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Instagram started as a photo-sharing app. Over the last ten years, it has turned into a hub of business activity. Each year new features are added that help businesses boost their sales and followings.

Brands can now run fundraisers, showcase products, open shops in profiles, and allow users to book reservations.

These features and more make Instagram an excellent marketing tool. However, it can also be a massive waste of time, producing few results if not used correctly.

How do you get clients on Instagram? There are two fundamental answers. They are to:

  1. Optimize posts & know the best time to post on Instagram to generate more interest.
  2. Offer viewers value

This article will expand on these two main points. It will discuss how to grow your business by getting clients on Instagram.

How to Get Clients on Instagram

Instagram Profile


The Instagram profile offers space for users to introduce themselves. It includes a picture and a biography section.

Instagram offers different options for personal and business profiles. Creating a business account offers the advantage of specialized marketing tools.

The profile picture should be clear and enticing. For example, an image of the business logo is typical. A picture showcasing a business feature is also a good idea.

In 150 characters or less, the Instagram bio section should describe the brand and its values. This section of your business account also includes space for links to additional content.

Take StuDocu as an example. The bio on their Instagram page not only describes their values as a brand but also uses a natural call to action to explain what you’re able to do with the tool.

The Instagram bio section is a great place to include your website link, an online shop, or a promotion. A business account also allows users to add contact information in the bio section, like an email or phone number.

In summary, a rich profile should:

  • identify the business
  • explain the services or products offered
  • include the business location
  • showcase the brand’s values

Reach Potential Clients

One of the most important steps a business needs to take is identifying its target audience. In a few words, if a company tries to appeal to everyone, it will appeal to no one. So it is best to narrow in on a particular niche.

After choosing a niche, your company needs to think about the specifics of its ideal customer. Then create the ideal customer profile.

The profile should include detailed information about your ideal customers, like their:

  • age
  • gender
  • work
  • hobbies
  • interests
  • struggles

Once your company has identified its target audience, it should follow them on Instagram to build connections. You should also follow anyone who engages with the company’s posts. You can alternatively use Instagram analytics tools to find the specifics.

Instagram Story Highlights

Instagram stories keep Instagram accounts fresh and exciting, but Instagram stories only appear on the app for 24 hours.

Now you can save story highlights to keep them on your Instagram account forever. These highlights appear above the traditional posts in your profile.

Saving story highlights is a way to maximize your profile’s potential. Make sure to keep story highlights well organized and save them in collections.

Some story highlight ideas are:

  • about posts
  • locations
  • customer reviews
  • FAQs
  • product/service features
  • tips

Produce Quality Content

Producing and posting quality content is another effective way to get more clients on Instagram. The business account’s content should offer something of value to its viewers.

An Instagram business account is like an extension of a website, but its focus is on visuals. So it is vital to have high-quality images and a recognizable visual identity.

A business’ Instagram feed should reflect the product and services offered. As viewers scroll through the feed, they should be able to identify what the company is all about.

Ask the following questions when deciding what to post:

  1. Does this post offer something of value?
  2. Does it engage, entertain, or educate?
  3. Will it appeal to my target market?
  4. Is it respectful?
  5. Is it high-quality (not fuzzy or pixelated)?

If the answer is no to any of these questions, the post is probably not worth publishing.

When a business takes the time to create valuable content for its audience, it becomes a trusted resource. Ultimately, the Instagram followers will want to become paying customers.

Another thing to keep in mind is the overall color palette and post style. Try to stick to a specific color scheme for your Instagram feed.

If you use Instagram filters, use the same filter for every post. Consistency keeps everything looking cohesive.

Make Use of Captions

Instagram is a visual platform, but that does not mean you can neglect captions. Captions provide background information for the image and make the photo meaningful.

Good captions build empathy, community ties, trust, and can even give a good laugh. The first line of the caption needs to grab people’s attention and urge them to read on.

With the addition of the keyword search feature, captions on Instagram are ever more crucial. The search feature, though, is limited to specific keywords within Instagram’s guidelines. So you will need to put forth the effort to include those keywords in their captions.

Use Relevant Hashtags

Hashtags are essential for every Instagram post. Using hashtags brings your content to the attention of new people.

But it is important to use the right hashtags. Hashtags are searchable and are the principal method that users employ to find the content they like.

How can businesses use hashtags to their advantage? Consider a few hashtag tips:

  • Do not copy and paste your hashtags. Use different ones for each post
  • Choose hashtags that relate to the content
  • Use popular hashtags, but do not rely on them. For example, the hashtag #photographer has more than 200 million posts. You can use that hashtag, but the chances of someone finding you are very slim because there is too much competition. Instead, use more descriptive, niche hashtags. If, for example, you have a picture of a mountain landscape, use the hashtag #moutainphotographer with only 40,000 posts
  • Find out how popular tags are by going to the Instagram search box and typing in the intended hashtag
  • Think about creating a unique hashtag for your company to make it easier for users to find you in a search

Geotag Posts

Another client acquisition tactic is to take advantage of the “add location” option. Geotagging a post highlights that post location and allows users to search for local businesses.

Like hashtags, users can search for locations. By adding your business location, users can find your posts in the explore section of Instagram when they search for that location.

Instagram compiles posts with the same geotag and displays them from the most recent to less recent. The View Information button at the top of the search results links users to information about the location.

Hashtags and geotagging create more brand exposure and help users find your business. These are two significant steps to attract clients on Instagram.

Reach Out with Comments and Direct Messages

Building relationships with customers is a slow process. One of the best ways to strengthen connections is by using personalized messages.

If people comment on your post, make sure to reply to them directly. And send them a message to thank them for their contribution.

It might seem easier to automate this task by using a bot. But don’t do it. Receiving a personal message makes a bigger impact. So dedicate some time to engaging with others who comment or mention your brand.

Engage with Other People’s Posts

Not only should a company engage with people through its own posts, but it should also engage with other people’s posts. A word of caution, engagement needs to be sincere.

Instagram users can tell when someone is engaging with them for selfish reasons. So, engagement should be meaningful. You can also use an Instagram engagement calculator. You can assess the level of engagement for every account based on the interactions it receives.

Comment on posts with genuine responses. And you should always make sure to be positive and upbuilding. That’s how you will get free Instagram followers and bring more eyes to your business that can potentially convert into a paying client.

Search out and engage with people that could use your services. Try to build relationships with potential clients.

Plan Posts

Building a large following on Instagram is easier when a business has planned out the subject matter or a series of posts. Having a plan in place allows you to concentrate on engaging with each poster without needing to overthink the content.

An excellent way to start is to research important events or holidays. Ask yourself: What are important events in my industry? What holidays relate to my business?

Important events can be anything from National Dog Day to back to school season. Think about what events are most important to your target audience.

Then look at sales data to see when your audience starts planning for those important occasions. That allows you to publish your posts when they make the most significant impact.

The more you plan, the more equipped you will be to create compelling content. Planning will also make your posts more consistent.

Establish a Posting Cadence

In order to be consistent, it is vital to establish a posting cadence. Your posting regularly helps potential clients keep your business in mind.

That said, it isn’t easy to post every day. If it is impossible to post every day, think about a realistic and sustainable routine that makes sense for your brand.

If, for example, you decide that you can post three times a week, be determined to stick to that routine. Use Instagram’s Business Analytics to discover the days your target audience is most active on Instagram. Other than that, always find out the best time to post on Instagram for maximum engagement.

Promote Your Instagram Account on Other Channels

If you have a large following on other social media platforms, invite them to follow your Instagram account. Tell them what kind of information you post and why it is worth their while to follow you on more than one platform.

If you have a blog, try to embed Instagram posts into the blog to showcase your content and make it easy for readers to follow you.

Turn Followers Into Subscribers

Instagram is a great hub for posting business content, but it is also crucial to develop connections outside of Instagram. How can you do that?

Offer Instagram followers a free product or discount if they subscribe to your mailing list. This method is a great way to encourage users to progress from followers to email subscribers.

Once you have their email, you can deepen your relationship with them. Offer potential customers more value by emailing them free resources. You can also share studies, send new products or promotions, etc.

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FAQs about how to get clients on Instagram

1. What strategies can I use to attract more clients on Instagram?

You can employ a number of tactics to increase your clientele on Instagram, including posting frequently, utilizing pertinent hashtags, interacting with your followers, working with influencers, and displaying targeted advertisements. To enhance engagement and draw in new customers, it’s critical to comprehend your target demographic and provide content that speaks to them.

2. How can I optimize my Instagram profile to attract potential clients?

You should utilize a clear profile image, create a succinct and appealing bio that clearly expresses your value offer, and include a link to your website or other pertinent resources in order to optimize your Instagram profile for potential clients.

In order for potential clients to locate and follow you, you should also utilize relevant keywords in your bio and make sure that your profile is public.

3. Is it better to focus on a niche or be more general to attract clients on Instagram?

Because it enables you to provide customized content and position yourself as an authority in your subject, focusing on a specialty can be a successful strategy for drawing customers to your Instagram account.

However, focusing too narrowly could impose a ceiling on your potential. It’s crucial to strike a balance between narrowly focused themes and general subjects that interest a larger audience.

4. How can I use Instagram hashtags effectively to attract potential clients?

You should investigate well-liked and pertinent hashtags in your business and apply them in your posts if you want to employ hashtags to effectively entice potential customers. In order to advertise your company and promote user-generated content, you should also develop your own custom hashtags. To maximize the exposure of your posts, it’s critical to mix popular and specialized hashtags.

5. Should I use paid advertising to attract clients on Instagram, and if so, how?

When it comes to drawing in customers, Instagram paid advertising may be a potent weapon, especially if you have a specific target market in mind. In order to use paid advertising successfully, you should make eye-catching commercials that highlight your goods or services, target your ads to a particular audience, and keep track of your campaign’s performance over time.

6. How frequently should I post on Instagram to attract potential clients?

In order to keep your followers interested and draw in potential customers, it’s typically advised to publish at least once every day, though posting frequency can vary based on your industry and target audience. However, since quality matters more than quantity, it’s critical to provide engaging content that connects with your audience.

7. How can I create engaging content that will attract potential clients on Instagram?

You should utilize aesthetically appealing photos or videos, write captions that share a story or benefit your audience, adopt a consistent brand language and aesthetic, and more to produce engaging content on Instagram. Utilize user-generated content as well, and encourage your fans to interact with your postings by liking, commenting, and sharing.

8. What are some tips for building relationships with potential clients on Instagram?

You should participate with other users’ material on Instagram by liking and commenting on their posts, responding to their comments on your posts, and sharing user-generated content that promotes your business. By delivering your audience relevant resources or information, you should also provide value to their experience.

9. How can I measure the success of my Instagram marketing efforts in terms of attracting clients?

You may monitor metrics like engagement rate, follower growth, website clicks, and conversions to assess the efficacy of your Instagram marketing campaigns. In order to make data-driven decisions regarding your approach, you should also establish precise goals for your Instagram marketing activities and routinely assess your performance.

10. Are there any best practices or case studies on how businesses have successfully attracted clients on Instagram that I can learn from?

Yes, you can learn from the numerous best practices and case studies on how businesses have effectively drawn customers on Instagram.

Ending thoughts on how to get clients on Instagram

The simplest answer for getting clients on Instagram is to produce quality content that appeals to your target audience. Captions, hashtags, and geotagging all play a vital part in this.

Hashtags and geotagging help more people discover your posts. Good captions captivate them.

Posting regularly and engaging with other posts is another way to cultivate a deeper connection with your followers. After that, it is easier to turn followers into clients by offering a promotion or free product.

You are guaranteed success if you apply these strategies, but it will not happen overnight. Hard work, patience, and consistency are crucial.

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