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For any business, time is a valuable asset, and saving time is very important. By saving time a business can improve its labor capacity, productivity, and profit.

An appointment reminder app is a great aid for businesses in the service branch. It sends notifications to clients of their upcoming appointments.

Booking apps can make life a lot easier for the business and the client. So it is vital to select a scheduling solution that will meet expectations.

To assist with the selection process this article will compare several appointment reminder apps.

What is an Appointment Reminder App?

Many booking systems are all-in-one solutions and include an appointment reminder function. These connect directly to a calendar and send a customized email or text message to the client.

Reminding clients of their upcoming appointments reduces the number of no-shows significantly. This enables businesses to make the best use of their valuable time.

An appointment reminder app is beneficial for businesses across many different fields. These include car repairs, clinics, consultancies, salons, and law firms.

The most used reminder apps carry some basic features, such as:

  • Brand customization
  • Client information forms
  • Data reporting/tracking
  • Online payment
  • Online scheduling
  • Real-time calendar display
  • Satisfaction surveys
  • SMS/email updates
  • Time zone adjustment

There are many choices available, so this article highlights the top-rated text reminder apps.

The Top Appointment Reminder Apps For WordPress Websites


Amelia is an online scheduler that will definitely exceed your expectations. It is a feature-packed plugin that works well with WordPress and has many happy customers to attest to this.

By using Amelia, you can perform all sorts of appointment-related tasks, easily customize the booking process, and even manage appointments for different business locations.

And all those under only one license, no add-ons needed, unlike other similar plugins you’d find in this list.

For those who own business chains, Amelia is the perfect match because it is able to centralize all the data in one place. Amelia is one of the best scheduling apps you can use, regardless of your business’ size, and it is exceptionally user-friendly with a clean, modern interface.

Amelia also has an Events Calendar module integrated within its features.

This means that you can automate your Event bookings as well. To be more precise, it means that you will be able to schedule a single day, a multi-day, and also recurring events with Amelia.

To test things for yourself, I’d suggest checking out the demos and see how things look on the front end as well as in the back-end.

For Any Website


Now, Trafft is something else. It’s the premium scheduling software that you can get at an affordable price. You can schedule on-site or virtual appointments, meetings & events, manage staff and services, accept payments, send reminders – all in one tool.

Trafft streamlines the booking process for your potential customers by making it easy and fast to book and pay for your services, improving the interaction rate, and boosting conversions by up to 30%.

What’s really neat about it for some business owners is that they don’t need to have a website to use it. Trafft will generate an SEO-optimised booking page that you can integrate with Google or Instagram. Or you can embed the booking form on your existing website if you already have one.

If you want to spend 2 hours less daily on admin tasks, you should get Trafft.

Appointment Reminder

Appointment Reminder is an automated appointment reminder. It offers custom reminder templates for the creation of text or email reminders.

The reminder can include an option for customers to confirm their appointment. Or it may even include a customer survey.

Appointment Reminder offers custom templates and more at a competitive price.

Text reminders can help customers not to forget their appointments. However, email reminders offer extra advantages.

For instance, an email can contain parking information and the cancellation policy. With Appointment Reminder, the user has full control over the message content and its delivery time.

10to8 Appointment Scheduling Software

10to8 Appointment Scheduling Software provides appointment reminder functionality as well as customer management. It integrates with most of the popular calendar apps.

The 10to8 interface contains an appointment booking feature. It sends out text reminders and allows customers to cancel or reschedule appointments.

An outstanding feature of 10to8 is the two-way chat feature. The text message function reminds clients of their appointment but it does not allow them to respond.

In the chat function, users can see if the client has read their message. This allows them to contact the client by other means when necessary.

Users can also respond to questions and special requests through the chat function.

Acuity Scheduling

Acuity is an appointment reminder app that helps to reduce no-shows.

It sends branded and customized appointment confirmations and reminders. The automated follow-up tool helps to encourage customers to return.

Acuity comes with an online scheduling option. With this app, customers can easily schedule their own appointments online.

This allows businesses to expand their client base beyond a single location.  Via the site, clients can fill in customized forms and pay for their service with a credit card.


AppointmentPlus is cloud-based. It is an optimal scheduling tool for a business of any size and type.

AppointmentPlus enjoys HIPAA compliance and is suitable for healthcare applications. The appointment setting tools are configurable and allow for calendar management.

When a customer schedules an appointment, both the customer and the business owner receive a notification. This notification specifies the appointment time and date and further details.

The user also receives a notification when a client modifies an appointment, makes a purchase, or adds themself to a waiting list.

Some of AppointmentPlus’ features are:

  • Automated text and email reminders
  • Fast implementation
  • Live support through an online knowledge base
  • Monthly and annual billing options


Setmore is a complete appointment reminder app. It allows users to set up and send appointment reminders to their clients.

Setmore sends alerts to clients via SMS or email, thus avoiding no-shows. The tool offers real-time group scheduling, recurring appointments, and much more.

Clients can schedule appointments online and pay for their bookings. Using the online tool, they can also leave comments and reviews.

Small and medium-sized service enterprises will particularly enjoy what Setmore offers.

Setmore is accessible across various devices. It is compatible with desktop computers running on Windows or Mac.

It also functions on Android and iOS devices. It syncs with Google Calendar and Office 365, as well as Square and Stripe for accepting payments.


Apptoto is an automated reminder app and offers messaging services. It can extract contact information from any source, including calendars, Salesforce, and Clio.

Users can send reminders by voice call, email, or text message. A two-way messaging feature allows the user to answer specific questions from clients.

Apptoto offers an online booking page and an advanced reporting feature. These help to increase revenue without extra manual work.

Figures show that Apptoto reduces no-shows by more than 90%.

That is mainly thanks to the automated reminders. But it also sends follow-up messages and helps businesses to stay in touch with clients.


ReminderCall.com works together with other scheduling and spreadsheet software. It sends reminders in the form of phone calls, with texts and emails optional.

For those that prefer to remind their clients via phone, this is a unique option.

Key features of ReminderCall.com include:

  • Appointment scheduling
  • Calendar management
  • Reminders
  • IVR/voice recognition
  • Customizable brand voice and/system voice

Square Appointment

Square principally offers a point-of-sale (POS) system. Integrated into the POS system is an appointment reminder functionality.

Users can choose to send reminders by email or SMS. It collects all customer data into a directory via its calendar and scheduling tool.

This option is highly recommended because it is free for single users. It also provides seamless integration into the Square POS.

Square is very easy to use for both customers and users. It will automatically send reminders to clients.

Through Square, customers can book, confirm, and reschedule their appointments.


Text-Em-All has been a leading provider of mass messaging for 15 years. They provide their services to businesses and other organizations, like churches.

The service is instantaneous and will deliver to any number of phone numbers. The user can access the interface online.

Additional features include scheduling, personalization, templates, surveys, and reporting.

With this option, messages and phone broadcasts are easy to send from a computer or phone. It shows users who received the message and who unsubscribed.

This ensures that communication is as efficient as possible. Within the interface, a user can create groups to contact the right people at the right time.

Drafts and templates can be saved for scheduled broadcast and future use.


SimplyBook.me updates its calendar in real-time, so clients always have up-to-date information. They can make bookings and cancellations at any time and from any place.

Clients can pay in advance using different payment options. SimplyBooking.me will also remind them of an upcoming appointment.

This tool offers various custom features. It is a good option for businesses with busy schedules, like public and educational organizations.

SimplyBooking.me provides users with a robust API for integration into websites.

Optionally, both the client and staff can receive notification of any schedule changes.


Many businesses lose money due to no-shows. Or they lose valuable time calling every client to remind them of their appointment.

GoReminders is a simple and practical reminder app that saves money and time. It schedules appointments and automatically sends a text or email to remind the customer.

With GoReminders booking becomes much easier and follow-up helps to retain customers.


This cloud-based scheduling solution caters to the needs of small to medium businesses. Clients include consulting, counseling, and financial businesses, along with health care providers.

Besides sending appointment reminders, TimeTap manages customer information and booking behavior.

TimeTap allows users to book recurring appointments for their clients. They can also generate summaries of appointment dates and share them via email.

Customers have the option of subscribing to a waiting list when there are no time slots available. This has advantages for both parties.

The client will get an appointment as soon as possible. The business owner has a choice of eager clients in case of a cancellation.

In this way, businesses can avoid losing time and money.


Bookeo contains many of the basic booking and scheduling features. It also provides an automatic appointment reminder functionality.

Clients can receive their reminders by email or text message. Bookeo allows users to book recurring appointments and manage booking requests.

Additional features include:

  • Adjustable appointment lengths
  • Custom staff schedules
  • Automatic waiting lists
  • Staff assignments
  • Appointment tracking
  • Pictures and videos
  • Custom booking rules
  • Flexible availability
  • Real-time price updates
  • Support in more than 30 languages

Bookeo targets small to medium-sized businesses in the service industry. According to their website, Bookeo is “perfect for therapists, photographers, kids’ parties, car washes, and more.”


SuperSaaS stands out because of its customizability. This text reminder application is web-based.

There is a learning curve involved, but the customization options are worth the effort. SuperSaas will grow together with the size of a company.

With SuperSaas, users can quickly create an online booking tool and embed it on a website or social media. The calendar is customizable to a company’s image.

SuperSaas does not offer a downloadable app, but this is an advantage. The app is accessible through their website and functions across devices and platforms.

The email and SMS notifications feature ensures that clients do not forget appointments. These notification messages are adaptable to the preferences of the client.

To stay in touch with a client, SuperSaas facilitates follow-up emails.


Appointy is an online booking tool that features automated email and SMS reminders. It is integrable with social media and Google Calendar.

It allows clients to prepay for services online. It also has the ability to create gift cards and special deals, and much more.

With Appointy, the user determines the booking rules and manages the number of clients. The client can accept group bookings and recurring appointments.

Appointy can also help businesses to manage their resources. Individuals and small to medium-sized businesses will find Appointy an attractive option.


Demandforce is a comprehensive solution for front office streamlining. It helps an organization to keep track of communication with clients.

It contains features such as automated appointment reminders and client management. Demandforce offers companies what they need to grow.

To help clients keep their appointments, Demandforce sends out reminders using email, SMS, or voice calls. To facilitate communication, it also offers a two-way messaging feature.

Using this feature, clients can confirm their appointments. They can also notify the business owner if they are running late or need to reschedule.

The goal of Demandforce is to save time and improve communication with clients.


The MINDBODY app focuses on health and wellness companies such as spas and salons. It boasts more than 35 million users worldwide.

These customers trust MINDBODY for booking, tracking appointments, and managing their customer base. This management software package includes an automated appointment reminder.

There is a fully functional paid version, as well as a basic plan. The basic plan includes appointment confirmations and reminders.

MINDBODY features a list of companies that use the same app. In addition to being an appointment reminder solution, it offers a point of sale solution as well.

Shedul Software

Shedul is a cloud-based appointment scheduling software with business management features. Users can take bookings, manage their calendar and products, and perform various point of sale functions.

Shedul is suitable for salons, parlors, gyms, clinics, personal trainers, saunas, and spas.

Via the browser or mobile app, users can book appointments online. They can send customized messages to their clients, like reminders, offers, and upcoming events.

An activity dashboard shows the users’ daily activities, as well as notifications and actions.

Ending thoughts on appointment reminder apps

For a business in the service industry, improving a client’s experience is most important. An appointment reminder app is a step in the right direction to achieve this.

However, improving the appointment experience goes beyond that. A client needs to feel happy and safe in the treatment environment.

Each of the apps discussed above has its own characteristics and price range. It is important for businesses to take time to review each of these.

As a result, businesses can select an appointment reminder app that best fits their needs.

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