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Acuity Scheduling is an online appointment scheduling software that helps you manage your schedule. Users with paid accounts have the ability to embed the schedules right into their site. These users also have the ability to use the short tag on any documentation on their site.

Sure, it’s a great scheduling software, but it still has somewhat limited options for WordPress.

In respect to the newer scheduling programs, Acuity Scheduling is quite outdated, especially in its design and its capabilities. It was launched all the way back in 2006 and doesn’t quite compare to some of the newer programs that were launched 10 years later, such as Amelia.

The biggest disadvantage of Acuity Scheduling is that after a meeting is confirmed and arranged, the users don’t get the new meeting added straight to their schedules. They do get the confirmation email, but they don’t get an automatically updated schedule.

That’s why you should look for alternatives. The Acuity Scheduling WordPress integration is not the best, but what are some of the alternatives?

Acuity Scheduling WordPress plugin alternatives


We’d be mad not to include Amelia here. We know we might be somewhat biased here, but we’re not saying this lightly: Amelia has the richest features and the best user interface out of all the software options out there.

Unlike with Acuity Scheduling WordPress integration problems, Amelia is tailored exactly for that experience, and it delivers in the best possible way. Appointments have never been easier to make, as you can allow your users to check-in and use multiple locations that you might have. Plus, the plugin enables you to create a visually-appealing schedule for your visitors.

There’s also group scheduling with Amelia, as well as the ability for your users to choose from multiple services and make different bookings. To ensure that the users don’t forget about the booking, they’ll receive SMS notifications and email notifications.

If you manage a company, Amelia is certainly the way to go. You can manage employees and their schedules, and they can also do that on their own, of course.

SuperSaas – Online Appointment Scheduling

SuperSaas looks deceptively simple, as it offers one of the most complete experiences out there. It can handle more than 1500 simultaneous appointments, making it a great option for businesses of all sizes.

More importantly, you can select to use the free tier, or you can opt for one of the five paid tiers that come with more features. The paid tiers primarily differ from one another in the number of appointments they offer.

This software allows you to keep track of previous reservations, making it easy to manage recurring clients. Also, you have the option to see if this software provider is for you with the free demo before you choose it.


Booknetic is a relatively new and fresh appointment booking plugin offering very useful and well-rounded features. Most importantly, you can choose from multiple locations and multi-level service categories. Again, it’s a great choice for businesses of all sizes.

Adding new members and employees is easy, and you can create a portfolio for them and add the different roles to manage the bookings easier. Plus, the plugin allows a 2-way sync with Google Calendar, which is fantastic for keeping on top of your schedule, both personal and business. Also, one of the pros of this plugin is the usage of recurring bookings — it’s one of the first plugins to offer this.

Collecting payments is also enabled, with reputable platforms such as PayPal and Stripe. Furthermore, you can send notifications to your customers, both through email and SMS notifications, about their bookings.

Advanced Booking Calendar

In the wake of Acuity Scheduling WordPress struggles, you are most likely seeking a new plugin to manage your bookings on your WordPress sites. One of the best-reviewed options that comes up is the Advanced Booking Calendar. It’s got good reviews for good reasons: it offers a user-friendly interface and it’s easy to use, and you can increase the occupancy rate.

The importance of mobile platforms is ever-growing, and this plugin certainly agrees with that; it offers near-perfect mobile integration as well as, of course, a desktop platform to manage your bookings. You’ll be able to send clients confirmation emails to accept or reject bookings, too.

Lastly, you’ll get a search function that will allow you to manage prices, room types, view calendars, and take advantage of the full array of functions it offers.


Booked is one of the best-selling WordPress booking plugins out there. It makes your appointments simple and streamlined, and it offers a user-friendly interface that doesn’t require too much previous experience with this type of software. So we can say that it’s very beginner-friendly, which makes it one of the more popular plugins for WordPress.

You can create a calendar for every service you offer, plus you can sync it with all the major calendar providers, such as Google Calendar, iCal and Outlook. Bookings are also easily managed; the way it works is that clients create a booking request, and then you or your employees can either accept it or decline it.

Of course, there’s a lot to love about it in terms of customizability as well. From the get-go, you get control over custom fields, you can create multiple calendars, assign calendars to employees, and much more. There’s also the email notification function.


Timetable is a scheduling plugin for WordPress that lets you create a timetable view of your events, as the name of the plugin suggests. You can make your schedule much simpler and more easily accessible, and it’s also a great plugin for managing multiple types of bookings.

With the timetable view, you get many great capabilities. One of them is the ability to create PDFs from the timetables, and also the ability to add customized widgets to your website. It’s a very simple plugin, but very effective.


If your business goes through load of bookings, look no further than this plugin. It’s used by many businesses that require bookings, including gyms, consultancy businesses, medical centers, publishing companies, and just about every other business that requires or handles bookings.

In fact, it’s so effective that many larger businesses utilize it, for example, hotels and beauty salons to manage their bookings. It’s easy to manage and the design is pretty simple, and you don’t even have to purchase the pro version to handle an unlimited number of resources.


Whether you’re a big company or you’re just starting out, you’ll love this plugin. It’s a great appointment tool that you can manage your customers with, as well as the bookings they make. It helps you grow your business and manage it very easily.

The plugin offers direct integration with Google Calendar, a very important capability. Plus, you can manage bookings and view them on a daily, weekly, 3-weekly, or monthly basis. Bookings can be made very easily; the clients only need to select their preferred date and time to, make the booking. They can also cancel it at any time.

Ultimate Appointment Booking & Scheduling

One of the simplest alternatives to the Acuity Scheduling WordPress plugin is the Ultimate Appointment Booking & Scheduling plugin. It’s best suited for people and businesses looking for a very simple-to-use integration to their website, with various decent capabilities. These include PayPal integration, dynamically-updated booking calendar, many styling options, and individual configuration of bookings.

Booking Calendar Contact Form

This is one of the better booking calendar plugins for hotels and hostels. Why? Because they can offer their potential customers a contact form for check-ins and check-outs with an integrated calendar. Plus, there’s a PayPal payment button integrated for easy payments.

There’s plenty of other great features to like about it as well, such as anti-spam protection, a contact form, validation messages that are customizable, and much more.

Calendarize It!

The great thing about this plugin is not just its interesting name, but its capabilities of managing a schedule. This is perhaps one of the best alternatives to the Acuity Scheduling WordPress plugin for creating custom calendars. With it, you can easily customize and create visually-stunning calendars, and the choice of customization is all yours.

There’s also the premium option that allows you to create an online appointment booking form. Of course, you might have to spend some extra money, but in our opinion, it’s worth it.

Gravity Forms

Gravity forms is an established name in the industry; it lets you create fully-customizable booking forms with a simple but advanced drag-and-drop platform. You can also send confirmations to your customers and integrate it with various payment options.


Last but not least, we recommend you take a look at Sagenda. It’s a highly functional plugin with great options to create an unlimited amount of bookings. You can offer easy payment options and manage all of your bookings online with it. And did we mention that it’s free?

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