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If you thought that the gym staff spends all of their time working out and training other people, you have obviously never been a gym employer. They spend so much time in the office trying to deal with all the gym management tasks like you wouldn’t believe!

Luckily, there are several cool gym management software options that can help them deal with all that administrative stuff and focus more on the members and the gym itself. Check out Amelia, our WordPress appointment booking plugin. It knows exactly how to handle all client-related activities.

Sounds like something you need? If so, let’s take a look at the best gym management software and all the ways they can benefit your business and make your gym staff more effective.

How expensive is a Gym Management Software?

One of the first things everybody who plans to invest in a new software wants to know if how much it is going to cost them.

Since most of those systems are cloud-based, there will be a certain monthly or annual fee based on your gym’s characteristics. For example, some of the things that will shape the price are the number of the staff and members, the number of your gym’s locations, and similar.

Most gym management tools offer different packages. That means that the package you choose will not only determine certain features of your system but also its price. It is important to invest in the package and the software that best fits your budget and needs.

If you run a personal training business, there is no need for you to pay a couple of hundred dollars per month for a gym management software. Instead, you should consider investing in personal trainer software which will help you save money.

For comparison, the average price for a gym management system anywhere between $125 and $200 per month. On the other hand, a personal trainer system will cost you tens of dollars monthly.

Why Should I Use a Gym Management Software?

If your staff is busy with dealing with the administrative work, they cannot focus on what is really important. For example, investing in members and helping to expand your gym should be a priority rather than spending the whole day in the office.

A good gym management system will help you save your staff’s time, organize all aspects of your business, make appointments, and basically perform most of the important tasks via computer or tablet at any given moment.

Which Gym Management Software should I Use?

There are numerous gym management systems out there to choose from. However, we are going to focus on those that offer the best features at the best price. Let’s take a look:


WellnessLiving is a cloud-based business management tool for wellness businesses around the globe. You can choose the type of the business you’re running (e.g. personal training, yoga, fitness, Pilates, health club, and many more) and this system will offer you the best features for your business.

The features include but are not limited to:

  • Online booking
  • Online payments
  • Class scheduling
  • Marketing management
  • Automated reminders via email and/or phone


Glofox is a gym and fitness management system that helps you with:

  • managing your studio at any given moment wherever you are
  • retaining your customers by building a rock-solid member relationship
  • developing your brand
  • growing your business

Glofox is ideal for fitness studios, gyms, yoga studios, and multi-location fitness businesses. You can try it out for free by requesting a free demo before committing to a monthly subscription.

You will get a cool Member App for Android and iOS devices which is pretty simple and easy to use. Members will be able to book classes online, complete online payments, connect the app to their social media accounts etc.


MINDBODY was created for gym, fitness, and wellness business owners to help them focus on what matters the most – mind and body.

Once you complete the MINDBODY login, you will be able to get a free demo before subscribing to MINDBODY online. MINDBODYonline offers two types of software: one for small businesses and one for the enterprise. The most important features include things like online booking, marketing, the point of sale etc.

So it doesn’t matter if you are just a small gym owner or if you’re running a big wellness business because MB is equally as good for both. If you are not sure whether or not it’s the right choice for you, you can contact MINDBODY support at any time.


Pike13 is a mobile business software and cloud-based client management studio. With Pike 13, tasks like scheduling, billing, and client management get a lot easier.

The features include:

  • electronic payments and coupons
  • online booking
  • client sign-up
  • monthly payment collection
  • sending out client notification
  • Payroll management


Virtuagym is a tool that is very useful both for people who want to get fit and for fitness professionals and gym owners.

The features include:

  • Billing and invoicing
  • Scheduling training and online booking
  • Tracking staff attendance
  • Monitoring member check-ins
  • Collecting online payment
  • Tracking the nutrition needs of the clients
  • Planning workouts
  • Sharing plans
  • Setting goals


TeamSnap makes managing your team or sports organization easier than ever! Team Snap offers several different options and features based on your needs:

  1. Manage My Organisation

You can manage your organization with TeamSnap for Clubs & Leagues. After TeamSnap login, you can manage registration and payments, scheduling, and communication.

  1. Manage My Team

You can manage your team with TeamSnap for Teams which is a perfect team app. After Team Snap login, you can take control of messaging and chat, team schedule, and player availability.

  1. Run My Tournaments

You can easily run your tournaments with TeamSnap for Tournaments. This TeamSnap app gives you access to custom registration, automated scheduling, and real-time messaging.


PerfectGym is all-in-one club management software for wellness and fitness professionals. The features can be customized to best fit your needs. You can also get a free demo to ensure that this platform is right for you.

The most important include:

  • Online sales, billing, booking, membership management, marketing, and reporting
  • Control the customer journey
  • Point of sale & dynamic reception
  • Learn more about your members
  • Stay connected
  • Easy payment process


ClubRunner is a useful membership management tool. You can use it to:

  • Manage membership growth & retention
  • Improve public relations
  • Boost communication
  • Impact goals


Compete is a cloud-based club management tool. What sets it apart is the front desk module with numerous security features such as fingerprint scanners, cameras, and similar. Thanks to that, the users are able to access only authorized functionalities.

Zen Planner

Zen Planner is an advanced, all-in-one fitness business software. It is easy to use, it helps you save time, and it helps you grow your business.

It offers different solutions for affiliate gyms, gym owners, mixed martial arts, traditional martial arts, yoga studios, and other. With ZenPlanner, you can also schedule a free demo to make sure it offers all the features you need.

The key features include:

  • Easy payment processing and automated billing
  • Self-service kiosk iPad app
  • A member app and a staff app for iOS and Android devices
  • Online scheduling
  • Workout tracking
  • Belt and skill tracking


PushPress is a cloud-based business management system for gyms and clubs that offers many useful options and features that will help you with your day-to-day business tasks.

The features include but are not limited to:

  • Self-sign-up pages on your website
  • Integrated and shared data with your other tools
  • Recurring subscriptions, Punchcards, 1-on-1 Private Sessions, Events, Seminars, Courses, Non-recurring, Drop-ins, etc.
  • Use our custom native app to verify members have a valid account and valid digital waiver
  • Sell Apparel, Sports Drinks, and Supplements in seconds


Running a gym is a business just like any other which means that it takes a lot of administrative work and management. Luckily, there are numerous tools and systems to help you with that.

The above-mentioned systems are some of the best gym management software to date and they are definitely worth checking out. Apart from the mentioned, there are others you might be interested in like Vagaro or Vagaro Pro, EzFacility, PerfectMind, etc.

No matter which software you choose, the important thing is that it helps you with the day-to-day tasks and gives you more time to focus on what really matters – your customers. With the right management system, your customer satisfaction and, well, your own should get better with every new day.

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