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One feature that many businesses seek to add to their website is the ability to schedule activities like consultations, meetings, webinars, and other events. Luckily, with WordPress, there is a wide range of WordPress schedule plugin options that can help you manage scheduled events with ease.

This article created by our team at Amelia will briefly explain how the various WordPress schedule plugins work and which ones are worth a try.

Read on to learn more.

Could WordPress Schedule Plugins Help You?

If you often find yourself desperately searching through your agenda for details on upcoming appointments or if your desktop is full of untitled Excel spreadsheets containing all sorts of contact information and dates to remember, you might be in need of a scheduling system.

Since you probably know how a booking calendar looks already and what makes it so useful, why not catch up with the 21st century and go digital? A WordPress booking plugin may well save the day!

With a scheduling plugin, you can now plan and manage events directly from the plugin’s interface, and you can also add the ability to let team members, clients, or visitors interact with your booking calendar for greater collaboration and easier appointment-setting.

Ready-made WordPress scheduler plugins are created to automate the booking process and help both the users of a website and its owner be more organized. The best WordPress booking calendars are highly customizable, and they include all the tools you would need to keep track of appointments and events.

Given that there are several great options available, some with big differences in features, you will have to find a scheduling plugin that suits your business type the best.

Below you will find a list to help you with this task.

WordPress Booking Plugin Examples That Will Convince You to Use One


Let’s start with Amelia since it’s the best WordPress schedule plugin out there. This appointment booking plugin is based on the newest technology on the market, and the team behind Amelia works tirelessly to keep this appointment scheduling plugin up to date.

Amelia works perfectly with all the latest WordPress themes out there. No matter how complex your demands are, you can easily customize and automate the booking process for your small, medium, or enterprise company, or even for your personal WordPress site.

The Amelia booking system has all the tools you would need for managing events and appointments. It won’t require much effort from you at all. Just set up the events and watch this WordPress reservation plugin do its magic. 

And on the user side, it’s even better. Its easy to use booking form makes it a breeze for users to book an appointment.

Here are some of this booking plugin’s features:

Among its latest features, we have the Events Calendar module.

This helps you automate your event bookings as well: you will be able to schedule a single day, a multi-day, and also recurring events with Amelia.

To test things for yourself, I’d suggest checking out the demos and see how things look on the front end as well as in the back-end.

If somehow Amelia wasn’t the thing you were looking for, you can check out these other booking plugins.


Timetable is another appointment booking plugin designed specifically for WordPress. It is fully automated, following the latest tech requirements and supporting all the necessary user demands for a complete and highly usable booking system.

The interesting part about Timetable is that it relies on scaled timetables. You can create three scales in the back-end live editor and personalize each event the way you want.

The events can either be separated per each timetable that you create or per column, which is easier to manage if you have a lot of events included on your site. You can also add custom links, descriptions, images, and other media files.

Another nice feature is that you can add search filters that visitors can use to find an event they are interested in easier.

EasyTimetable — Responsive Schedule Management System

A WordPress appointment booking plugin like EasyTimetable has the great advantage of being easy to use, as the name suggests. Because you can make all required changes from the same spot, you will save loads of time when configuring your calendar events.

The interface of this plugin allows you to create new events, manage existing ones, and personalize them, all in the same place. This plugin is perfect for those who’ve never used a WordPress booking calendar before and would like to give the experience a try.

It comes in a free and a premium version so that you can decide to expand its functionalities if you ever outgrow the basic free edition.

Timetable Responsive Schedule For WordPress

You can’t compare this simple WordPress schedule plugin with Calendarize It or EventOn, but it’s definitely not far behind.

Timetable Responsive Schedule for WordPress does exactly what its name says – it is a powerful timetable creator that is perfect for those who want to organize numerous events and give visitors the chance to book appointments easily.

This WordPress plugin mostly targets freelancers, solopreneurs, coaches, teachers, and tutors. For instance, a teacher that wants to host a seminar can add this plugin to their site and let students enroll based on how many free slots are left. It is customizable and suitable for most industries.

WP Simple Booking Calendar

WP Simple Booking Calendar is a basic WordPress schedule plugin that contains all the functionalities you would need to keep your appointment system organized. For those who are not very tech-savvy and would like to test the waters first, this WordPress plugin might be the best shot you’ve got at a booking system.

This plugin helps you add an availability calendar to your site – no more, no less. The calendar will display the dates when you are available for services or when an event takes place. It doesn’t give visitors the opportunity to schedule appointments, but it’s enough to keep users informed about future events/availability.

Google Calendar Weekly Timetable

If you want to use a WordPress schedule plugin that integrates with Google Calendar, this option might be the best. It offers the needed degree of customization that is required to make a booking calendar fit the rest of your site’s design and it is very responsive at the same time.

A nice touch is that you don’t have to create timetables from scratch each time when your events change dates or suffer modifications.

Google Calendar Weekly Timetable has preset templates that you can customize based on your own needs and preferences. It is a time saver for those who need to include weekly timetables on their website instead of fixed calendars.

If you already have your timetables created in Google Calendar, it’s just a matter of minutes to upload your feeds to the plugin and have them synchronized.

Timetable Responsive Schedule

This WordPress schedule plugin is powerful, yet very intuitive to use. It has enough tools to create and manage events professionally. The plugin is especially dedicated to industries such as sports, education, restaurants, or medical departments because it is timetable-based.

The tools you will get if you opt for this plugin include an event manager, shortcodes to have everything customized after your own liking, widgets, and more. You can also use your own CSS if you want to personalize the looks of the calendar further.

BirchPress Scheduler

The BirchPress scheduler is another WordPress booking system currently on offer. It’s easy to create time slots on a page for the users to schedule appointments and make payments via PayPal.

You get an inbuilt editor for creating a custom booking form and an intuitive interface that lets you control everything. You can customize email notifications, and also set up a reminder system for yourself. This plugin for WordPress can also be synced with other tools such as Google Calendar, iCal, Android, and plenty more.


This WordPress scheduler is dedicated to educational purposes. You can use this plugin to create and manage time slots. The templates are perfect for those who work in the education field. Teachers and students can create easy-to-read timetables based on classes, subjects, lectures, student groups, and so on.

Ending thoughts on these WordPress schedule plugin options

Depending on what your purpose is, a WordPress schedule plugin can help you with managing time better and more efficiently than you would with the classic pen and paper method. The purpose of moving your business to the online field is to make the most out of technology, so don’t be afraid to give these tools a try and ease your work.

The time you save can be directed towards something more productive. Just make sure that you choose the proper software product!

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