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The best law firm websites should not only be great looking but also efficient.

A lawyer website may integrate a different set of specific features designed to make it unique among a plethora of other legal websites. However, the best attorney websites are created with high-value customers in mind.

To produce a top law firm website, you need a strategic approach focused on two critical factors:  customer journey and buyer persona. The customer journey is one of the things that Amelia, a WordPress booking plugin, can help you with – by taking care of the majority of your administrative tasks and letting you focus on what you do best.

With these things in mind, we’ve reviewed numerous attorney websites while considering the visual design and user experience as well. This article consists of a set of best practices and tips to help you develop a viable law firm website design while keeping in mind the best websites in the world in the legal arena.

Legal Websites and User Experience

You will not be able to develop a productive lawyer website unless you take the time to understand your typical user’s behavior patterns. You need to understand why people visit law firm sites and what they are expecting to find and need to find on the best law firm websites.

Ideally, your law firm website design will be able to deliver your potential customers the answers they are looking for no matter how sophisticated their questions may be. The whole point of a good attorney website design is to give your users a solution to their problem. Firstly, your customers will want to know information about the law firm hoping that it is the best legal firm for their needs. Usually, they are seeking legal counsel, and, at this point, they are looking for a law firm that will provide them with the right type of service for their needs.

The typical information that users want to find when they land on a lawyer website consists of legal expertise, the firm’s location, hours of operation, telephone or email address or any contact details, client testimonials, as well as the amount of experience in the area that interests the potential customers.

Now that you know what your buyer personas I’m looking to find on a lawyer website you have to understand that you have to put user experience before any visual aesthetic considerations. It is more important that your attorney website design allows users to find what they need easily and quickly than to have an appealing law office website that is difficult to navigate and understand.

Relevant Photography is Key to the Best Lawyer Sites

When you produce a website design for a law firm, you need to understand, but much copy will not suffice.  No matter how high the quality of your text or how accurate the information, it will not sell without relevant photography.

Yes, relevant photography, not stock photography. Your potential customers will want to know the faces of the people that will potentially represent them. A picture is worth a thousand words so try to use official office photographs as well as explicit, high-quality pictures of the law firm members to put on your lawyer website. By using relevant photography, you will allow customers inside your office and let them know they are welcome to reach out to you. If you can’t get your hands on reasonable quality pictures of the law office and the team members, you can go with stock photos as long as they are high quality.

Stay away from fake-looking stock photography that presents unrealistic images of the law firm. Try to use pictures that capture lawyers at work: inside the office, inside courtrooms, surrounded by bookshelves, or exiting their law firm. All photography must feel natural, not directed, or forced.

The Best Lawyer Websites Offer Clear Page Structure

Remember that your visitors are looking for information on your lawyer website. Therefore, the quality of the text that you include in your attorney website design is essential. All copy must be accurately written as far as grammar is concerned, down to the point, easy to read and digest.

Most importantly, the design must make key information visible to the visitors. If potential clients are either employees or employers, these two categories of people should be able to know right away that they have come to the right place: an employment law firm’s website.

Don’t Forget to Encourage Client Contact

A lawyer website must bring on new clients because many people use search engines to find a lawyer when in need of one.  Therefore, the number one mission of the best law firm websites is to compel visitors into contacting them, which is a new chance to turn a user into a client.

Your law firm website design must focus on encouraging contact by featuring every potential means of communication available, including phone, email, live chat, directions, and maps. Make it easy for your visitors to contact the law firm upon arriving on your lawyer website because that is the most challenging part:  getting that user to reach out and make an appointment. Your lawyer website must be constructed around encouraging users to take action.

The website of Van Den Heuvel integrates address and phone number inside the header in addition to a well-structured contact form near the footer of the page. This makes it easy for visitors to reach out to the law firm even after hours via a quick email. The Crowell Law website is an excellent example of a well-designed footer layout that presents a list of phone numbers and office locations in addition to a well-thought contact form for visitors to use and reach out to the law firm either at their location, by phone, or via email at all hours.

Showcasing Legal Specialties is Key

A good lawyer website should emphasize the areas of legal expertise of the law firm. Some law offices focus exclusively on a specific legal area; others, on the other hand, practice in several areas of the law. Your website design should reflect the firms’ specific area/areas of expertise.

Remember, not only the written content should draw attention to the team’s area of expertise, but your website design should include high-quality photography that can visually “tell” users the firm specialty or specialties, be it workers’ compensation, employment, or personal injury.

Aesthetics Should be Broad and Powerful

It is not my intention to encourage following the line of design that the best law firm websites have undertaken and have proven successful over the years.  However, a lawyer website is associated with this typical line of design, and many visitors expect to see that approach in law firm website design; It’s like a seal of professionalism in the legal arena if you like. Some of the features that define the best websites in the world in the law sphere include simple gradient, robust colors, sharp contrast, visible information, and pictures of the attorney’s that make up the team.

The first impression does matter, and people continue to judge a book by its cover.  Therefore, if you want visitors to see you as the best legal firm don’t present them with a lawyer website that looks like a kindergarten’s website. Give them what they expect:  a highly professional lawyer website. Your website design is on a mission to convince your visitors to contact the law firm concerning an urgent legal matter.

Your website must reflect seriousness and professionalism because this is what users expect in a law firm. Try to stand out and be more than another template-looking lawyer website. Try to remain inside the umbrella of a professional approach that users expect. Keep in mind that it’s better to have a website based on a slightly altered template than boast a website design based on a badly designed custom layout.

Legal Web Design: Key Traits

It is very important that you understand the essential features that define the best lawyer websites in the world. In the case of law firm website design, aesthetics is not a priority; usability is. Make this the first rule of the best attorney website designs. Make sure that your potential customers find what they are looking for on your website and make sure they find it quickly and easily.

Make their journey simple and clear. No twists and turns. Another critical feature of good website design for a law firm is identifying the best methods or tools to deliver irrelevant information, as far as design and copy. A good designer will be able to help you produce a website that looks amazing while providing users with a great experience by giving them straightforward answers to their questions.

The best law firm websites (showcase)

This article provides essential tips and best practices for designers. However, they become more relevant when supported by examples of real-life law firm sites from across the world.

Quinn Emanuel

Arnold &Itkin LLP

Bighorn Law

Gecic Law


Small Law

Cheshire Law Group

Miles & Stockbridge

Waldon Adelman CastillaHiestand&Prout

Shumway Van

Weinberg Wheeler Hudgins Gunn & Dial

Hodgson Russ LLP


Givens Givens Sparks

Staver Law Group

Axiom Law

Clyde & Co

Luigi Fagetti&Associati


Ending thoughts on the best law firm websites that you can find

Law firms don’t need smashingly looking websites. They need a client-centric lawyer website. Visitors tend to have higher expectations from law firm websites compared to other client-focused professions.

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