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Photography businesses need an efficient photography booking app to schedule their appointments.

This is critical regardless of their focus. Whether portrait photography, wedding photography, travel shoots, or a mixture of everything.

In business, relationships and connections are everything. An efficient appointment booking system positively impacts the company.

Checking email threads to confirm availability for clients is an inefficient booking system.

There is software available for photographers. Some of these automate and simplify the administrative side of the photography business.

This includes scheduling software, which gives users more time to focus on creativity.

This article examines 16 of the best Photography Booking Apps. Let’s check them out.

Appointment Scheduling Software For Photographers


Amelia is a WordPress booking plugin created by our team at TMS Outsource. It includes all of the features that we discussed above in a reliable format that is easy to use.

Amelia is an excellent option because it is easy to install and does not involve a steep learning curve. After installation, users enjoy free and complete booking functionality.

It can be fully integrated with WooCommerce so that you can accept payments via PayPal or Stripe. You also get calendar sync, whether you use Google Calendar or Outlook Calendar.

And since we’re talking about integration, we need to mention that it also has Zoom and Elementor integrations making it easy to customize Amelia for your business.

With Amelia, it’s easy for your clients to book appointments. It’s a perfect booking system and a simplified solution to online booking.

Plus, the settings can be highly customized to suit your needs. Not only the settings but you can also customize the booking page so that it fits your brand.

Making appointments and subsequently managing them is a breeze with the integrated capabilities.

It sends SMS reminders to both the client and the relevant employee. It also includes functions for canceling and rescheduling appointments.

You can do a test drive on the demos page where you can see how it looks both on the frontend where the booking page is and the backend where you have your dashboard.

In this way, you’ll have a good idea of how your booking website will look both on the front end and the backend.


Trafft is a booking software for scheduling sessions. Clients can make bookings via the booking page with a few clicks. 

Trafft integrates with the Zoom app and is useful for a variety of tasks, such as:

  • Controlling the daily schedules of employees, including their vacation days.
  • Updating the company’s website to reflect business hours, locations and services offered.
  • Keeping in touch with clients via Trafft’s automated SMS and email reminders.
  • Managing appointments and more.


Bookedin is for professional photographers looking to simplify the appointment booking process. This cloud-based app enables one to:

  • Schedule appointments
  • Change availability
  • Set prices for each package and event type
  • Collect payments (including deposits to confirm online bookings) and more.

Customers can also get a text message or email confirmation of their bookings.


Picktime is a free appointment booking system for photographers of all kinds. This scheduling software requires no programming, installation, or contracts.

Picktime makes managing bookings easy.

From the booking page, one can control staff schedules. Users can also decide which slots appear as busy or available to clients.

Keep track of appointments with the dashboard’s overview of the daily schedule.


According to the creators, this app offers the professional photographer “everything [they] need and nothing [they] don’t”.

Its features include:

  • Online booking
  • An invoice system that automatically sends payment requests (integrates with Paypal and Square)
  • A “scouting” feature that suggests new locations when out on shoots.
  • A lead generation element that pulls from your social media and email account contacts.

Book Like A Boss

This admin software allows users to access other apps. This includes Zoom, Zapier, Stripe, Square, and MailChimp.

Users can also access their existing calendars – all from one location.

The app lets photographers set up a booking page to receive and keep track of upcoming sessions. It also shows session availability in various time zones.

It creates intake forms while limiting the participant numbers as desired.


Bloom is about keeping it simple for the photographer and the customer. The photographer sends a link that enables the client to see available slots and book a session. 

This removes the need for follow-up calls or emails. With Bloom, customers can choose a package, a time/date, and sign the contract with a few clicks.

This scheduling feature can also be embedded in the sign-up form.

Acuity Scheduling

Acuity manages the calendar and makes it easier for customers to book the services. When clients make a booking online, they receive a customized confirmation with the logo attached.

It also processes payments, sends SMS reminders, and allows clients to reschedule. Acuity functions as the photo studio’s day-to-day admin assistant.


Designed for photographers by photographers. ShootQ’s slogan is “Shoot More, Work Less”.

This app handles the admin side of things. It enables the user to:

  • See clients’ booking histories.
  • View past and current correspondents.
  • See important dates and milestones.

It analyzes referrals, booking, and sales data, presenting them via graphs and statistics.

Sprout Studio

Sprout Studio was created by photographers using a combination of software programs. These include:

  • Photo studio management software
  • Online booking software
  • Online gallery software
  • Bookkeeping software and more

Sprout Studio lets the photographer send the client a customized booking proposal. The client then selects a package, signs the contract, and makes the needed deposit.

Finally, the client completes and submits a questionnaire.

Scheduling Software For Wedding Photographers


Looking for an efficient way to keep track of leads and clients, and avoid double-booking? Use Pixifi.

Tim Hussey created Pixifi for his wedding photography business with these needs in mind. Pixifi enables customers to:

  • Choose dates and times for appointments
  • See available and taken slots for events
  • Sign contracts
  • Place orders
  • Make payments

This is all done on the customer’s user interface without requiring work on the photographer’s side.

Pixifi integrates with Google Calendar. This enables users to mark slots as available or taken so that clients can see this on the customer page.


Setmore lets users create a booking webpage. From here, clients can choose available time slots.

Setmore has a Facebook and Instagram integration feature. This means customers can make bookings through your social media profiles.

Once a booking is complete the app sends users a real-time booking update on their mobile device. An automatic confirmation is also sent to the client.

The app further sends automatic reminders of upcoming appointments. This is a great way for busy professionals to keep abreast of their schedules.

Online Booking Apps For The Freelance Photographer


Studiocloud is a good option for solo photographers looking for free scheduling software. It’s free for single-user accounts and offers:

Studiocloud even has Quickbooks integration and has a bookkeeping financial reports feature.


Do you run a small photography business? Do you like to have everything organized?

Táve is an all-round CRM software for creative industries, inclusive of photo studios. Tave manages administrative tasks such as:

  • Automatically generating booking quotes for clients.
  • Tracking leads and following up with potential customers.
  • Giving status updates on all files on the dashboard.


This appointment scheduling software is suitable for freelancers and entrepreneurs. It helps to manage sessions and payments using one app. 

HoneyBook’s slogan is “Book Fast. Get Paid Faster.”

It manages the administrative work and keeps users aware of their schedules. This saves money and time and allows users to focus on growing their business.


Booksteam’s focus is on helping photographers to manage their schedules and bookings. For photographers that want a client management tool, this is the perfect app.

Its features include:

  • Payment collection via Paypal/ Stripe
  • Client invoice template generation
  • Financial report overviews

Booksteam lets clients book sessions and edit bookings via a custom booking page.

FAQs about photography booking apps

1. How do I sign up for a photography booking app?

You normally need to download the app from the App Store or Google Play, establish an account with your email address, and enter some basic personal information in order to sign up for a photographic booking app. After creating an account, you may begin looking for photographers in your neighborhood.

2. How can I find photographers in my area using the app?

Using a photographic booking tool to find local photographers is typically simple. The app will offer a list of photographers nearby after you enter your location. Additionally, you may restrict your search results based on factors like cost, accessibility, or photography style (such as portrait or wedding photography).

3. Can I browse a photographer’s portfolio and reviews before booking them?

Before making a booking, you may typically explore a photographer’s portfolio and reviews on booking apps for photographers. This gives you a better understanding of their approach, expertise, and experiences with previous clients. You can message the photographer if you have any queries or concerns.

4. How does the payment process work for bookings made through the app?

Apps for booking photos provide a variety of payment methods, but most demand money up front. The photographer will receive the remaining funds after the app deducts any commissions or percentages that may apply. Additionally, some apps provide financing alternatives or payment plans.

5. Can I cancel or reschedule a booking once it has been made?

The terms and conditions of the app and the photographer’s availability determine whether you can cancel or reschedule an appointment. Before making a reservation, review the app’s terms of service and the photographer’s cancellation policy. Refund or reschedule options could be available in some apps but not in others.

6. Is there a way to communicate with the photographer before the shoot to discuss details?

Typically, using the app’s chat feature, you may get in touch with the photographer before the shoot. You can go over specifics like the place, the time, and the kind of picture you want. Additionally, some photographers might provide phone or in-person consultations.

7. Does the app provide any kind of insurance or protection for my booking?

The majority of applications for booking photographs do not offer insurance or protection for reservations made through the app. In the event of any problems, certain apps may offer a satisfaction guarantee or a dispute resolution procedure.

8. Can I request specific editing styles or types of shots from the photographer?

Before the session, it is typically feasible to provide precise editing requests or shot types to the photographer. Through the chat feature of the app, communicate your choices with the photographer, who will try their best to comply.

9. How far in advance should I book a photographer through the app?

Booking a photographer through the app as early as feasible is recommended. It’s a good idea to make reservations many weeks or months in advance as popular photographers tend to fill up rapidly, especially during busy seasons.

10. Are there any additional fees or hidden costs associated with using the app?

Some picture booking applications could charge extra fees or have other unstated expenses that come with using them, like processing charges or taxes. To avoid any surprises, carefully review the terms of service and price guidelines of the app before making a reservation.

Ending thoughts on the best photography booking app to use (16 examples)

An efficient booking system is vital for wedding photo books, portrait, or freelance photographers. It eliminates the need to check through email threads to track upcoming shoots.

Choosing the right booking app will have a positive impact on your business. The Amelia WordPress plugin is ideal for seamless and efficient online booking.

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