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You’ve landed here looking for the best medical appointment scheduling software. You want that medical appointment calendar ready for you to have an overview of what’s happening.

We’ll get to that. But first, let’s see how we got into this situation.

Your smartphone makes noise. Like a metal humanoid, you are drawn to the digital magnet. It must be something important. It is… your flight is tomorrow. Thanks to your mobile calendar, you’ve just been saved from the embarrassment and costs of missing your flight.

This is just one example of how technology made things easier for us. On a professional level, we saw the same evolution. In the old days, all appointments had to be written down on a physical calendar. In the present day, we don’t have to go through this hassle.

Online email-based calendars prepared the way for medical scheduling software. Amelia is a prime example of this new software, and it is currently one of the best scheduling software products available.

Both healthcare providers and patients can now schedule appointments with ease. Online or on a mobile app. With reminders and automated messaging, no appointment can be forgotten. Patient schedules can be managed comfortably and the software makes sure your billing cycle is tip top.

In this article by our team at Amelia, we will take a look at the best medical appointment scheduling software on the market. But first, let’s go over some of the benefits of medical appointment scheduling software itself. Remember, both the medical staff and the patients stand a lot to gain.

The Importance of a Solid Booking System

The medical appointment calendar from Amelia

Scheduling; it’s one of your most important tasks. An efficient booking system means peace of mind because you don’t have to keep track of everything by hand, with all the errors and mistakes that go along with that. You don’t want patients to get lost in the system or to get double-booked.

With an automated system, you won’t have to worry about whether you have the time or resources to see any given patient; all past, present, and future appointments are right there in front of you. Need to make an adjustment? Click, click; easily done.

Now, offline booking systems are great, but what if people could also make appointments online? How much easier would your day-to-day admin be if customers had 24/7 online access, where they could book themselves in? With online scheduling, appointment-setting becomes a breeze.

And it’s not only for your benefit. Your patients want to pick the best time-slot for their personal schedule. This reduces the chance they will cancel the appointment because of a time conflict.

Using reminders will drastically reduce the number of patients who don’t show up. It also helps to reschedule appointments and, ultimately, gives patients more control.

Thus, a good appointment system is extremely important for a profitable and client-friendly practice. All those age-old admin tasks will be taken care of by your medical appointment scheduling software, so you can focus on what matters: giving patients the care they need when they need it.

Medical Scheduling Software: Why You Can’t Live Without It

Patient scheduling software makes your life a lot easier, to say the least. Less stress, more control. Medical appointment scheduling has never been smoother to handle.

Automation is keeping up with modern times. No practice can call itself efficient without automation. It will take a load off the admin’s shoulders and no appointment will escape your attention.

There are many benefits that come with a patient scheduling system. Here’s just a handful:

Get better organized

Medical scheduling software helps you oversee open appointment slots and cancellations. The scheduling calendar guarantees the efficient use of every hour of every day.

Save time

Easily save time with appointment-scheduling tools to match patient requests. Patients don’t need to call to book an appointment. An online staff portal takes care of bookings. The medical staff now has more time to handle other important tasks.

Administrative efficiency

The software handles appointment booking, rescheduling, appointment reminders, and so on. This means less administrative work and cutting back on labor costs.

Improved billing

Enable the ability to pay online and keep track of your billing records in one central place.

Better patient experience

Medical scheduling software eliminates hold times and the need to call back-and-forth regarding appointment changes and confirmation.

Fewer No-Shows

Medical appointment scheduling software sends reminders via email or text so everyone is kept well-informed about future appointments.

The Best Medical Appointment Scheduling Software for You

Every practice has its own needs. Here’s where you do some of your own homework and choose the solution that best meets your expectations. Examples of scheduling systems include:


Amelia is a WordPress plugin and a tool for managing online appointments. It’s applicable for any business that offers customers services within given time frames.

The plugin makes it easy to customize the booking engine for your medical practice. It comes with a payment system with support for multiple payment gateways so you can accept payments with ease.

An appointment is only useful when the client shows up. The plugin follows up for you with automatic email and/or SMS notifications.

With Amelia, you don’t just get a medical appointment calendar; you get a real support team and a company that truly stands behind their product.

Acuity Scheduling

The free solo option by Acuity Scheduling with unlimited appointments and client self-scheduling is great. The reviews on Capterra are overall very positive, although it is noted that there is a slight learning curve compared to other scheduling systems.

If you need more out of your scheduling system, Acuity Scheduling offers several paid plans, the most popular of which is the Growing plan. This plan introduces Text Messaging and the ability to offer subscriptions, among other great features.

Appointment Booking Calendar

The online calendar-based Appointment Booking Calendar plugin arranges online bookings on WordPress websites. It uses available time-slots and decides how many bookings per time-slot are possible. It sends a notification email once the booking is accepted. Simple and effective.

Online payments are possible with the integration of PayPal.


SimplyBook.me is a HIPAA compliant scheduling software. It allows you to create appointments, send reminders, sell products, and enable the booking of extra services.

This is a great example of affordable scheduling for medical and dental clinics. Massage therapists, acupuncturists, chiropractors, mental health practitioners, psychologists, and family therapists can all benefit from it.


10to8 keeps appointments scheduled, and patients reminded. Among its many features, SMS, email, and a two-way chat system help to keep everyone informed. Meanwhile, it supports integration with dozens of popular apps and services such as MailChimp, Facebook, and PayPal.

Easy Appointments

Easy appointments can be integrated into any WordPress website. It features many locations, services, workers, and time slots.

It sends email notifications to patients and your staff. This happens automatically when an appointment is booked or updated.

Included is a custom field feature to create your own customized forms and it supports many different languages.


This popular appointment scheduling tool is an all-in-one online solution that you can integrate into your existing website or use as a standalone booking system (no website needed).

Native mobile apps for iOS, Android, and Windows 8 are available.

The free version offers one staff seat, five services, and unlimited bookings. The software is ad-supported and feature-limited. Paid plans start at $19.99 a month.


This online appointment portal focuses on the healthcare market, with an emphasis on European medical professionals.

The service is free, as ads on the portal finance it.There are optional paid features like SMS reminders and an ad-free premium version.


Besides scheduling, ECLIPSE handles third party or patient billing. It keeps appointment slots booked, accounted for, and makes sure you get paid on time.


DocMeIn is a free online scheduling service, designed for medical professionals in particular.

It allows unlimited patients, reminders, appointments, and recalls.

DocMeIn plans to add paid premium features on a pay-as-you-go model, such as text reminders.


This free online appointment scheduler can be added to your existing WordPress or HTML-based website with ease. With the free version, you get access to unlimited bookings and all the basic features you’d need to create and manage bookings.

Sagenda targets a range of businesses, including medical practices, chiropractors, and naturopaths. It can also manage internal scheduling.

For more advanced functionality like SMS messaging and email customization, you will have to pay extra. What’s great is that Sagenda also provides custom development for a fee, so if there’s some feature you desperately need, you can ask them to develop it for you.

Conclusion on Using a Medical Appointment Scheduling Software

A thriving practice benefits from making good use of a patient scheduling system. The doctor’s appointment scheduling process was often frustrating for everyone involved: patients, the medical staff, and the doctor. Not any longer.

Medical appointment scheduling software adds consistency and peace of mind to patient scheduling. An efficient doctor appointment calendar has never been easier to achieve and the benefits are enormous.

An online appointment system gets rid of no-shows. Automated reminders guarantee that. Some appointment booking systems also include notes as part of patient data storage, so patient history can be easily looked up and analyzed. These are just two of the many great features available.

Free patient scheduling software is out there and waiting for you to try it out. Even the paid versions are affordable and worth all the investment for larger practices with complex requirements.

Private practices and small clinics can now offer an efficient patient portal, and there’s very little excuse left to rely on pen and paper these days. Medical appointment scheduling software works like a painkiller for your administrative headaches, so take advantage of one of the great options shown in this article and stop stressing about your booking process.

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