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Displaying events on your website is a great way to attract people to your product. However, managing them by hand can prove to be a tedious and time-consuming task.

Using a WordPress plugin makes the process easier and gives users more flexibility. These plugins are manageable from within the WordPress dashboard itself.

They help to show events in different ways and various layouts on the front-end of the website. Some plugins allow the user to sell tickets and manage event visitors.

This makes obtaining a WordPress event booking plugin a worthwhile endeavor. It is helpful for displaying events, and for ticketing and making reservations.

This article highlights several booking plugins beginning with the most popular one.

Top event booking plugins to check out


Amelia Events Calendar

If you are looking for a reliable event booking plugin, Amelia should be your top pick. It is a powerful all-in-one booking specialist, yet it is very easy to use. On top of that, it manages your bookings 24/7 so you can spend more time focusing on more important aspects of your job.

Amelia sends automated notifications to the users and your staff, helps the clients pick the service and the employee that best fits their needs, takes care of invoicing and payments, and more.

On top of that, it is a highly customizable event registration service which means that you will be able to customize it to fit your brand as best as possible.

Event Organiser

Event Organiser is the second WordPress event booking plugin on the list. It is a dependable choice because it works well with any WordPress installation.

It adds an events post while keeping the familiar WordPress functionality.

Event Organiser allows the use of WordPress post features and adds extra functionality. This functionality includes the options of reassigning and rescheduling events.

It can also create similar events based on previous posts. The different widgets allow users to display their events in alternative ways.

Also provided are shortcodes that determine how the chosen events appear. They can show or hide information such as venue details.

WP Event Manager

WP Event Manager is a lightweight WordPress event management plugin. As such, its features are a little more limited, but it keeps sites fast and back-ends free from clutter.

This is one of the newer event management tools. Yet, in the time it has been around it has gained a lot of popularity.

An internet search for WP Event Manager will return many positive reviews. This is, in part, because of their excellent customer support.

As is often the case with WordPress plugins, there is a free and a paid version.

The free option offers basic scheduling options. The paid versions include add-ons to boost its performance and add functionality.

Although simple in appearance WP Event Manager contains some very powerful features.

Modern Events Calendar

This plugin centers around an embeddable events calendar for use on any website. It is a modern and refined software product that has a free and a premium edition.

The free Lite version is downloadable from the WordPress.org website. To buy the premium version, the client must visit the developer’s website.

The free Lite version contains many essential functionalities. This makes Modern Events Calendar a good choice for users with a limited budget.

After installation, users have all they need to deliver a beautiful product. This plugin is easy to use, with little additional work required to get the best out of it.

Sugar Calendar

The next WordPress event booking plugin is Sugar Calendar. Created by the developers at Sandhills Development, Sugar Calendar is a lightweight option.

Their previous releases include Easy Digital Downloads, AffiliateWP, and Restrict Content Pro. Sandhills Development is known for its clean and flexible code.

Sugar Calendar is no exception. It has all the needed features, without being heavy and sluggish.

Of all the options presented here, Sugar Calendar is one of the simplest. Yet, it has all the essential features.

With the premium version, users gain access to added functionality.

Stachethemes Event Calendar

Stachethemes Event Calendar is a popular events calendar and it is one of the newest. It has a one-page admin feature.

Stachethemes Event Calendar is optimized for use with mobile devices. The WooCommerce integration allows online ticket sales and the sale of related merchandise.

It auto-updates bookings, ensuring that viewers always have up-to-date availability information.

Besides WooCommerce, users can integrate event booking options with ICS and iCal. Six different viewing options for the calendars are available.

The calendar is customizable. This allows users to change the colors, fonts, and design of the calendar.

The Events Calendar

The Events Calendar is the most reliable option on the list, especially for those who use WordPress for publishing a blog.

This is a top plugin, whatever a user might require from their calendar. The features that it offers make this an outstanding option.

The security has been tested by some of the most qualified WordPress developers. The developers worked along with field users to perfect this booking plugin.

Another big advantage of The Events Calendar is the customizability. It has endless possibilities for making branded and personalized calendars.

However, to exploit its full potential users will require some coding skills.

All-in-One Event Calendar

Time.ly’s events booking plugin comes in the form of All-in-One Event Calendar. With its pleasing looks, this WordPress plugin revolves around a calendar.

This plugin achieves its objectives of minimizing administration and easing management processes.

The basic version allows users to book recurring events. It also offers a filter function, social media sharing, and venue auto-saving.

Also included is Google Maps embedding. Users are also enabled to import events from Facebook.

It is possible to obtain added features through Time.ly’s hosted software solution.

Events Manager

Events Manager introduces itself as an event and registration platform. It offers event and location management, event calendar, Google Maps supports, and direct booking.

It only requires the user to enter the start and end date for the event. The plugin will take care of all the other details.

Events can be set up months in advance if needed. It also allows visitors to register before the scheduled event.

Users can register as guests without the need to become a member.

Events Manager can display events according to their location. This means that guests can sign up for the events that are closest to them.

Events Manager also supports Google Calendar. Thanks to this, Google users can add the event to their personal calendars.

Events Manager can make managing a busy calendar easy. It does require a little administrative maintenance from the user.

Event Espresso 4 Decaf

Previously known as Event Espresso Lite, it is now called Event Espresso 4 Decaf.

The main focus of this plugin is on registration. Despite that, it also has a calendar feature.

“Decaf” refers to the free version.

It has some of the basic features, such as event registration and ticketing. It can also process PayPal payments.

Another feature that is worth mentioning is the automated confirmation emails. Event Espresso 4 Decaf sends out reminder emails, which is linkable with the list of registrants.

It offers Android and Apple apps for scanning tickets and tracking the attendees.

MotoPress Timetable and Event Schedule Plugin

This plugin focuses on gyms, spas, and other businesses in the health industry. It is a great WordPress calendar plugin that allows clients to make bookings online from any device.

MotoPress uses a color-coding system for identifying and classifying events based on type. The shortcode makes embedding it in a website as easy as possible.

The calendars offer customization options for color, category, label, size, and time zone. Filters make the calendars searchable.

Many pages have more than one calendar. With this in mind, MotoPress assigns an individual ID to each calendar, making them easy to find and distinguish.

Upcoming events are highlighted using widgets. This is important to attract attendance.

WordPress Pro Event Calendar

The thing that makes each plugin different is its design. This is an important consideration.

WordPress Pro Event Calendar works with any WordPress site But it also has an attractive design that will look great on any kind of device.

It does not involve a steep learning curve for new users. In part, this is thanks to the intuitive drag-and-drop method of building.

WordPress Pro Event Calendar has been on the market for some time and has undergone various refinements. This makes it a very complete solution for all WordPress scheduling and events needs.

The event settings are flexible and, coupled with a shortcode generator, embedding is easy. On top of the responsive design, it has Google Maps integration and many more features.

My Calendar

My Calendar is an interesting WordPress event booking plugin with some unique options. It is a great option for developers who want to create different calendars and templates.

With WordPress Multisite events are publishable on different sites at the time. Or keep it simple and announce the event on just one site.

The functions of My Calendar are expandable by upgrading, but there are also several free plugins available. The My Tickets plugin, for instance, is free and integrates with My Calendar.

MyTickets enhances the calendar with ticket sales options. This enables visitors to purchase tickets, RSVP, and print tickets.

Customers could also pick up their tickets at a predefined location.

Events Schedule

Events Schedule is a robust WordPress events plugin. It offers calendar scheduling and online booking options.

Events Schedule is a helpful tool for scheduling conferences and other large-group gatherings. It is particularly great for organizing events with an international audience.

This mobile-compatible plugin is SEO optimized.

Events Schedule offers five different calendar styles with customizable colors and design capabilities. Applying filters makes the calendars searchable.

The user can edit, add, and delete events as needed with the Visual Schedule Builder.

Venture Event Manager

Venture Event Manager is an optimized plugin with a variety of scheduling and event planning tools.

Besides the premium version, there is a free version. The free version is easy to use and features a drag-and-drop feature to build events.

The basic features included in the free version will be enough for most scheduling needs. Still, someone with coding skills can make edits to create their desired calendar.

There many more features, which include:

  • Selection of calendar views
  • Event listings
  • Support for iCalendar and Google Calendar
  • Widgets
  • Search function
  • Recurring events
  • Google Maps integration

The premium version includes custom layouts, expanded filtering, grid layouts, upcoming events listing, and access to add-ons.


Any WordPress user who manages events will enjoy the broad applicability that EventsPlus offers. Its abilities include creating an interactive calendar with online or offline event details.

With EventsPlus clients can register for classes, seminars, workshops, or other events. It also takes care of publishing the event, as well as ticketing.

Users can add a countdown clock to their site, which encourages visitors to buy tickets. To further expand their circle of viewers, there is an option to add social share buttons.

To ensure that everyone can view the information, EventsPlus offers a responsive layout.

Event Calendar WD

Event Calendar WD includes some unique features. One of these features is that it guarantees full responsiveness across devices.

It also has a rare sidebar widget that makes an event more visible. The integration with Google Maps helps guests to find the event’s location with ease.

With the free version, the user can create unlimited events. The event information can include venue, organizer, categories, and specific tags.

The free version also includes a Google Maps integration feature.

There is a score of premium add-ons to expand Event Calendar WD’s features. These add-ons are available as bundles or individually.


EventOn is only available as a paid premium version. This WordPress event management plugin is complete and works out of the box.

It has slick event views and a card approach that adds to the appearance of the calendar. An example is available at the link above.

EventOn is one of the better plugins on the list in regards to overall appearance.

The main calendar displays event details such as time and location. It also shows specific event cancellations.

EventOn can help users to manage events through its event and location management tools. Users also benefit from a functional search bar and social sharing buttons.

Facebook Events

The last WordPress event booking plugin on the list is also the simplest.

It is not meant for manually adding events from within the WordPress dashboard. Instead, it imports events from a Facebook page to a WordPress website.

To do this users must first create a Facebook app. This is usually done for importing content from Facebook pages.

Having done that, it is possible to display events using a widget or by using the shortcode.

Ending thoughts on choosing the best WordPress event booking plugin

Plugins are a great way to improve the appearance of a content management system. They provide a plethora of features and layouts.

This is certainly true with WordPress event plugins. They also help to reach more people.

Which one of these event calendar plugins is the best? That depends on what features a user requires from their calendar.

For a plugin that allows ticket sales and reservation management, Amelia is the first choice. It is powerful, robust, and offers a vast array of features.

Amelia takes care of many event preparation tasks and combines its powers in the best user interface.

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