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For years, When2meet has been a go-to choice for countless individuals and organizations seeking a user-friendly platform to schedule events and gatherings. However, it’s essential to explore the evolving landscape of online scheduling tools and consider the When2meet alternatives that may offer new features, improved functionality, and enhanced user experiences.

As When2meet comes with its own set of limitations and downsides, it might fail to fulfill all the requirements of modern appointment-based businesses looking for a more comprehensive solution.

In this article, we will delve into the realm of scheduling solutions and introduce you to the 16 best When2Meet alternative solutions in 2023, helping you discover the most suitable option for your scheduling needs.

What Is When2meet?

when2meet website screenshot

When2Meet is an intuitive and user-friendly meeting scheduling app launched in the early 2000s that has gained widespread popularity for simplifying the process of coordinating group meetings and events.

One of the primary features that sets When2Meet apart is its ability to create custom event scheduling grids. Users can define a range of dates and times and share these grids with participants, who can then indicate their availability by marking their preferences. The platform compiles this information into an easily digestible visual format, highlighting the time slots when most participants are available.

Furthermore, When2Meet boasts a clean and straightforward interface that requires minimal effort to navigate. Also, the platform does not necessitate any downloads or installations, ensuring a hassle-free way to manage appointment scheduling and day-to-day meetings.

When2meet limitations

Although When2meet offers many advantages for scheduling meetings and events, it may not be the ideal solution for all businesses, particularly those with specific requirements or a need for advanced features.

One limitation of When2Meet is its simplicity; it focuses on basic scheduling functions and lacks more advanced features required by many businesses. For instance, businesses in the service industry, with complex scheduling needs, such as integrated calendar systems, resource allocation, or the need for secure and private scheduling solutions, may find When2meet’s feature set lacking.

Additionally, When2Meet primarily serves as a one-time scheduling tool rather than an ongoing project management platform. It doesn’t provide advanced project planning or task management features, which could be essential for businesses that require comprehensive project coordination and monitoring. Furthermore, while When2Meet’s basic interface is accessible, it doesn’t offer the level of customization or branding that some businesses require to maintain a professional and consistent image.

While When2meet excels in simplifying scheduling for many users, it may not meet the diverse needs of businesses with complex scheduling requirements, intricate project management demands, or the need for heightened security and customization. In such cases, exploring alternatives to When2meet that have more robust feature sets might be necessary to meet the unique scheduling challenges faced by these businesses.

So, if you are interested in the When2Meet alternatives, keep reading for a list of the 16 best apps out there.

Pick up the Best When2meet Alternative From This List

  1. Amelia: The Best When2meet Alternative for WordPress-Powered Websites
  2. Trafft
  3. Boomerang Calendar
  4. OnceHub
  5. Pick A Meeting
  6. Appointlet
  7. Calendly
  8. Assistant.to
  9. X.ai
  10. HubSpot Meetings
  11. Calendar
  12. Bookafy
  13. Doodle
  14. Setster
  15. Presdo
  16. WhenAvailable


amelia homepage screenshot

The first on our list of the top When2meet alternative solutions is Amelia. Amelia is a WordPress booking plugin designed not only to meet but exceed your expectations. This feature-packed plugin works seamlessly with WordPress and has many satisfied users to attest to this.

The advantages of using this WordPress plugin to handle your appointment scheduling needs are many. By using Amelia, you can perform all sorts of appointment-related tasks, customize the booking process with ease, automate customer communication, manage staff schedules, increase scheduling efficiency, and even manage appointments for different business locations.

Amelia also has an Events Calendar module integrated into its features. This means that you can automate your event bookings as well. To be more precise, it means that you will be able to schedule a single day, a multi-day, and also recurring events with Amelia.

amelia booking form overview

For those who own business chains, Amelia is the perfect match because it is able to centralize all the data in one place. Amelia is one of the best scheduling apps you can use, regardless of your business’ size, and it is exceptionally user-friendly with a clean, modern interface.

And all those under only one license, no add-ons needed, unlike some other similar plugins on our list.

To test things for yourself and see both the front end and back end, check out the demos and take Amelia for a test ride!

Pricing: Amelia’s pricing plans start from $72 annually and $198 for lifetime access.


  • 4.9/5 on Capterra
  • 4.6/5 on WordPress
  • 4.9/5 on GetApp
  • Excellent on Trustpilot


Trafft is another great When2meet alternative to use because it’s not just a scheduling tool. It’s a professional service business management software, a professional tool, and a digital business partner that covers different aspects of running a business.

It’s the kind of app that small and medium business owners, administrators, managers, and key staff in the service industry are using to take their processes and businesses to the next level.

How does it do that? Well, Trafft is a combination of an online no-code platform and human service from a team of service business automation experts. While that’s a mouthful, we can make it simple by saying that it provides all the necessary tools to organize schedules, accept bookings and payments, send reminders, and integrate with other tools.

Trafft differentiates from typical apps and tools that automate smaller tasks like online bookings or personal schedules, and are usually hard to configure and maintain, and support is hard to get.

The Trafft app and its team do that by providing support for the complete workflow cycle of a service business and has an extremely intuitive interface and UX.

What does that mean practically for you? You would not need to waste time on repetitive tasks like calling clients and confirming or rescheduling, and you won’t even need to hire additional people to do that.

trafft dasboard overview

Key features

It also comes with all the features that you need to get started, such as:

  • Automatic online payment processing through multiple providers
  • Two-way synchronization using external calendars (such as Google Calendar and Outlook)
  • The ability for clients to reschedule
  • The ability to create a call-to-action (CTA) booking page
  • In-depth overviews of your business performance using key performance indicators
  • Client management using email and SMS notifications and reminders
  • Discount/loyalty coupons when managing appointments
  • Ability to manage bookings, employees, locations, services, schedules, and more

Boomerang Calendar

boomerang calendar overview

Boomerang Calendar is another great When2Meet alternative. It’s a browser extension for Firefox and Chrome. It syncs with Google Calendar and Gmail, making it easy to keep on top of your schedule at all times. This makes it simple to arrange meeting times with your colleagues and clients.

When you’re arranging a time to meet, you can pull up this calendar to take a look at what times you are free for appointments. Then you can send this calendar to your workmates to show them when you have free time.


oncehub calendar overview

OnceHub is a comprehensive option for your appointment scheduling requirements. It is focused on the financial services industry. If you work in this industry, you’ll find it useful to have this software as it’s tailored to the specific requirements of your job.

OnceHub features widgets that you can embed on your website for ease of use. Users find this system very intuitive and easy to figure out. It supports different time zones, including changes for daylight savings.

Pick A Meeting

pick a meeting

If you just want a simple software that will help you schedule meetings and that’s it – Pick A Meeting is for you.

Rather than going back and forth time and time again over email trying to arrange a meeting time, you can use Pick A Meeting. It analyzes your calendars to find the time that everyone is free. This takes all the admin work off your shoulders, saving you a lot of time.

This is a convenient software to choose as an alternative to When2meet because it doesn’t matter if you and the others you’re meeting with have different email domains. It can still get your calendar information to determine a common availability. You can even use this one on your mobile device.


appointlet calendar

Sales teams love using Appointlet because it has CRM features. This helps you keep track of client information and interactions to provide a seamless customer service experience. It has web conference integrations to make it easy to contact clients no matter where they live. Every single step of the booking process is made easy with Appointlet. You can create a custom URL to send to people from your account. Then they can click the unique link to get online and see your availability.

One of the best things about Appointlet is that it has a great customer support team. There is also a great deal of information online, including videos and blogs. These can help you maximize your use of all this product’s features.


calendly calendar overview

With Calendly you can show clients and colleagues alike your availability. Then they can book a meeting with you at the time that suits them the best. If you get many meeting requests as part of your job, this software could save you a ton of time. That’s what makes this scheduling tool a great When2Meet alternative.

Another advantage is that Calendly has an easy-to-use interface. You can set up your time preferences and create a customized URL to share with others.

Connect Calendly to your calendar to experience its full functionality. It syncs with iCal, Outlook, Google Calendar, and Microsoft Office 365.

Find out more about Calendly in our in-depth comparison articles: Calendly vs. Doodle, Calendly vs. Acuity, Calendly vs YouCanBook.me, Calendly vs. OnceHub, or discover some other Calendly alternatives.


assistant.to calendar

If you’ve always dreamed of having an assistant, Assistant.to is here to be your perfect virtual assistant. Go straight from Google Calendar to choose your available time slots and use Assistant.to to share those slots with others.

When you’re composing an email in Gmail, you’ll be able to choose a meeting length and place to meet. This will be within the email itself and the reader can click on the time that they want to meet. Once everything is agreed upon, the meeting will be added to your calendar. This includes all the details, including length and location.

Currently, Assistant.to does not have the capacity to handle group scheduling.


x.ai scheduler

If you enjoy using AI such as Siri or Alexa, you will likely enjoy using X.ai as your virtual assistant. It features two AI characters called Andrew and Amy Ingram. Once you have set up your X.ai account, these assistants will help you with your emails related to scheduling. Then they will email your clients until an appointment is agreed upon.

The dialogue does remain very personal although it is AI. Visit the X.ai site to see the stories of users who thought that Andrew and Amy were real people. This When2meet alternative syncs with Outlook, Google, and Office 365.

HubSpot Meetings

HubSpot meetings calendar

If you have a lot of meetings per week, using HubSpot Meetings will save you time spent on meeting scheduling. Let it handle all the administrative tasks for you and avoid the endless rounds of phone tag. Common users are those in business, sales, customer relations, and business owners.

HubSpot will sync with the HubSpot CRM, Google Calendar, and Office 365. This means that people can see your current availability.

It can even organize group meetings so you can book time with multiple people at once. Potential clients can even book meetings with whichever sales rep is free at the right time for them. This can really add a personal touch to your business.


calendar overview

Calendar is a free software that integrates Apple and Google Calendars. It is a successful company that recently took over Timebridge.

With Calendar, you can choose between two options for scheduling meetings. Outbound lets you select your availability, add attendees, and email everyone for times that suit them. The app will then select the best time for everyone and set up the meeting.

This is a solid When2Meet alternative for those looking for a simple solution that functions well with Outlook, Google Calendar, and Apple Calendar as well as other software.



Appointment bookings are made easy with Bookafy. It will automatically send reminders and confirmations by text on your behalf. Bookafy can create and add Skype, Zoom, 24 Sessions, or GoToMeeting links for web conferences. Also, this tool can sync client information to your CRM and your own personal calendar as well.

Bookafy offers a branded booking page for each one of your sales reps. They can add a profile picture to this to individualize it.

While Bookafy offers many advanced features, it remains simple to use and manage. It’s very flexible and customers and business people alike love using it.


doodle calendar overview

Doodle is one of the most basic schedulers there are. This makes it incredibly effortless to use. Instead of doing a When2Meet poll, you could try Doodle. Whether you’re looking to make time for a business or personal event, Doodle makes it easy. Book meetings, arrange dinners, or set up a client meeting. It’s a scheduling poll tool that shows the results in a visual calendar. You can clearly see who’s free and who’s not, with a tally of available people.

The person who sets up the event poll can then choose the time that is best for everyone and let them know when the event is going to be. It is a polling app designed just for scheduling meeting times.

The race between When2Meet and Doodle is too close to call. It’s up to you which you think is best for your needs.

If you want to find out more about Doodle, check out our Doodle vs. Google Calendar article.



Setster is a more advanced scheduler, which makes it a little tougher to navigate. It is fantastic for collaboration and is great for working with multiple employees. This calendar tool will support more than one person on one login and offers many options for its customers. There are multiple widget styles for you to choose between.

The focus of Setster is on customizations. It gives a way of remotely managing data and you get to experience a personalized customer booking method. You can also add your own branding, so customers see only your logo when they schedule appointments with you.



Presdo has a sleek design but many people find it harder to use than other software. The features it offers are in-depth and perhaps that explains the complexity of the software. If you want a When2meet alternative that looks fantastic, Presdo is there for you, but you may need to put in a bit more effort.



This free When2meet alternative is great because it works well for setting up meetings with groups. WhenAvailable functions really well. If you need to plan a team meeting, group dinner, or other group activity, WhenAvailable can help with the scheduling.

By using the free account, you can schedule events with up to 20 people. It even lets you schedule an unlimited number of events.

FAQs about When2Meet alternative

1. What are some alternatives to When2meet for scheduling events?

Although When2meet is a well-liked scheduling application, there are a number of other options as well, including Doodle, Calendly, TimeBridge, and NeedToMeet. Each of these tools has a unique collection of features and advantages that meet certain user requirements.

2. Can you suggest a When2meet alternative that has more features?

When2meet doesn’t have all the capabilities you’re looking for, so you might want to look into Acuity Scheduling, YouCanBook.me, and ScheduleOnce. These solutions include cutting-edge functions including payment integration, personalized branding, and the capacity to schedule numerous services concurrently.

3. Are there any free When2meet alternatives?

Yes, there are a number of cost-free When2meet substitutes, including Doodle, NeedToMeet, and Calendly. Although many programs have free plans, they could have restrictions on functionality or the number of users, so it’s crucial to pick one that suits your unique scheduling requirements.

4. What are the best When2meet alternatives for team scheduling?

ScheduleOnce, TimeBridge, and Acuity Scheduling are some of the top When2meet substitutes for team scheduling. These solutions are perfect for collaborative scheduling since they have features like team scheduling, multiple user accounts, and the capacity to share availability with a team.

5. Which When2meet alternative is easiest to use for non-technical users?

Calendly is an excellent choice if you’re searching for a scheduling application that non-technical individuals can use with ease. It is simple to build and manage schedules thanks to its user-friendly, straightforward layout and range of customization possibilities.

6. Can I integrate a When2meet alternative with my existing calendar?

Yes, a lot of When2meet substitutes provide calendar integration. For instance, ScheduleOnce interacts with Google Calendar, Office 365, and Exchange whereas Doodle integrates with Google Calendar, Outlook, and iCal.

7. What are some When2meet alternatives that offer automatic time zone conversion?

Regardless matter where people are located, NeedToMeet’s automatic time zone conversion ensures that everyone’s availability is appropriately reported. Time zone conversion functions are also available on Doodle and Calendly.

8. Are there any When2meet alternatives that allow for custom branding?

YouCanBook.me is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a When2meet substitute that enables bespoke branding. It is a fantastic option for corporations and organizations because it enables you to customize the look and feel of your scheduling pages with your own branding features.

9. Is there a When2meet alternative that offers real-time scheduling updates?

When2meet substitute ScheduleOnce provides real-time scheduling updates so users may view availability in real-time and make appointments right away. This is very useful when planning meetings or appointments that must be kept on time.

10. What are the most popular When2meet alternatives among event planners?

Event planners frequently use Doodle, Calendly, and Acuity Scheduling as When2meet substitutes. These solutions provide a variety of capabilities, such as group scheduling, calendar integration, and payment processing, that simplify event planning and management.

So, What’s the Best When2meet alternative out there?

In a world where our lives are increasingly intertwined with digital tools, the quest for the perfect scheduling solution is more critical than ever. As we’ve explored the landscape of online scheduling platforms in 2023, it’s clear that the best When2Meet alternatives offer a diverse range of features and capabilities, each tailored to meet the unique scheduling needs of individuals and organizations.

Amelia, a dynamic and feature-rich scheduling tool, emerges as one of the most promising alternatives in the lineup. Amelia’s intuitive interface and versatility make it a powerful option for those who require comprehensive scheduling and appointment management.

In conclusion, the best When2meet alternative for you in 2023 ultimately depends on your specific needs and preferences. The scheduling tools introduced in this article, with Amelia standing out as a prominent choice, serve as a starting point for your exploration.

Choose the solution that best aligns with your objectives and happy scheduling!

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