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Amelia Helped magicGerman Expand to the Chinese Market

“I used manual payments at the very beginning, but I soon realized that it was a nightmare. I was really happy that I found online solutions for scheduling. That was a no-brainer to switch.”


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magicGerman is an online school for teaching the German language. Britta Friedrich established magicGerman in 2017 to help learners around the world start communicating effectively in German. As an accomplished teacher and native German speaker, Britta ensures that students are free to learn, speak, and listen to authentic German without the inhibitions or limits of a formal classroom.


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The Story of magicGerman

In the interview for Amelia, Britta Friedrich shared her story of how she founded magicGerman and how Amelia has helped her on her way to developing her business of teaching the German language online.

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Britta Friedrich, Education Coordinator and Founder

The story of how magicGerman was founded is truly inspiring because it was the result of a lifelong dream. Before starting her own business, Britta had worked as a job consultant.

However, her lifelong dream was to travel the world. So, one day she decided to quit her regular job and take up a job that would help her fulfill her dream.

As Britta has always been passionate about communication and German is her native language, she decided to start an online school for teaching the German language and help people worldwide become fluent in German.

Today, together with Amelia, Britta’s dream is coming true. She has visited many countries since she started teaching, and still managed to develop her business.

The Challenge

Finding the Booking Platform That Would Work For International Students and the Chinese Market

Britta started holding online classes in 2017, but she didn’t establish her company before 2020. Only for a short period, in the beginning, did Britta book her classes manually. She very soon realized that manual booking is very messy and time-consuming. The main problems encountered were the bookkeeping of the payments and lessons booked, waiting for the payments to show, explaining the procedure to students, etc. So, as she says, switching to an online booking solution was a no-brainer for her.

She implemented one booking solution and, as a matter of fact, she was satisfied with it. However, as her business was growing, that solution lacked the features her business required. Therefore, Britta had to start looking for another booking system that had all the necessary features that would facilitate work with students in different parts of the world.

The new booking solution she was going to implement needed to have the following features:

  • WooCommerce payment
  • Packages of services
  • Time-zone feature
  • The ability to organize events

After doing the research, Britta realized that the choice was pretty limited. There were in the end only two or three options she could choose from, with Amelia being one of them. The reason her decision prevailed for Amelia was that Amelia’s support team provided immense help during the implementation and answered all questions that appeared.

I am really happy with Amelia. I just implemented crypto because you have so many options with WooCommerce, and now I have scheduling software that has WooCommerce.

The Solution

Amelia Enabled magicGerman to Organize Classes With Students From China

While doing the research, Britta mainly encountered booking plugins that offered Stripe or PayPal as payment gateways. While those payment options worked perfectly for the European market, they didn’t provide a solution for students from China. Thanks to Amelia’s integration with WooCommerce, Britta was now able to start expanding to the Chinese market. The WooCommerce integration enabled Britta to offer different payment options like WeChatPay, PayPal, CreditCards, and Crypto.

Working with students from different parts of the world requires adapting to different time zones. So, the ability to set time zones automatically was another feature Britta was looking for in a plugin and found in Amelia. Thanks to this feature, Britta doesn’t have to ever check the time in the country her students are coming from and count the difference.

Packages of Services Was Another Reason to Choose Amelia

In order to award students who decide to sign up for multiple classes at once, Britta wanted to offer quantity discounts. Therefore, another feature Britta needed in a booking system was to have packages of services. Since Amelia provided the solution in this part as well, Britta now offers a variety of packages per week, month, quarter, and year.

Thanks to the customer panel Britta can set up through Amelia, her students can create their account and book, cancel or reschedule classes on their own. That saves Britta a lot of time she can use on developing her business and getting more learners.

Events in Amelia Enables magicGerman to Start With Memberships

Besides online booking, Britta also needed a booking solution that would offer to organize and book events. Britta has recently started a “Sprachakademie”, organizing regular and special events for all members. The current three weekly and all special events are easily organized within Amelia. Britta plans more regular events as the Sprachakademie grows and has many ideas for future special events.

Apart from these mentioned features that were must-haves, Britta also uses many other features Amelia offers that help her run her business with ease, such as Google Calendar synchronization, minimum time required to cancel or reschedule, custom email templates, and many more.

Britta has been using Amelia for over a year now. The fact that after a yearly subscription she moved to the lifetime license is a clear indicator of how satisfied Britta is with Amelia.

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