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Due to the current pandemic, the ability to work and meet remotely has become the life-line of most companies and individuals. As such, Zoom has become the most popular app for individuals and businesses. One challenge is that Zoom’s meeting scheduler can be somewhat complicated. However, to solve that problem the Zoom app can be linked to your Google Calendar. So how can you add zoom to Google Calendar?

This article will explain the different methods available, giving a step-by-step explanation of how to add Zoom to Google Calendar using each method. It will also highlight the premier Amelia WordPress plugin, which is a tool used to link your Zoom meetings to Google Calendar.

If you don’t want Zoom to have access to your personal Google Calendar, the apps can still be linked to work for you. It’s possible to add Zoom calls to Google Calendar easily, with a little copying and pasting.

The following information will teach you how to add Zoom to Google Calendar and how to schedule your Zoom meetings.

The Zoom For Google Calendar Add-On

The first method of adding Zoom to your Google Calendar is the Zoom for Google Calendar add-on. This method is useful if you want to schedule a simple meeting with Zoom or place a call with Zoom Phone.

It is a big time-saver because it syncs information about scheduled Zoom meetings between Google Calendar and the Zoom app on your device. This is especially useful if you are the one tasked with scheduling zoom meetings.

The Google Calendar add-on can be downloaded from the G Suite Marketplace. Once installed, the add-on will show up on your Google Calendar desktop. It will also be accessible on your mobile device via the Google Calendar app for Android or iOS.

So how do you install this zoom scheduler?

Installing the Google Calendar add-on is easy, especially if you already have your own personal Google account. Follow the simple steps below:

  • Sign in to your Google account
  • Go to the G Suite Marketplace and look for Zoom
  • Select ‘Zoom for Google Calendar add-on’
  • Click Install (Once the installation process is finished the Install button will change to ‘installed’).

Once you’ve installed the add-on, how do you use it?

  • Open up your Google Calendar and click the Zoom icon to the right of the screen. If the icon isn’t showing this means the add-on isn’t installed.
  • Ensure you’re signed in to Zoom via the add-on and then create a new calendar event

  • Look for the ‘Add Conferencing’ field and click it.
  • Choose ‘Zoom’ from the drop-down.

After you click ‘Zoom’ a meeting will be generated, based on the criteria you put in the Zoom add-on menu. All the usual options that would be displayed if you were creating your meeting from the Zoom app, are still available in this menu.

Send the invitation to your participants and they’ll be able to join your Zoom meeting using your Google Calendar.

What about on Android or iOS?

  • Ensure you are signed in to your Zoom account through the Google Calendar add-on
  • Next, open up your Google Calendar and create an event.
  • In your event, click on ‘Add conferencing’
  • Choose Zoom Meeting. You’ll then be redirected to zoom.us to log into your account.

Another great time-saving feature of this add-on is that it also allows you to edit and add a Zoom call to a meeting that was previously scheduled. To do this follow the same steps listed above.

The Zoom Scheduler Extension

Another way to add zoom to google Calendar is by using the Zoom Scheduler Extension. This Extension empowers participants to schedule Zoom meetings using their Google Calendar. The meeting link and details are then sent as a Google Calendar invitation to other participants. Attendees can then join the meeting with one click of a button directly from the calendar. This makes it useful for starting an instant meeting or to schedule future meetings.

So how do you install this extension? To install, follow the steps below:

  • First, ensure you are using Google Chrome
  • Then google search Zoom Scheduler extension
  • Download by clicking the ‘Add to Chrome’ option
  • Then click the ‘Add Extension’ button

Once you’ve installed the extension, how do you use it?

  • Open Google Calendar
  • Set up a meeting and invite whomever you choose
  • Then click ‘Make it a Zoom Meeting’
  • You’ll then be prompted to sign in. After doing so, your meeting will be all set up.

All your participants will get the details needed to attend your Zoom meeting. To prevent you from having to repeat the same usage steps every time you want to schedule a new meeting, you can automatically schedule your meeting with the settings and attendees from your last meeting. Or, you can choose to change those settings by following the usage steps above.

How To Add Zoom To Google Calendar Manually

You may not feel comfortable with the fact that the add-ons ask for a lot of permissions.  The negative headlines about Zoom security issues make it reasonable to want to explore safer options.

If you don’t want to give Zoom the ability to snoop around in your Google Calendar you can still add a Zoom meeting to your Google Calendar.

You’ll feel safer but keep in mind this option has disadvantages. For example, you’ll be missing out on the automatic functions between Google Calendar and Zoom. You’ll also be losing the ability to join and start Zoom meetings directly from your Google Calendar.

Let’s now explore how to add Zoom to Google Calendar without using the add-on. To link the apps manually please follow the steps below:

  • First, ensure you have the Zoom app installed and that you are signed in
  • Then, create a new Zoom meeting and tap the ‘Copy Invitation’ button

  • Now open up Google Calendar and create a new meeting or go into a previously created meeting event.
  • Click ‘More Options’ and paste the copied Zoom meeting details into the notes section

  • Then, save the meeting and set Google Calendar to send an email to chosen guests saved in your calendar. Once you click ‘Send’, each participant will get an updated Google invite with the Zoom meeting instructions to join.

How To Join Or Start Your Zoom Meeting Using Google Calendar

If you’ve chosen to install the Google Calendar add-on or Extension, and already scheduled a meeting, how do you join or start your Zoom meeting directly from your Google Calendar?

Joining using Google Calendar:

  • Open Google Calendar (calendar.google.com), and click on your pre-scheduled Zoom meeting.
  • Tap ‘Join Zoom Meeting’. The Zoom app automatically loads the meeting if already installed on your device.
  • If it isn’t, then you can click ‘Join Instructions’ to open the meeting details in a new window. Or, place the cursor over one of the join options and click the ‘Copy’ icon. Paste these details into your browser.

Joining on your Mobile Device:

  • First, ensure you have the Google Calendar app downloaded
  • Open it up and tap on the calendar event that you have a Zoom meeting added to.
  • Select one of the two Join options that Google Calendar automatically displays. Tap either the ‘Dial-in’ option or the ‘zoom.us’ link. This will either open your browser to join the meeting or cause the Zoom app to load once it is already installed on the device.

How To Schedule Your Meeting Even Easier

Using Zoom with Google Calendar is easy The two-step process involves merely installing the add-on or extension, then scheduling your meetings. However, there is an easier and automatic way of setting up your meetings? The Amelia WordPress plugin has the ability to link Zoom with your Google Calendar events.

Does your business or your personal affairs depend on a stable appointment booking process?

Amelia is the perfect tool.

It has a 2-way Google Calendar synchronization. This means when a client books an appointment through your WordPress website. That booking is automatically updated to your Google Calendar.

Amelia ensures that this new event or booking does not clash with any other time slots that coincide with it on the Google calendar. With the Amelia WordPress Plugin, you can schedule your meeting and also provide a video feed.

Ending thoughts on how to add zoom to Google Calendar easily

It’s easy to use Zoom with Google Calendar, with just a few simple steps. It’s even easier when you use the Amelia WordPress plugin, with additional benefits for companies and individuals.

Now you know how to share Google Calendar with Zoom to get the best of both apps. Go ahead and add Zoom to Google Calendar, and use Amelia to simplify and streamline your meeting and appointment booking process.

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