpler version of the site with the essential features. Using one of the three sections, you can schedule, see clients, and analyze timesheets. The plus button allows you to add a new job, client, or task with a single touch on your screen.

For a complete experience of the program, use the Jobber website.

Housecall Pro vs Jobber: Pros and Cons

Pros of Housecall Pro

Here are some of the pros of Housecall Pro that will make your working life easier:

  • It is easy to learn and get used to.
  • It has a wide variety of features that will either help you spare money or grow revenue.
  • It helps you with marketing and customer care through reviews, postcards and notifications.
  • It integrates a lot of third-party services that are very useful. Think about the website builder or the reviews generating software.

Housecall Pro’s cons

We want you to take these disadvantages into account, too:

  • It is available only in North America (the USA and Canada).
  • It doesn’t have some important features such as inventory tracking, templates, and equipment management.
  • It synchronizes data with Quickbooks Online only. If you don’t use this accounting software, it may be a struggle to export data from Housecall Pro.

Advantages for Jobber

You’ll be able to objectively compare these apps only if you are equally informed about both of them. That’s why we gathered some pros for Jobber, too:

  • It has advanced customization and tracking options. You can use them for specific fields, invoices, different groups of customers and a variety of tracking lists.
  • The automated reminders sent on the client’s email are efficient.

Disadvantages for Jobber

  • Jobber is maintenance-oriented. It won’t provide a lot of features for your business growth. Although the client hub and the faster payment methods may keep your old clientele, it won’t get your business in front of new clients.
  • You can’t set recurring payments for third-party providers.

Ending thoughts on the Housecall Pro vs Jobber Debate

Let’s summarize what we learned today.

Housecall Pro is a management system for businesses of all-size. It covers all types of processes, from the mere scheduling and client noticing, to invoicing and payment processing. The main advantage of using Housecall Pro is the connection it ensures between office and field workers. The latter can access the database and edit it from their mobile devices using the Housecall Pro app.

At a fair and competitive price, you can use a wide variety of features and professional support services.

Since its launch in 2011, Jobber has been easing the workload for companies providing maintenance services for households. It takes care of the booking system and the offer also includes payment processing and billing features. It’s suitable and even recommendable for big teams, too, because of its efficient tracking systems. Everything is automatized and lets the users forget about paperwork.

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