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If you are a consultant, you need to provide all kinds of solutions to your clients that need advice. To do this in a professional way you need to learn and understand how to make a consulting template for your proposal.

There are many consulting proposal template options that you can choose from the internet, but choosing one that goes well with your style is important.

If you have not heard about this kind of document, you do not have to worry.

This article created by our team at Amelia (the best WordPress events plugin), has some tips on how to choose the right one and what should it contain.

Let us take a look together at the following.

The Structure of a Good Consulting Proposal

For a more effective consulting proposal, you want to go for one that has a clear, logical structure that can help your prospective client make decisions. Here is what it should include:

  • The goal of the work you will be doing together, along with all the details surrounding it. This is important because you do not want to discover any discrepancies later on after you’ve already started your work.
  • Include your background, something that will show the potential client your experience, and the fact that you can understand their problem. It is a great form to gain trust and will help both you and the client define the scope of the project fast.
  • Make a list of points, and explain what results you will provide to the buyer. You can also have the right information on what kind of impact this is going to have on the buyer’s organization.
  • A timeline is a section where you show the entire project duration together with a good consulting proposal that is going to manage expectations so that no unwanted surprise shows up. Part of this requires outlining when you are going to end the project.
  • Show all that is expected from your buyer in order to ensure that your job goes smoothly.
  • A good consulting proposal also needs to show the pricing and offers that you want to make.
  • What your terms and conditions are, how payments should be made, and any other payment details that need to be included in a simple proposal template.

Consulting Proposal Templates

Consulting proposal #1

Name of the company: Comic Solutions Ltd.

Our Motto: To provide Business Solutions To all

Documents attached to the Consulting Proposal: our business consulting proposal has been supplemented with a PowerPoint presentation describing the capacity of our company, as we have kept the proposal short and precise.

Our Resources as a Consulting Company: we have a dedicated team of experts in various fields who have vast experience in their line of work as well as impeccable references. 

We are providing an outline of both our technical and personnel resources to assure you of competence in our handling of large volumes of work.

Project-in-charge, if awarded contract: Brian King and Michael Stevens

Our objectives through this proposal: To show our contingencies for both troubleshooting exercises and technical glitches. 

Other than that, we are also looking to capitalize on our experience from previous clients. Enclosed with this business proposal are the reference letters.

Fees: we intend to charge a semi-annual fee of $30,000, after which we shall reconfirm the decisions. 

We ensure transparency and accountability in all our business dealings, and our business consulting is of no exception.

You can reach us on [email protected] or [email protected] with regards to this proposal.

Thank you,

Michael Timwoods,

Executive Director

Comic Solutions Ltd.

Consulting services proposal 

Tylerize, LLC.


5625 K Street

New York, 2562

Brian King

Project Manager

NeoFunction Interim Developments

After reviewing NeoFunctions Interim Development’s Consulting request for proposal, Tylerize, LLC, would like to bid on the project. 

Attached is our consulting proposal detailing the expertise and services we can offer. 

Please see at the end of the proposal, some of the clients we have managed to help with similar projects. 

Thank you for the opportunity to work with your company.


Tylerize, LLC Interim Developments would like to integrate their current research and development with new technologies. 

Tylerize, LLC can manage to help with this project by offering our expertise and training current employees.


To integrate with 2.0 technologies from internal use, marketing, and client use.


To roll out a new and updates 2.0 presence by September 2020.


i. Create an application to help market research to clients and the public

Strategy: use a top-rated developer to create an application with a smooth and user-friendly interface that will push both research and projects in development to clients.

ii. …


Programmer: 120 hours

App Specialist: $40 per hour

Designer: 50 hours

Consulting rates:

On-site training $170/hour

Hourly rate consulting: $250/hour

Strategy provision and documentation: $100


VuisasaApp: Social Media Management

RMC Development: App Strategy and Development

Groovy Delivery: Back-end web development

You can reach us at [email protected] or [email protected] with regard to this proposal.

Thank you,

Tylerize LLC

Sample Consulting Proposal

Get this consulting proposal if you are used to Word. It is easy to edit, and it allows you to show sales and marketing steps in an organized manner. It also shows different aspects of the proposal like expected outcomes, scheduled plans, and much more.

Give it a try and see if it is going to help you out with everything you had in mind.

Venngage’s Consulting Proposal Templates

You can easily add quick custom touches to personalize a simple proposal template. You can keep the minimalist design or incorporate new stock photos for a completely different look. It’s always effective to include the prospective client’s logo and branding elements to make the proposal feel more personalized and thought out. Your design is just as important as the content and Venngage helps you to create stunning visuals to engage the audiences.

Business Growth Plan Template

A business growth plan requires a lot of visualizing data, whether we are talking about financial goals or KPIs. These consulting proposals are going to help you condense and present complex technical information in a simple way that can be understood by anybody.

Business Proposal Template

Here’s yet another one of these consulting proposals. It has all you can ask for from a proposal and you can customize it quickly.

Go for this consulting proposal if you want to increase your chances with the new clients that you are going to have.

These types of consulting proposals are well-proven and have been used for years.

Professional Business Proposal Template

This is another great consulting proposal template that can help you with the next big consulting project that you have in mind. Its design and layout are done in 20 unique pages, and it uses master pages, along with different layers in order to give the viewer a clearer understanding of what is in there.

Proposify’s Consulting Proposal

If you are searching for a consulting proposal that allows you to change all the information contained within, one that has a more professional look, this might be exactly what you were looking for. You can also attach an electronic signature that will make it even easier for your prospective client to sign.

Restaurant Consulting Proposal

You can describe goals and objectives using this consulting proposal. Your clients are really going to be happy when they see it because all the content is presented in a professional way. Do not hesitate to try this one. We think you will be satisfied with it.

Consulting Agreement Template

Any freelancer can take this consulting proposal and use it well. It can be customized easily so it can fit any industry you might be in.

B2C Client Consulting Proposal

Although the design is simple this consultant proposal template can be a great choice to impress your clients, however, if you have already had some first talks with your client, then it is probably time to write a consulting proposal. See if this one is a match; we think it can do the job.

Proposal + Invoice Template

Create a proposal that gets approved, and then use the template in order to create an invoice when the time to bill your client has come. This pack offers you consulting templates for both a proposal and invoice so you get two from one.

They are easy to edit, and you are going to be quite helpful in the long-term.

Free Consulting Template by Better Proposals

The structure of this consulting proposal is well done, and all you have to do is add the specifics that you want your client to see.

HR Consulting Proposal

Have a look at this consulting proposal doc, as it could potentially be the one that your HR team is going to use from now one. The document has a detailed format that will surely impress your client. Also, with this template, you can slightly modify all the details that are present in the proposal template while you are editing it.

Financial Consulting Agreement Template

Because financial consulting services need to be detailed, the structure of this consulting proposal is going to be very useful. It can be used by both freelancers and financial consulting agencies, and it really does a great job.

Abstract Business Consulting Presentation

Some of the best presentation ideas are usually the simplest. The minimalist color schemes and fonts of these proposal templates will put the focus on the information given. They also have some interesting icons but the key is in the text display to show the relevant details.

Consulting Project Proposal

This Project Proposal Template has a clean and modern design that can be very trendy. It has 24 pages and works great in Adobe InDesign. It can be a bit more difficult to edit if it is your first time using InDesign, and you can still master it quickly and easily.

Free Marketing Consulting Proposal Format Download

Have a look at this consulting proposal template that focuses on the marketing niche. It has different templates to choose from and the style and design can be really helpful when you plan to show them to your clients.

They can be changed fast so you will have no problems in terms of editing. Check them out and see if they can help you.

Compare This Proposal Template

This consulting proposal template is going to impress your client with its 26 pages of layouts that you can choose from. It can be edited easily and you can also change the colors in just a few seconds.

FAQs about consulting proposal templates

1. What should be included in a consulting proposal template?

An introduction, executive summary, problem statement, suggested solution, the scope of work, deliverables, timetable, pricing and payment terms, credentials, and conclusion should all be included in a consulting proposal template. The template must be customized to the client’s particular requirements, and the proposal must be compelling, clear, and succinct.

2. How can I structure my consulting proposal to make it more effective?

You should start with a concise introduction and executive summary that emphasizes the value proposition of your consulting services in order to organize a consulting proposal more effectively. An issue statement suggesting a solution, and a work scope that specifically addresses the client’s requirements should come after this. To build rapport with the client and create confidence, you should also give a timeline, pricing, and payment terms.

3. What are the essential elements of a winning consulting proposal?

The key components of a successful consulting proposal are a crystal-clear value proposition, a problem statement that shows you comprehend the client’s needs, a proposed solution that is in line with the client’s goals, a thorough scope of work, and timeline, competitive pricing and payment terms, and a compelling conclusion that encourages the client to act.

4. How do I write an executive summary that grabs the client’s attention in my consulting proposal?

Start your executive summary by clearly stating the client’s issue and why it’s crucial to find a solution if you want to capture their attention. Next, describe how you will handle the problem uniquely, how you are an expert in doing so, and what advantages your solution will have. Include a call to action that encourages the client to select your consulting services as a last step.

5. Should I include a timeline and milestones in my consulting proposal? If so, how detailed should it be?

Yes, your consulting proposal should include a timeline and key dates. It’s crucial to give the client a clear knowledge of the work’s scope and the deadlines for each output. The intricacy of the project should determine the level of detail in the timetable and milestones, but it should be clear, and succinct, and provide the client with a reasonable idea of the project’s timeline.

6. How do I determine the pricing and payment terms for my consulting services in the proposal?

You should take into account your experience, area of expertise, and market prices for comparable services when deciding on the pricing and payment arrangements for your consulting services. It’s crucial to take into account the extent of the work, the required amount of effort, and any additional costs you might incur. You should give the client’s budget and preferred methods of payment serious consideration when presenting the pricing and payment terms in a clear and understandable manner.

7. What are the best practices for formatting and presenting my consulting proposal?

The ideal formatting and presentation techniques for a consulting proposal are using a formal, orderly, and simple layout. The proposal should have a clean layout with distinct headings, bullet points, and illustrations. Additionally, you should proofread the proposal to make sure it is error-free and complete.

8. How do I address potential objections or concerns in my consulting proposal?

You should be up-forward and honest about any potential risks, constraints, or obstacles that may develop during the project in your consulting proposal to allay any objections or concerns that might be raised. Assure the client that you have the knowledge and experience necessary to overcome any challenges by offering answers or alternatives to these problems.

9. Should I include a table of contents in my consulting proposal?

Yes, your consulting proposal should have a table of contents. It gives the client a breakdown of the proposal’s organizational structure and facilitates their navigation and ability to access particular information. Additionally, it conveys a polished and well-organized view of your presentation.

10. How do I make my consulting proposal stand out from others the client might receive?

You should precisely cater your consulting proposal to the needs and objectives of the client in order to set it apart from others the client may get. Additionally, you can employ a distinctive and captivating design that showcases your branding and character. Additionally, it’s crucial to emphasize your distinctive value proposition and the advantages your consulting services will offer. Include case studies or recommendations that show your prior success on projects similar to this one.

Ending thoughts on the consulting proposal template

In conclusion, there are quite a few consulting proposal template options that you can choose from online.

The final one should be the template that helps you describe best what are your consulting services about and how you are going to bring value to your client.

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