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Whatever niche you are working with, a plugin to manage calendar events and bookings is bound to be helpful. As it happens, EventOn is one of the most popular options out there.

One of the reasons why EventOn is so popular is its flexibility. It comes with exciting features that help manage all the events of a company as well as their appointments, and you can achieve cool effects with its flat design and color palette. Also, EventOn helps you build particularly beautiful visuals.

However, many logged-in users complain about its style. Also, although extra features are available, you can only get them through paid add-ons. Some users even say that the design is too complex.

Pricing, too, is a sensitive issue. For example, many of its add-on features are promoted in the description of the basic product.

That’s why we’ve prepared a list of the very best EventOn alternatives that you may find useful.

Top 11 EventOn Alternatives to Consider


Amelia wordpress booking calendar

The first scheduling solution on our list is Amelia.

Amelia is a WordPress booking plugin that is known for its simplicity, ease of use, sleek design, powerful features, useful integrations, and excellent customer support.

Designed with the end-user in mind and tailored to the demanding needs of service businesses, Amelia is equipped to make your (and your clients’) scheduling process smooth, efficient, and fast.

Amelia’s features all serve one purpose – to help you manage your bookings and streamline your business operations.

Track, organize, and manage your appointments with Amelia’s intuitive dashboard. Set automatic text reminders and emails to ensure your customers don’t forget about their appointments and minimize no-shows. Accept payments and deposits via PayPal and Stripe. Automate your event bookings as well and schedule single-day, multi-day, and recurring events.

amelia booking process

The best thing is that the booking process takes only a few clicks, making this booking plugin one of the most-user friendly scheduling solutions on our list.

Another benefit is that you have access to some very useful integrations, such as WooCommerce, Google Calendar, Zoom, and Google Analytics.

And all of that is available under only one license, with no add-ons or hidden expenses.

Event Espresso

event espresso homepage screenshot

Event Espresso is an excellent solution compared to EventOn. We’re talking about a WordPress plugin specialized in event tickets and registration management. It comes with features like scanning usabilities, event check-in, and payment platforms.

If this sounds like something you may benefit from, don’t hesitate to give it a try. However, if you want a simple solution to display your featured events, you may want to choose another option. All the EventOn alternatives on this list have something to offer.

All in all, Event Espresso comes with a full set of features. This includes event location, venue information, all-day events or events with specific time frames, multiple times and days for a single event, and integration with Google Maps.

The Events Calendar

the events calendar homepage screenshot

Manage all virtual events with this powerful tool. Display them on monthly and daily views.

With this event calendar plugin, you can do more than share future events: you can increase your engagement. Your visitors can subscribe to receive updates for all the events, thanks to the plugin’s Google Calendar and Apple iCloud Calendar integration. Moreover, its fine coding allows you to greatly customize your event views its fine coding.

The designs you get with The Events Calendar are responsive and compatible with popular themes like Avada or Divi. If you want a good alternative to EventOn, choose this option. You’ll get perks like a keyword search feature, AJAX loading, time zone support, and integration with Google Maps.

Events Manager

events manager download page


Although it’s not as widely used as EventOn or The Events Calendar, this option offers a lot. You’ll also find it has good ratings.

The best part is that the free version of Events Manager offers features that other free plans don’t. For example, you get support for event tickets and bookings. Also, the user can subscribe to your event news. If you decide to go for the paid plan, you can collect payments right from the plugin.

Its main drawback is the presentation of the event calendar. It comes with templates that don’t stand out for their beauty. Also, if you want to edit them, you need to use CSS and HTML.

My Calendar

my calendar download page


Here is another free plugin to replace EventOn. This WordPress plugin won’t disappoint you.

You’ll find support through different features like event location, event type categories, calendars, and groups. To easily embed your event calendar, generate a shortcode or simply add a widget. That way, you can share your event date on blogs, pages, and sidebars.

This is a highly customizable solution for your many events, with a wide array of settings for event pages. With six premade skins, you can make your event calendar look exactly the way you want. Thus, My Calendar offers a high level of control that is hard to find in EventOn.

Savvy users can use the editor to upload their custom CSS. Finally, it supports Google Maps, event popups, and the possibility to add a single event page.

Modern Events Calendar

modern events calendar homepage screenshot

Do you want to replace EventOn effectively? Check out this option!

This plugin was sold at CodeCanyon with an excellent performance: over 4,800 sales, 181 reviews, and a rating of 4.78 stars.

Now, Modern Events Calendar is an independent plugin with both a free and a premium version. You can get the free plan at wordpress.org and the upgraded version on the developer’s website. If you’re on a budget, the free version of Modern Events Calendar is a good option, giving you a fair number of functionalities.

The free plan includes support for organizers and venues and different types of events. Set up both one-day and recurring events. Also with the free version, you can accept subscriptions right on the front end.

As its name suggests, this EventOn alternative brings a modern design to display your related events. All in all, it’s a solid solution if you want great style without too much effort.

Time.ly All-In-One Events Calendar


This all-in-one solution makes an excellent free EventOn alternative. You can use it on all kinds of websites. A great option for newbies, Timely All-in-One Events Calendar is SEO-friendly, responsive, and lightweight. Your visitors will see your events perfectly from any screen.

Creating events is easy, and you can build a single event page, never-ending events, or recurring events. By introducing categories and tags, your visitors can find their favorite events easily. Thanks to these features, this software is excellent for holding both in-person and virtual events.

You can also use other applications to import elements. For example, Apple iCloud Calendar and Google Calendar are perfectly compatible. Another great plus is the possibility to showcase your projects in the viewer’s time zone.

WP Simple Booking Calendar

wp simple booking calendar homepage screenshot

WP Simple Booking Calendar is simple to use, but by no means simple in the features it offers. It actually includes captions and month names in 30 different languages.

Ideal for multiple organizers, it lets you combine several schedules into one dashboard. With the premium plan, you access the possibility to edit in bulk and synchronize your calendars with popular websites. This includes Airbnb and Booking.com.

Managers can provide a better user experience by allowing visitors to edit the event calendar. Users also get extra event details by hovering their mouse over the event date.

If you need a search bar, WP Simple Booking Calendar includes a search widget. You can also apply changeover days to simplify the booking process.

Stachethemes Event Calendar

stachethemes event calendar purchase page screenshot

Coming from CodeCanyon, this is a premium tool whose price ranges between EventOn and Modern Events Calendar, and it doesn’t require any paid add-ons.

It comes with neat calendars for a clear view of your related events, and you can display more in the sidebar. Simply insert the widget, and the rest is easy. Specially designed to work with Elementor, you can add calendar elements to your event page hassle-free. You’re free to customize away with Stachethemes’s functionalities.

Finally, it integrates seamlessly with popular payment platforms. Its eCommerce capabilities will allow you to collect payments right from your website.

Events Calendar for Google

events calendar for google download page screenshot

If you want a simpler alternative when compared to EventOn, this is it. Displaying elements from your Google Calendar has never been easier. Set them up in a calendar, a grid, or a list.

So, all you have to do is insert your Google Calendar’s URL. Then create your events from there and display them on your event page.

Moreover, you have plenty of features to choose from. For instance, control how your calendars look by inserting shortcodes. Customize the appearance even further through custom stylesheets.

Although it doesn’t include a system for event tickets, you can sell them through a third party. Just enter the page’s URL on your Google Calendar and you’ll be ready to sell.


10web homepage screenshot

10Web is one of the most responsive EventOn alternatives. Add unlimited events that will look stunning across all devices.

Its settings area includes plenty of fields for better customization. Then, add a widget and include your featured events also on your sidebar.

Since sharing is vital for the promotion of your projects, 10Web comes with a sharing button for Google Plus, Twitter, and Facebook.

If you want to enhance the plugin’s features, you have to buy add-ons. You can acquire them either separately or in bundles.

Finally, make your event locations easily available for your attendees by making use of 10Web’s integration with Google Maps.

To Sum Up

If you’re looking for an alternative to EventOn, consider using one of the suggested solutions from our list.

Even though each option has its strong points, our personal favorite is Amelia. Its ease of use, efficiency, number of features available, and price are unmatched. We advise you to try a demo version and see for yourself.