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You probably already know that Amelia is the top booking specialist, working 24/7 to make it possible for your customers to book appointments and pay online at any given moment.

And even though it is quite new, it has already been noticed by leading industry websites.

Amelia has always been perfect for the business owners who want to give their business a professional and trustworthy feel. And with the newest releases, Amelia gets even better! Let’s take a look at the new useful features:

2-way Google Calendar Integration

With the new 2-way Google Calendar integration, the employees will see all newly added appointments as events in their Google Calendar.

In addition to that, the customers now won’t be able to book a certain appointment if an employer already has an event scheduled at the same time.

WooCommerce Integration


With the new WooCommerce integration, Amelia now takes advantage of all the best WooCommerce payment-related features.

Not only does this widely extend payment options, but it also allows automated generation of invoices, taxation options, and more. Managing online payments has never been easier!

Add Custom Fields to the Booking Forms

Adding custom fields to the booking forms is now possible with the newest Amelia releases.

This feature will help you collect additional information from your customers through fields such as checkboxes, text areas, and similar added to the booking forms. In addition to that, the values entered in these fields can also be used in email notifications.

Employees can Manage their owns Schedules

While with the previous Amelia versions only managers and admins were able to manage schedules and appointments, the newest Amelia releases allow each employee to manage their own schedule.

Check out the new general settings, admin appointment settings, and schedule management for employees. Not only will this new feature save you a lot of time with organizing employees’ schedules but it will also minimize the scheduling mix-ups and errors.

New Auto-Update Feature

You will not have to search for the newest Amelia updates manually ever again. With the new auto-update feature, your booking specialist will always be up to date and you will benefit from all the newest features as soon as they become available.

Other features

If you still haven’t started to know Amelia well, here are some other cool features that this booking plugin has:

As you can see, Amelia cares about the users and constantly works towards improving the features and offering the best possible user experience.

With every new release, the list of useful features is expanded to meet as many customers’ needs and requirements as possible.

Give the newest Amelia release a try and let us know what you think.