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Do you want to be a recognizable and respected name in the legal industry? Then, you’ve probably thoughts about the values you have to pay attention to when you build your image for clients. In such a serious world, honesty, professionalism, and compassion are indispensable. Everything related to you and your work should reflect that, including your website. A good and professional WordPress theme can be of great help.

Most of the time, these WordPress law themes come with a clear and sober layout, helping you organize the sections of your website. You will need to detach from the simple blogging layout type and pick something that will make you look trustworthy in the client’s eyes.

We decided to throw you a hand by selecting some of the best examples from which you can choose the best lawyer WordPress theme for you. They match the needs of a company in the legal niche but are also highly customizable and versatile. So, if you need a website theme for your corporate website, for recruitment or finance services, you should check out this article created by our team at Amelia (the best WordPress appointment booking plugin).

Lawyer WordPress Theme Examples

Lawyer Landing Page Pro

Lawyer Landing Page Pro is a professional WordPress theme for law firms, lawyers, and consultants. The theme comes with a variety of header layouts and wide customization options to quickly and easily personalize your website as you desire.
Whether you are an independent attorney looking to expand your clientele, a new or established legal firm venturing into the internet, the theme has all the tools, features, plugins, and widgets to easily set up your fully functional professional website without the need to code.

Zelle Pro

The former Zelle Pro is among the best business-type themes that suit the formal legal firm style. You can build an amazing one-page website only by playing with its basic features. Choosing the sections, moving them around, and combining unlimited options of colors are just some of the things you can start with.

The well-built control panel of this theme will guide you through each necessary step until all the details of your website are perfect. In the end, add any of the customizable widgets available from the theme offer and see your website grow along with your business.


What mostly recommends this theme is its accessibility. At a very fair price, you receive a fully prepared website where you can upload your content without having to worry about layout or website design. The offer displayed on their website is promising. Not only lawyers or law firms will find a suitable design among the pre-made websites they propose; there are specially built websites for, but not limited to, trainers, musicians, and wedding planners, too.

The platform is completely beginner-friendly. Yet, you can always install some advanced features such as contact form support, multiple layouts, and visual galleries.


Astra is a world-class WordPress theme designed to be intuitive to use whether you’re an experienced developer or completely new to building websites.

Astra is super-fast, fully compatible with Gutenberg, Elementor and Beaver Builder and works with most WordPress plugins. Themes can be imported in seconds and fully customized depending on your particular needs.

Astra has several Starter Templates for lawyers and law firms. Designs combine the professional persona you expect with the gravitas and authority you want from a lawyer. All wrapped up in a great-looking package!


Both lawyers and salespersons use this theme for a particular reason – they all want to sell things and the sophisticated, yet the smooth design of this theme helps a lot.

Attorna has reached such a wide variety of clients due to the modern and pragmatic touch of their product. Whether you opt for a single-page website or the multiple pages one, you’ll have the same professional aspect and functions at your disposal. You can always try the demo version and see if this is a good lawyer WordPress theme for you without having to make an investment.

Some of the features this theme provides are a large number of headers, automatic updates, and a rich color palette, among others.


Sometimes, the classic approach is the best one. This is the case with the HumanRights themes. They built a classy, modern, simple layout for a one-page scrolling website. The big greeting image space they provide can be of great impact on your new visitors. Their experience will be fulfilled by the informative content boxes below, which you can link to internal and external links as well.

We can’t talk about a lot of advanced features of this law WordPress theme. Yet, we can praise its adaptability and friendly interface. You won’t have problems with the responsiveness of your website or browser compatibility. The theme also supports the WPML translations plugin. All these ensure you will get to as many prospective clients as possible.


Built especially for law businesses’ and lawyers’ needs, this theme keeps a minimalistic touch on all the details of the website. This improves the general professional and aesthetic look of the page. Suitable and subtle photos would make a significant difference for your website.

The basic subscription for this theme would include all the features you need to fully set up your website and greet your clients. No matter the device they use, the site will be easy to surf and read. If you like this law office website design you can upgrade it using the premium Visual Composer plugin at no cost. The drag-and-drop interface will ease your workload when building the website.


This vertical, one-page website has a simple and pleasing aspect that law firms or lawyers want for their websites. The sections are clearly defined. Moreover, the design guides the visitor down the website, making it an utterly useful and attractive experience. You get to choose from the wide variety of sections, widgets, colors, writing fonts, or graphic icons. Whenever a pre-build feature doesn’t fit your needs, you can customize it the way you like.

No matter whether you make some inspired changes or not, the theme will successfully attract people. This is due to the elegant typography, the smooth scrolling, and the neat look.


This Fexa law firm WordPress theme is perfect for big lawyers’ teams with a lot of experience and case studies to showcase. Special sections for portfolio, testimonials, and team members are set by default. All you have to do is upload your content and data.

For a better experience, try using the premium plugins this theme has – Visual Composer and Elementor Page Builder. Additionally to the professional aspect, this theme ensures good functionality on many devices. It’s compatible with a lot of other plugins, including WPML Translations and Slider Revolution.


The Gem meets the expectancies of a lot of clients due to its diverse themes on offer. At least one of its pre-built websites will reflect the professionalism and responsibility you, as a lawyer, are looking for.

You won’t even remember that you started from a pre-built website because the editing options are so varied. You can entirely customize the design and functions of your websites according to your tastes. Make it suitable for your big portfolio, ample testimonials, and catchy offers for prospective clients.

You can always try the demo version from their website for a first impression.

The Law

This theme looks so stunning that you will definitely get lost looking through the options they offer you. What first strikes you is the tasteful combination of royal colors – black, grey, dark gold, and white. The neat and elegant design proves professionalism and consideration for clients.

As far as the technical features of the theme are concerned, you shouldn’t be worried. A lot of widgets, compatible plugins, and modern page builders will assure full functionality for your website.


Building a special, yet efficient website is a challenge. But, as long as you stick to the basic design directions Divi proposes for their themes, you can’t go wrong. This theme is sophisticated enough to meet a lawyer’s expectations and simple enough to keep the viewer’s attention.

Smoothly scrolling through interesting sections, text boxes, and images give visitors a great experience. Thanks to your good taste for color combination, graphics, and visuals, they will surely remember your name.

These design aspects add to the attractive technical pack Divi provides. Among others, it includes an extensive header, drag-and-drop page builder, widgets, navigation tools, and stylish icons.


Wanting to win attorneys, advocates, and advisers of all kinds with this theme, its developers improved its design. They propose three different designs to choose from. They apply to the homepage and its elements – headers, subsections, and text boxes. You are free to mix the options until you get to that unique, authentic look that you want for your website.

This lawyer WordPress theme is set to respond to different types of devices and browsers. It’s compatible with plugins and ensures a high loading speed for your website.


Combining the classical symbols of justice with some fancy-looking colors will never be outdated. This elegant theme style can captivate even the most sceptical viewer. It’s mainly built to reflect the trust, compassion, and professionalism of businesses in the legal industry. Choose one of the nine possible home pages which best fits your tastes.

Introducing your team members, some testimonials, or new blog posts to your clients will be a piece of cake even for a beginner.


This theme is among the top-selling themes on WordPress for a reason – it’s highly customizable and easy to work with. With a little bit of creativity and skill, you can build whatever type of website you want using the features of this theme.

It’s particularly suitable for lawyers, due to the dynamic elements, the smooth scrolling, and the color palette. You need to strike the balance between informative content and design elements so that your page won’t look too loaded. Thanks to the pre-set sections of this theme, this task has become much easier.


We finish our list of lawyer WordPress themes with another classy and elegant one. With LEX, the colours won’t blind you and the background is subtle. This way, the clients will pay attention to the information you put at their disposal.

The theme has all modern essential features for good functionality of the website: SEO optimization, responsiveness, retina-friendly measurements, fast loading speed.

Ending Thoughts on Lawyer WordPress Themes

We recommend using WordPress for your website in the legal industry. We assume you are very busy studying new cases and getting ready for your existing clients. That’s why WordPress and its professional themes won’t take up more of your already sparse free time. It’s quite intuitive to set up the website and maintain it.

WordPress also allows you to add a lot of advanced features to your website. We have another recommendation here, too. The Amelia plugin can make wonders with your bookings and appointment schedules. Install it on your website and the whole process will be automated. While Amelia will take care of your new clients, you will have time to dedicate to your old ones. For better organization, the plugin syncs with your Google Calendar, too.

During its nonstop shift, the plugin will also help clients manage their payments on your website, as well as send kind reminders of their appointments and make sure that they show up on time to their meetings. Amelia works around the clock to help clients choose the perfect service and manage their payments.

This automated system will spare a lot of your time. It will also improve your efficiency rate and your clients’ experiences.

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