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Video conferencing has been gaining more and more popularity in recent months, with Zoom being the most popular online meeting tool. People use Zoom to host large or small meetings, share their screens, chat, and much more. However, those who are true Zoom masters have a few tricks up their sleeves that help them use this great tool more efficiently. One of those tricks is using Zoom keyboard shortcuts or hotkeys.

These shortcuts can be helpful in preventing confusion and (un)successful attempts to find the right button in the middle of the meeting.

Below are the most useful Zoom keyboard shortcuts sure to come in handy during your video calls.

The Most Used Zoom Keyboard Shortcuts

Instead of reaching for the mouse, try these popular keyboard shortcuts to promptly change the command. They can save you a few seconds each time. It may not seem like a lot, but over a month it accumulates into a decent number of minutes saved.

Learn as many combinations as possible – trust us, you will need them eventually.

Record a Meeting Zoom keyboard shortcut

person using a laptop keyboard

Use this combination to start recording in an instant.


Begin local recording: Alt-R

Begin cloud recording: Alt-C

Pause or resume recording: Alt-P

Mac OS:

Begin local recording: Command(⌘)-Shift-R

Begin cloud recording: Command(⌘)-Shift-C

Pause or resume recording: Command(⌘)-Shift-P

Quick Invite Zoom keyboard shortcuts

Do you want to invite more people to the meeting? To do so at speed, use the following Zoom keyboard shortcuts:

  • Windows: Alt – i
  • Mac OS: Command(⌘) – i

Start and Stop Video hotkeys

person typing on a laptop

It may be helpful to have the camera set by default to ‘off’ when joining a new meeting. If it is in use, switching it off during the meeting can increase the clarity of the call. Should the need arise to turn the camera off quickly, use the keyboard shortcut below:

  • Windows: Alt – V
  • Mac OS: Command(⌘) – Shift – V

Share Screen Zoom keyboard shortcuts

This is one of the most important Zoom functions for both business meetings and virtual classes. Have this combination ready for instant screen sharing:


Share a share screen: Alt – S

Pause or resume share screen: Alt – T

Mac OS:

Share a screen: Command(⌘) – Shift – S

Pause or resume share screen: Command(⌘) – Shift – T

Jump to Chat With Someone hotkeys

a woman on a call

The Chat function is another very useful tool on Zoom. You can send a quick message to all participants, or to an individual. If joining a large meeting, the long list of names can be overwhelming. This shortcut will be handy for sending quick messages to colleagues or classmates:

  • Windows: Ctrl – T
  • Mac OS: Command(⌘) – K

Join a Meeting Zoom keyboard shortcuts

Are you running late? With this shortcut quickly enter the details of the meeting you need to join:

  • Windows: Alt – J
  • Mac OS: Command(⌘) – J

Mute and Unmute Everyone hotkeys

This function is useful for larger groups. It encourages everyone to wait for their turn to speak. It can also assist when participants are experiencing some background noise:

  • Windows: Alt – M
  • Mac OS: Command(⌘) – Ctrl – M

Taking a Screenshot Zoom shortcut

Do you need to take a screenshot? Try the following Zoom hotkeys combo:

  • Windows: Alt – Shift – T
  • Mac OS: Command(⌘) – T

Active Speaker/ Gallery View Zoom hotkeys

zoom meeting gallery view

Both views have their advantages and disadvantages. Sometimes it’s necessary to focus on the speaker alone. At other times a gallery view of all the participants is best. To quickly switch from one view to another, use the following Zoom keyboard shortcuts:


Switch to active speaker view in video meeting: Alt – F1

Switch to gallery view in video meeting: Alt – F2

Mac OS:

Toggle between active speaker view and gallery view: Command(⌘)+Shift+W

Enter or leave the full-screen mode keyboard shortcut

To adjust the screen mode, this shortcut will come in handy:

  • Windows: Alt – F
  • Mac OS: Command(⌘) – Shift – F

Raise or lower hand Zoom keyboard shortcut

When participating in a meeting, you usually have a limited amount of time to raise a hand and ask a question/share your viewpoint. That’s why you need a quick key combination:

  • Windows: Alt – Y
  • Mac OS: Option – Y

Other Useful Zoom Keyboard Shortcuts

You can view and edit keyboard shortcuts in the Zoom desktop app. Open the Zoom home screen and click on the “Settings” icon. This is located under your profile picture. In the left-hand menu go to “Keyboard Shortcuts” to view a full list of the shortcuts available.

It’s also possible to modify the shortcuts here. To edit, click in the “Shortcut” field and type in the combination you prefer. Enter any shortcut using just a single key, or modify it with Alt, Ctrl, or Shift (or on a Mac: Command(⌘), Ctrl, or Shift).

You can enable some of the combinations to become global shortcuts as well.

Here is a list of all the shortcuts for Zoom categorized by the device.

Zoom meeting keyboard shortcuts

zoom meeting on a computer screen


macOS  Windows


Close the current window Command(⌘) – W Alt – F4 /
Switch to portrait or landscape view Command(⌘) – L Alt – L /
Switch from one tab to the next Control – T / Ctrl – Tab
Join meeting Command(⌘) – J / /
Begin meeting Command(⌘) – Control -V / /
Schedule meeting Command(⌘) – J / /
Share screen Command(⌘) – Control – S Alt – S /
Mute/unmute audio Command(⌘) – Shift – A Alt – A Alt – A
Mute audio for everyone except the host (only available to the host) Command(⌘) – Control – M Alt – M Alt – M
Unmute audio for everyone except the host (only available to the host) Command(⌘) – Control – U Alt – M Alt – M
Push to talk Space / /
Begin/finish video Command(⌘) – Shift – V Alt – V Alt – V
Switch camera Command(⌘) – Shift – N Alt – N Alt – N
Begin/finish screen share Command(⌘) – Shift – S Alt – Shift – S Alt – S
Pause/resume screen share Command(⌘) – Shift – T Alt – T Alt – T
Begin/finish local recording Command(⌘) – Shift – R Alt – R Alt – R
Begin/finish cloud recording Command(⌘) – Shift – C Alt – C Alt – C
Pause or resume recording Command(⌘) – Shift – P Alt – P Alt – P
Switch between active speaker view or gallery view Command(⌘) – Shift -W Alt – F1
Alt – F2
Show the previous 25 participants in gallery view Control – P PageUp /
Show the next 25 participants in gallery view Control – N PageDown /
Show/hide participants panel Command(⌘) – U Alt – U Alt – U
Display/hide in-meeting chat panel Command(⌘) – Shift – H Alt – H /
Open invite window Command(⌘) – I Alt – I Alt – I
Copy invite link Command(⌘) – Shift – I Alt – Shift – I /
Raise hand/lower hand Option – Y Alt – Y Alt – Y
Begin remote control Control – Shift – R Alt – Shift – R Alt – Shift – R
Stop remote control Control – Shift – G Alt – Shift – G Alt – Shift – G
Enter or leave fullscreen Command(⌘) – Shift – F Alt – F Esc
Switch to minimal window Command(⌘) – Shift – M / /
Enable/disable dual monitor mode Command(⌘) – Shift – D / /
Display/hide meeting controls Control – Option – Command(⌘) – H Ctrl – Alt – Shift – H /
Read the name of the active speaker Command(⌘) – 2 Ctrl – 2 /
Toggle the Always Show meeting controls option in General settings Control – \ Alt Ctrl – \
Toggle between Zoom popup windows / F6 /
Focus Zoom’s meeting controls  / Ctrl – Alt – Shift /
Open/close meeting chat panel / Alt – H /
End/leave meeting prompt Alt – Q /

Zoom chat keyboard shortcuts

zoom installation


macOS  Windows


Screenshot Command(⌘) – T Alt – Shift – T Alt – Shift – T
Increase the size of chat display Command(⌘) – + / /
Decrease the size of chat display Command(⌘) – – / /
Go back in chat history Command(⌘) – [ Alt – Left Alt – Left
Go forward in chat history Command(⌘) – ] Alt – Right Alt – Right
Start new chat Command(⌘) – N Ctrl – N /
Chat search Command(⌘) – F Ctrl – F /
Add new members to current chat Command(⌘) – Option – I Ctrl – Alt – I /
List of all channels and chats Command(⌘) – Shift – L Ctrl – L /
Jump to the first message Command(⌘) – Control – L Alt – N /
Jump to the last message Command(⌘) – Shift – U Ctrl – U /
Toggle between Landscape and Portrait views / Alt – L /
Close current chat session Ctrl – W Ctrl – W
Go to previous chat / Ctrl – Up /
Go to next chat / Ctrl – Down /
Collapse all chat sessions / / Alt – Shift – Left

Zoom phone keyboard shortcuts


macOS  Windows


Call highlighted phone number Control – Shift – C Ctrl – P /
Accept inbound call Control – Shift – A Ctrl – Shift – A Ctrl – Shift – A
Decline inbound call Control – Shift – D Ctrl – Shift – D Ctrl – Shift – D
Finish the current call Control – Shift – E Ctrl – Shift – E Ctrl – Shift – E
Mute/unmute mic Control – Shift – M Ctrl – Shift – M Ctrl – Shift – M
Hold/resume the call Control – Shift – H Ctrl – Shift – H Ctrl – Shift – H
Call transfer Control – Shift – T Ctrl – Shift – T /

iOS Zoom keyboard shortcuts

ipad screen

Mute/unmute my audio: Command –  Shift – A

Begin/finish my video: Command – Shift – V

Display/hide chat: Command – Shift – H

Minimize meeting: Command –  Shift – M

Display/hide manage participants: Command –  U

Close the front window, such as the participants or meeting settings window: Command –  W

Ending Thoughts

Zoom is a great video conferencing tool. The keyboard shortcuts make it quicker and easier to access its features. Participating in or hosting a meeting is less stressful.

One of the shortcuts every participant appreciates is the ‘Push to Talk’ feature. It allows participants to mute and unmute their microphones. When it’s your turn to speak, just press and hold the spacebar. Or if unexpected background noise occurs, use this feature to block it out.

If you are new to Zoom, having a brief list of favorite shortcuts can be helpful. The more you use them, the quicker you will master them. They will make life much easier, especially if you attend multiple video meetings a day.

On a side note, the Zoom app can be used with Amelia. Amelia is an appointment booking software that can assist with arranging and managing online meetings through audio, chat, and/or video call. Your team can add Zoom links when arranging video call meetings, without leaving their Lever workflow. Good tools save time for other important tasks.

amelia zoom integration

Setting up Zoom integration only takes a few steps. Create a Zoom account and complete the Basic Information. Following this, the App Credentials will open.

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