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The biggest appeal of yoga is the harmony, peace, and well-being that it promotes. Unfortunately, yoga instructors may lose that peace due to administrative tasks.

Yoga teachers not only have to teach classes but also have to manage schedules, payments, and more. Yoga studio software saves time and administrative costs by automating management functions.

Some functions that yoga studio software manages includes:

  • billing
  • scheduling
  • student records
  • registration
  • payment
  • class materials

Finding business management software is essential in this modern world. Not only does it help a business run smoothly, it also restores a measure of peace to yoga studio owners.

This article provides an overview of various yoga studio software. Each software below offers unique features.

But they all maximize a business owner’s ability to meet the needs of their customers. Analyze each option to find the best yoga studio software for your individual needs.


Amelia was created specifically for businesses dependent on booking appointments. It is a great option for businesses like:

  • yoga studios
  • gyms
  • fitness clinics
  • hair salons
  • spas, and more

The backend:

Amelia is easy to install and use. After downloading and installing it, it is 100% automated and ready for work.

It has a backend interface that is easy to work with and is a pleasure to view. Owners can customize the software to their particular business. You can check out the backend here.

They can also integrate a payment system so clients can send payments right away.

There is also a lot of further information on the backend. This tells owners how many appointments are coming through and what they need to manage.

The frontend:

The client-side of Amelia is also easy to work with and creates a pleasant and professional view.  Clients can book appointments in an instant and with ease. You can check the frontend demo here.


Many users of Amelia praise it for the many features it offers and it is no surprise that it has a 4.8/5 stars rating on Capterra.

Yoga instructors say that it works perfectly for their business. They also appreciate the attractive booking calendar.


EZFacility is a very comprehensive business management software. It allows users to automate the management of members and classes.

It handles scheduling and memberships for yoga studios, gyms, fitness centers, and more.

Best features:

  • includes a mobile app
  • tracks payroll and commissions
  • allows members and non-members to register for events
  • students can check-in by scanning their badge


Many users like that this is an all-in-one solution. Aspects that most users like are its flexibility, efficiency, and ease of use.


This yoga studio management software is suitable for small, appointment-based, fitness class businesses. It includes features such as online booking, payments, membership management, reporting, and more.

One favorite feature is the waitlist feature. It allows clients to wait for cancellations.


Gymcatch has an overall rating of 4.9 out of 5 and is fast becoming a favorite.

Many fitness instructors say that it is easy to use for both owners and clients. They enjoy using it to organize and conduct virtual classes.


ClassSwap is a cloud-based business management solution. It is designed to help yoga and pilates instructors with the following via a unified portal:

  • appointments
  • invoices
  • class management
  • schedules, and more.

The backend:

Administrators can create custom sessions and packages. They can also generate invoices, manage commissions, and process payments.

The frontend:

Clients can interchange classes, add restrictions on specific sessions, and receive schedule alerts. Clients can also view and organize pre-recorded videos.

More features:

  • priority reservation system
  • automated invoices
  • direct instructor payment
  • real-time reminders


Punchpass is an online group booking software solution. It is a great tool for owners who want to organize a group yoga class.

Administrators can also upload live and on-demand videos.

More features:

  • schedule classes
  • organize workshops
  • sell passes
  • make reservations for special events
  • works in web-based environments
  • automated payment
  • tracks student attendance
  • automated assessment
  • employee management
  • student management


Many users of Punchpass appreciate its simplicity to set up and use. They also like that it eases administrative work and integrates with other platforms.


Glofox is more for gym and yoga studios and less for individual yoga instructors. They do not offer a free trial so this is a tool for established businesses that already have a cash flow.

It includes features such as live streaming and pay on the go that allow clients to book at the last minute.

Wellness Living Yoga Studio Software

Wellness Living combines client management with online scheduling. This makes it easier to be a virtual yoga instructor.

It offers robust online booking features but at a minimal price. The design of this software is aimed at studios, so the price may not suit individual instructors.

Impressive features:

One impressive feature is the Zoom integration that allows for live classes online. FitVid integration allows users to create a customized on-demand channel.

Zen Planner

This business management solution focuses on two things.

First, it helps grow a community. Second, it streamlines client management and other administrative tasks.

It focuses on yoga studios or fitness clubs. The company claims that studio owners who use this software see a 20% increase in annual revenue.

Favorite features:

One favorite feature of Zen Planner is its retail management. It allows yoga studios to sell products as well as offer classes.

Another favorite feature of this software is its free onboarding. When a user implements Zen Planner, they receive free onboarding from a product specialist.

TeamUp Yoga Studio Software

TeamUp is yet another yoga studio software that streamlines administrative operations. It includes the following functions:

  • automated billing
  • online scheduling
  • client management
  • progress measurement and tracking

The backend:

It has a helpful and intuitive software system and several features. Users can manage multiple yoga classes, manage payments, and connect to clients.

The frontend:

The frontend is also helpful and intuitive and many clients love it.

Clients can manage their accounts from a computer or a mobile device. They also receive automated reminders.


PerfectMind is a member management software designed for small member-based organizations and businesses. It is a perfect tool for:

  • parks and recreation centers
  • martial arts schools
  • fitness and yoga studios
  • universities
  • other associations

Best features:

PerfectMind offers unique features for studio management. Its standout features include:

  • timesheet and payroll staff management
  • sharing of documents or contracts
  • the ability to create booking widgets
  • design interactive maps of the facility
  • automate facility lighting

Acuity Scheduling

Acuity Scheduling is a Squarespace product and as such makes a complex system easy to use. It offers basic yoga studio management features at a reasonable price.

It has a specific focus on yoga studios. It calls itself the all-in-one solution to yoga class scheduling.


Most Acuity Scheduling users appreciate its simplicity and ease of use. It is simple for users and clients.

Users also appreciate the specific tools it has to customize the scheduling page.

The Studio Director

This yoga studio software was designed for small and midsize businesses. Users have all the tools needed to manage a fitness studio at their fingertips.

It also has built-in marketing features.

The backend:

Users can provide first-class service to their clients with this software. They can personalize emails and create campaigns to attract new clients.

Other features include:

  • mass emails
  • text messaging
  • online client registration
  • inventory management
  • payment processing
  • recurring payments


Omnify provides a central dashboard that branches into different administrative operations. These operations include:

  • class scheduling
  • client communication
  • subscriptions
  • special offers
  • membership management

Main features:

The best features include:

  • custom webpage for members
  • automated payment
  • automatic membership renewals


Vagaro is a great integrated software. It has an impressive list of features and an attractive price.

Standout features:

Vagaro has many great features.

One great perk is that users get featured on the Vagaro app. This brings them more sales opportunities.

Another great feature is the ability to accept in-person payment.

Vagaro also integrates with Gusto. This allows users to manage the payroll for multiple staff members.


YogaTrail is a great option for yoga studios that have multiple teachers. It is a cloud-based application with one interface for teachers and another for clients.

The frontend:

Clients can choose which teacher they want to book with. They can select the date and time best for them via the booking calendar.


SimplyBook.me is an appointment booking system that caters to all service providers. SimplyBook.me does not have a limit on the services a business can offer.

The number of staff members and clients is also unlimited.

Best features:

Users can create a custom online booking webpage or custom widgets to put on an existing website. Clients can book on the custom booking webpage, Facebook, Instagram, Google My Business, or the Booking.page marketplace.


Schedulebliss is a tool that allows clients to schedule appointments online. They can also make online payments from anywhere or at any time.

It is simple, easy to use, but also fast and powerful. It includes studio management and automated marketing tools.

Marketing tools:

It offers advanced marketing and client retention tools such as its built-in POS. It also provides reports and sends automated emails.

Studio management:

This software accepts debit and credit card payments, gift cards, promo codes, and discounts. It has client management tools and provides client apps.

It streamlines client check-in and has an autopay feature. It also includes widgets and website integration tools.


Arbox is a gym and yoga business management solution for small businesses. Its features focus on helping owners do the following:

  • manage leads
  • manage clients
  • make sales
  • manage marketing
  • retain members

The backend:

This yoga studio software comes with great backend features. It helps owners manage daily tasks and plan marketing campaigns.

Backend features include:

  • One dashboard that allows users to manage everything with ease
  • Social media integration to track leads and review marketing campaigns
  • Staff member management with built-in time tracking tools

It also comes with a fob system that allows clients to check in automatically.


Fitness studio owners enjoy its convenience and reliability. They also like the client app that allows them to stay connected with their clients.


This software is built especially for yoga instructors. It provides a great user experience for both instructors and clients.

The backend:

This software includes an app for yoga instructors to use. They can schedule classes, set up automated messages, and accept online payments.

They can track class numbers, attendance, no-shows, and more. Instructors can also set up membership programs to encourage long-term relationships with clients.


Most users say that the biggest pro of this software is its price. It is affordable for independent yoga instructors and small yoga studios.

There are also good reviews on its ease of use.


The MINDBODY yoga studio software is a popular software. The company has a page on its website dedicated to yoga studio owners.

The frontend:

The client-side of MINDBODY is easy to use and attractive. Clients can download a mobile app and create an account with your yoga studio.

With the app, they can schedule appointments online, cancel, make payments, and more. If browsing your website after hours, they can get help via the ChatBot Receptionist feature.

The backend:

The backend is also easy to use and offers tools for better yoga studio management and marketing. Marketing automation tools allow users to capture and store customer data.


Pros to this software include its clean interface, robust API, and many features. Users like the fact that the developers are always trying to improve its performance.

Healing Radius Pro

Healing Radius Pro is yoga studio software equipped with several useful features. It is a great option for a small yoga business.

The backend:

This software has a lot of tools for the best staff management. Staff management includes the ability to manage schedules, time-off requests, salary, and more.

Each staff member can have their own account. This allows them to manage their information and daily tasks.

The frontend:

Clients can schedule classes on a booking calendar so that they get the date and time they want. They can also pay for the appointment online.


This is a yoga studio management software for independent yoga studios. It provides many tools to help grow a yoga business.

Main features:

Some of its many features include:

  • online payment processing even with unique payment forms
  • membership management
  • registration management
  • credit tracking
  • attendance management
  • calendar sharing
  • easy client check-in
  • online registration right from your website
  • electronic waivers to capture electronic signatures and store signed waivers
  • special event management
  • gift certificates
  • multiple permission levels to allow employees access to data


Reviews of this yoga software say that its price, flexibility, and simplicity make it a great choice.

Many users like the continual upgrades. They also enjoy the fact that they can send in suggestions to improve its performance.

Frequently asked questions about yoga studio software

What is yoga studio software and what does it do?

Software that is specifically made for yoga studios and fitness facilities is called yoga studio software.

It often has functions like client management, online booking and payments, class scheduling, and marketing tools.

Yoga studio owners will be able to concentrate more on their clients and less on administrative duties thanks to the software’s goal of streamlining the administrative and operational tasks of running a yoga studio.

What are the benefits of using yoga studio software?

Using yoga studio software may streamline administrative operations, save time and money, improve client communication, boost income, and improve the client experience overall.

Owners of recording studios can devote more time to marketing and customer interaction by automating processes like scheduling, booking, and payments. Also, the program can assist in managing student attendance and tracking client progress.

What features should I look for in yoga studio software?

Class scheduling, client management, online booking and payments, marketing and communication tools, attendance tracking, reporting and analytics are some crucial elements to take into account while picking yoga studio software.

Some software might also include extra features like mobile apps, social network integration, and customization choices.

How do I choose the best yoga studio software for my business?

It’s critical to take your unique requirements and objectives into account when selecting the best yoga studio software for your company.

Compare several software solutions based on their features, usability, cost, and customer support. To make an informed choice, it’s also a good idea to study reviews and evaluate software from various providers.

Is yoga studio software easy to use, and will it save me time?

Software for yoga studios is made to be simple to use and intuitive, with time-saving features that make administrative work easier.

The majority of software has an intuitive user interface that makes it simple to navigate and effectively manage studio operations.

Studio owners may spend more time on other crucial facets of operating their business by automating chores like scheduling, booking, and payments.

Can I use yoga studio software to manage my classes, schedule appointments, and handle payments?

Indeed, yoga studio software is made to assist with class, appointment, and payment management. The program makes it simple to organize classes, keep track of attendance, and handle reservations and payments.

Even more functionality, such queue management, automated client reminders, and integrated payment processing, may be available in some packages.

How does yoga studio software help me manage my marketing and communication with clients?

Software for yoga studios frequently comes with marketing and customer service capabilities that can help you advertise your business and interact with customers.

You can use the program to track the effectiveness of your marketing activities, conduct targeted email and SMS campaigns, and promote sales and discounts.

To aid in establishing your online profile, the software might also include features like client reviews and social network integration.

Can I customize my yoga studio software to fit the needs of my business?

Several software alternatives for yoga studios provide customization options to meet the particular requirements of your company.

This could involve designing unique price choices, altering the class types and scheduling, and branding the program. The program can be improved with customization options to better suit your unique business requirements.

What type of customer support is available for yoga studio software users?

The majority of yoga studio software providers include a variety of customer support alternatives, including as phone and email support, online guides and tutorials, and discussion boards.

A specialized account manager may also be provided by some manufacturers to assist you with the setup and implementation process.

Is there a free trial or demo available for me to test out the software before I purchase it?

Many providers of software for yoga studios provide free trials or demos of their products. As a result, you may evaluate the software and all of its capabilities before making a purchase.

You can examine the software’s features, usability, and performance during the trial time to see if they are a good fit for your company’s needs. Use the free trial or demo time to test out several software possibilities before choosing, which is a fantastic idea.

You can be sure that the finest yoga studio software you choose for your company will enable you to save time, boost productivity, and enhance the client experience.

Ending thoughts on yoga studio software

The best yoga studio software is the one that fits your personalized needs. As noted, the above yoga software have many different features.

It may seem daunting to choose yoga studio software. But there are some simple steps to make the process easier.

Before choosing a yoga studio software, think about the needs. Consider what you want to accomplish, and what platforms you need to integrate with.

Next, analyze the software and see if it meets the needs of the studio. Look at the following:

  • Is the software cloud-based or desktop-installed?
  • Does the software have good security standards?
  • Can I run this software on my devices?
  • Do its features meet the studio’s needs?
  • How long has the company been in existence?
  • What is the price of the software?
  • Does it have good or bad reviews?

Considering these factors and examining the options will reveal the top yoga studio software for your business.

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