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Beachbody is an excellent platform if you’re passionate about fitness and would like to turn this passion into a career. Beachbody coaches live healthy, fulfilling lives, and use online platforms to inspire others to do the same. It is a great way to help people to feel good about themselves and promote body positivity.

The key to being successful on such a platform isn’t about working hard as much as it is about working smart. In this modern age, a social media presence is a necessity for any successful business and these channels can be used to easily connect with the Beachbody team.

This will help you communicate and build relationships with clients while still managing appointments. Using online methods is the perfect way to attract new clientele. In a world where there is an app for everything, it is vital to use these online methods to your advantage to propel your coaching business.

Why Become a Beachbody Coach?

Beachbody provides a very attractive way to earn a living and have fun doing it. In the fast-paced society we live in, no one wants to be stuck in a 9-5 job anymore and Beachbody can help you have a desirable work-life balance.

The platform allows you to run your own business by sharing your passion for fitness and healthy living in a schedule that suits you. You’ll be able to do what you love every single day.

This article created by our team at Amelia, the WordPress booking plugin, gives some great tips on how to be a successful Beachbody coach:

Stay Motivated

Being a coach of any kind requires you to motivate others, and no one can do that if they’re not invested themselves. Just a little research on successful Beachbody coaches will reveal that the secret ingredient for success is intrinsic motivation. Most Beachbody coaches started by losing weight with Beachbody and becoming fit enough to start showing others how this is possible.

Adopt a Productivity Technique

Any person who is self-employed can verify that what you get out of a business will only be as a result of what you put in. Make the best use of the time you dedicate to this business, keeping your end goal in mind. It’s important to create a schedule that suits you and turn it into a daily routine.

Build Relationships

An essential part of success in this business is strong interpersonal relationships. People are more likely to be motivated by someone they can trust and relate to and by developing that connection, your clients will have greater success with reaching their goals. This might take a bit of vulnerability on your part so that people can see the journey you have taken and be inspired to do the same.

Perfect Your Marketing Strategy

You will need to develop an effective marketing strategy that gives potential clients a clear insight into who you are as a coach. Your website should be professional and easy to navigate with a consistent theme that highlights your individual brand. Following this approach will make it much easier for people to understand your coaching methods and feel more comfortable contacting you.

Maintain your Personal Development

Similar to the dedication and effort it requires to achieve a body transformation, building a business will need just as much work. It’s important to maintain the correct mindset and develop the necessary skills for the industry. Consistency is key, the efforts to make your business successful will likely yield results within 3-6 months. The results will be worth the effort and dedication once you are making a living by helping others to achieve their health and fitness goals.

The Best Apps for Beachbody Coaches

If you want to know how to be a successful Beachbody coach, then you need to start with some apps.

Here is a list of apps that will effectively simplify your new role as a Beachbody coach.


With the nature of coaching as a business, you won’t be available to take every call or reply immediately to emails from wanting to make appointments.

Amelia is a convenient WordPress scheduling plugin making it possible for clients to book appointments online. It has a straightforward interface that allows for quick access to your calendar so that you can plan your workday better.

Once installed, Amelia acts as a 24-hour scheduling assistant. This will allow you, as the administrator, to create and manage the services being offered to clients as well as the available appointment times. Clients can pay for their bookings beforehand with a client payment portal.


Branding is the best way to attract clients. Showing your lifestyle through photos and videos on social media lets a client know what you can do for them. The primary factor will be that these photos have a specific style displaying your recognizable brand. This ensures that if your content is promoted elsewhere, clients will immediately be able to see that it belongs to you.

Over is an app that will allow you to create custom content using multiple text elements that can be linked to your brand. In addition to text, the app allows you to add graphic features to your uploaded photos and videos.


Building a relationship with your clients is an important aspect of being successful in this business. With this in mind, Teamzy is a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) app that provides a platform for maintaining these connections easily. By consistently staying in touch with people, you will be the first person they think of when they need a fitness professional. This can build the trust needed to recommend you to friends and family.

Some of its functions include:

  • Building authentic relationships
  • Completing income-producing activities in less than an hour
  • Tracking and managing prospective opportunities
  • Communicating with customers and coaches


Dropbox is a popular solution for cloud storage. Its capabilities allow for the upload of documents, videos, photos, audio clips, and any other files that need to be safely stored. It also allows you to share these files with your teammates or clients. Since nothing is stored using device memory, files can be accessed from anywhere.

Coaching will create a large amount of content to be shared with prospective and existing clients. Dropbox is a great way to store all of it in one, easily accessible place.


With the busy world we live in, not everyone has time for face-to-face meetings. Nevertheless, keeping in touch with teammates is vitally important to this business. Zoom is a video call platform that can be used to facilitate coach apprenticeship calls, leadership calls, and team calls. No matter which part of the world you’re trying to connect to, Zoom is a simple solution for easy communication.


Being a Beachbody coach is more about selling yourself than selling your services. Videos allow clients to see exactly what they will be signing up for and thereby feel more confident that they want your services. Clients buy into what you represent which is vital for building trust.

iMovie is a video editing and creation app that will take your videos to the next level. It is intuitive and will give your videos a quality that is cinema worthy. The app will help you create aesthetically pleasing and polished videos that will be sure to draw in your clients’ attention and build your brand.

BB Links – Your Coaching Links

With a successful business, you won’t be available to respond to every query from potential clients. It isn’t possible to be the salesperson, administrator, and coach all at the same time. Nevertheless, clients expect a timely response.

BB Links is a great tool to assist with managing your business while you are otherwise occupied. Potential clients will receive the information requested with customized Beachbody links quickly and efficiently. BB Links also allows you to toggle between multiple business centers so that as your business grows, you can organize your work accordingly.


Using social media effectively is important. Content that is posted at the optimal time will have the greatest impact on your target audience. Using Later, you can upload photos to Instagram, visually planning, and scheduling posts in advance. This will help you to optimize your reach and can maximize your schedule.

The Training Notebook 

The Training Notebook is an app that was created specifically for personal trainers, making it the perfect fit for your Beachbody coaching business. The app allows you to quickly and efficiently build customized training programs for clients. Workouts can be uploaded and then shared with clients. There are existing program templates available or you can adapt one to align with your brand. The app boasts a body assessment feature that allows you to conveniently store before and after pictures of your clients. You will also be able to input your clients’ caliper readings so that they can be calculated by the app itself, saving you time and paperwork.


Personal development is crucial to running a business. The health benefits of reading are both intellectual and psychological and should not be overlooked because of a busy schedule.

Audible allows you to download audiobooks from Amazon to your device for easy listening while driving, cooking, or even working out. There is no longer any excuse not to get in at least 10 minutes a day for reflection and growth.


This app is very helpful with content creation and provides a platform for making a photo or video collage. Videos can be edited to the perfect length with various playback options. Your files can also be optimized for Instagram through the creation of square videos and collages.

Ending thoughts on how to be a successful Beachbody coach

The apps outlined in this article highlight ways for you to organize your Beachbody business. Technology will give you a competitive edge as well as manage your time efficiently.

These apps will streamline many of the tedious tasks that are associated with being a Beachbody coach and give you more time to focus on your passion. Remember to pay careful attention to your marketing efforts and client retention tools as these will build your brand resulting in a steady client base with plenty of referral potential.

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