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Whether you are a business consultant or entrepreneur, there are countless business challenges that you must tackle to make a business successful. The business arena has changed in ways that have surpassed the imagination and dreams of the most enlightened business genii.

A global digital market, unsurpassed technology, and social media are only some of the factors that have reshaped the business world into a multifaceted, fast-paced arena where business owners cannot deal single-handedly with all aspects of business unless they are superhumans.

It is a physical impossibility for one individual to be an expert at everything and today’s business setting requires that each aspect of a business is handled by an expert for a business to be competitive and productive. It is a truth that has never been more evident than it is today. In order to be able to handle everything, one might need some professional help. Check out Amelia, an appointment scheduling plugin for WordPress that provides automated booking services that will come in handy to every online business.

Within this context, the demand for highly qualified business consultants has increased beyond expectations. Today, business consultants, i.e., experts, come to meet and address business problems and all types of business challenges that are associated with growing a business.

Business consultants offer the expertise required to solve a specific business problem at a specific time, which ensures the best possible results. If you are an entrepreneur or business owner, here is a list of business challenges that might require the help of a business consultant:

Uncertainty about the Future

Before you learn how to grow a business, you must eliminate uncertainty about the future of your business by bringing in a business consultant that specializes in studying and predicting market and customer trends. It is crucial for entrepreneurs to be fully aware of this aspect.

Finding new customers

Independent business consultants understand that a growing business involves finding new customers since they are usually brought in as experts to solve immediate business problems, which means their job is done once they provide a solution for the current business challenges.

Therefore, business consultants must focus on developing strategies to develop a year-round business stream based on an ever-growing client portfolio and a record of successfully handled projects. To grow business, they must seek new clients actively and add them to their portfolio.

Retaining Old Customers

Finding new customers is one thing, having them come back to you repeatedly is quite a different thing. In today’s world, loyalty is not the most reliable feature of business owners and entrepreneurs who rarely opt to work with the same business consultant over several years.

When a business is financially challenged, they usually opt out of renewing a consultancy contract. This is one of the reasons a company may choose a less expensive consultant or no consultant at all. Another reason, which is difficult to control, is unrealistic expectations.

Businesses tend to believe that a consultant is some magician who can fix any problem in no time at all. Their unrealistic expectations drive them to look for a different consultant or agency that promises to solve their business challenges immediately. They fail to see your value.

Your role as a consultant is to make them see your value because they will fail to see it based on those aforementioned unrealistic expectations. Another aspect that a business consultant must manage to retain customers is their relationship with the customer/client.

The customer-consultant relationship requires constant efforts to maintain it at a very personal level. In this context, reputation is vital. Yes, you can get new customers via a smart marketing strategy, but you can only retain them via your expertise and impeccable reputation.

The Hassle of Time Tracking

Using an ingenious time tracking solution is beneficial to clients and business consultants. Such a time tracking solution provides clients with the transparency they need and also allows consultants to keep track of what time they have dedicated to what client.

Consultants should stop associating time tracking with surveillance. They should understand that it’s only fair for the client to know how they spend their money and it’s also good for them to know how their time is spent and eventually be able to improve their work process.

Financial Management

Business owners and CEOs are people with great ideas, but having a great idea about building a profitable business is a long way to go. Many times, such enlightened minds tend to neglect small business problems, such as finances, profit margins, overheads, and cash flow.

It is important for growing your business to contract a business consultant specializing in finances, rather than employ a CFO full-time. Consultants on common business challenges are better than full-time employees for growing businesses that are small-to-medium size.

Monitoring Performance

Key Performance Indicators are essential to growing a business. Business owners must understand the importance of translating KPIs into informed business decisions. While many CEOs are visionaries, they are rarely equipped with the expertise to develop KPIs for their businesses.

In this context, it is important that businesses choose KPI experts as consultants because these business consultants have the knowledge, expertise, tools, and experience to develop the KPIs their business needs and communicate those metrics for businesses to use effectively. Monitoring performance is only one of the types of challenges that entrepreneurs businesses face on their path to success. It is a true business challenge without expert help.

Regulation and Compliance

Many CEOs believe they know all there is to know about their business and the industry they are operating in, but the truth is they are not experts when it comes to rules that govern their industry and which they gave to stick to the letter for their business to operate legally.

The development of new technologies and markets is causing the legal setting to change constantly and keeping up with this fast-changing environment is not an easy task.  It is also one of the challenges of a growing company because adapting to fast-paced changes is not easy. Thus to adopt new changes, company managers take workplace conflict resolution workshops to identify changes and manage conflict.

It is especially hard when entrepreneurial businesses don’t know what regulations they are supposed to follow and how to adapt to new changes as far as these regulations are concerned. Non-compliance has many negative consequences and can cause major business challenges.

It is advisable that entrepreneurs seek expert advice in this direction from people who know how to grow business while sticking to the rules despite their ever-changing nature. Compliance is one of the challenges of entrepreneurship because a huge fine can break a small business.

Competencies and Recruiting the Right Talent

A business is only as good as its human resources, which means that people remain the greatest asset of a company. Small businesses face the problem of not being able to source the right people with the right skills because they don’t feel that they need a full-time HR division.

If small and medium businesses want to thrive, they need to understand that sourcing the right people with the right set of competencies is the key to their future growth and development. As an entrepreneur, using an HR expert is the best investment to solve this business challenge.

Effective Diagnosis

It is difficult to bring an outside team to produce effective and objective diagnoses. Management often opposes to outsiders questioning their decisions, which is why many consultants make a member of the business/client part of their diagnosis problems.

As they are part of the diagnosis process, they get to understand their role in a problem and what changes they must implement in their work process to avoid future business challenges. This eliminates the stress of the client/consultant relationship.

Consultants are not looking to point fingers, but to point problems and why they occurred to find solutions to fix them and prevent them from happening in the future. It is impossible for a business to perform an effective and objective diagnosis internally.


Companies must keep up with technology to be performing at the level of their competition and to the expectations of their customers; there is no question about that.

However, CEOs are not equipped with the technological savviness to allow them to implement new technology without any external help. Some CEOs are not familiar with new technology and some are even reluctant to technology, all the more reason to get experts on it.

Within this context, implementing new technology in a fast-changing environment is one of the biggest business challenges that entrepreneurs are facing today. The need to contract a consultant to handle the technological hassles becomes imperative.

Exploding Data

Fifty years ago, business owners were not exactly concerned with collecting, analyzing, managing, and storing the data their business produced. Today, exploding data is one of the greatest challenges of the business world and an area that requires professional assistance.

It is imperative for businesses to either create an internal team to deal with exploding data, which can rarely be justified, not even for large organizations or hire professionals that deal with exploding data every day and who can provide them with the best return from the data.

Customer Service

Expectations are increasing and diversifying in the ranks of customers. The quality of customer service often makes the difference between a successful business and a struggling business.

Clients expect an instant response to any issues they may have and, the worst, part, they are now able not only to respond to slow customer service, but they can share their anger, discontentment, or annoyance on the world wide web and ruin a business’ reputation instantly.

As a business, you need qualified consultants to implement customer service solutions that provide that instant gratification that the people of the 21st century expect in all aspects of life.

Reputation Management

Customer service and reputation management are intimately connected. Unhappy customers can voice their irritation all over the net and ruin your business reputation in minutes.

People thrive on bad news and they are willing to share bad experiences to pledge their solidarity to a cause that they feel it’s as much theirs as it is the original consumer’s.

Unfortunately, businesses rarely have the objectivity to deal with reputation management effectively, which is why they need a third-party to help them maintain a good reputation.


Business consultancy is a multi-faceted industry, but, despite its diversity, the problems that consultants are facing are the same business challenges that all entrepreneurs are facing.

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