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Every year you get the chance to attend one or more IT and tech conferences from a variety of fantastic options. These tech events put you in touch with some of the best industry professionals, plus the opportunity to boost your career through networking. And you get a preview of all the up-to-the-minute technologies.

You may have missed out on in-person tech events during 2020 and 2021, but it seems like things are looking better for 2022 and 2023. With literally hundreds of events to choose from, you might be wondering, “Where do I even start?”

We’ve gone ahead and composed an extensive list of the most noteworthy tech conferences taking place in 2022.


European Big Data Value Forum 2022

November 24-26

Prague, Czech Republic

This event aims to round up business developers, industry experts, policymakers and researchers throughout Europe to offer their practical insights. The objective? To make headway with policy initiatives, as well as industrial and research operations specific to data and AI.

Big Data Conference Europe 2022

November 24-26


A two-day conference that tackles the areas of High Load, Data Science, Big Data, Machine Learning, and AI with a series of technical talks. Attendees can look forward to hearing the speakers discuss their experiences, what makes for best practices and how they successfully dealt with unique challenges by relating real-life scenarios.

AWS re:Invent

November 28 – December 2

Las Vegas, NV; USA

This Amazon Web Services conference is the biggest gathering of the cloud community in the world. AWS products and features are the main attraction. Attendees can look forward to gaining insight into cloud strategies, operations, security, IT architecture and infrastructure, as well as developer productivity.


November 28 – December 1

Copenhagen, Denmark

ESPC22 (European SharePoint, Office 365, and Azure Conferences) provide first-rate Microsoft Learning that won’t break your wallet. No matter where you are in the world, you can catch it live or on-demand with over 100 sessions from a variety of experts who include Microsoft team members, independent industry leaders, most valuable professionals (MVPs), and remote desk service operators (RDs).

Quantum World Congress

November 29 – December 1

Washington, D.C.; USA

Of all the tech conferences out there, this is the first one to focus on quantum computing. Innovators, researchers, tech developers and experts will gather in this immersive environment in order to boost the significance of the quantum industry.

Enterprise AI Summit

November 29 & 30

Auckland, New Zealand

This summit will direct attention to the latest innovations in AI and how ML and DL can help to modify how businesses are run. Learn how AI-led automation implements ML and DL to provide business owners with sophisticated data.

5G Expo Global

December 1 & 2

Hybrid/London, UK

The 5G Expo wants to shine a spotlight on some of the most innovative technology currently in development. With over 200 exhibitors and 250 speakers sharing their knowledge and experience, attendees can look forward to learning valuable industry tips.

AI & Big Data Expo Global

December 1-2

Hybrid/London, UK

A number of guest speakers across different industries will elaborate on current advancements taking place in AI and big data. Next generation tech and strategies are placed front and center for you to learn how best to incorporate big data and AI with your business to help it grow successfully.

Cyber Security & Cloud Congress Global

Hybrid/London, UK

Cyber Security & Cloud Congress conference is the UK’s largest free cyber security event. Security professionals and CISOs will learn about AI innovation and developments on the current market, and how to work at solutions for the challenges they face.

Product-Led Summit|London

December 1 & 2

London, UK

A summit that endeavors to bring an expanding community of product-based professionals, product development experts and founders to listen and learn from some of the best business and industry leaders out there.

Cisco Live APJC

December 6-9

Melbourne, Australia

Every year, this event sets out to deliver the know-how, skills and networking options for Cisco solutions. Some of the highlights include keynotes from Cisco execs, technical breakout sessions and a program stacked with networking and certification possibilities and entertainment.

The AI Summit New York

December 7 & 8

Hybrid/New York City, USA

Do you want to rub shoulders with some of the big AI industry disruptors and creatives? The AI Summit in New York will update you on current trends in businesses that successfully implement AI into their model. Enhance your understanding of how best to integrate AI into your business needs in order to take your company to the next level.

Conferences we mentioned but already happened

Scala Con 2022

October 4


The masterminds that brought you Scala eXchange and Scala Days have come together to create Scala Con. If you’re looking to understand more about the operative programming languages used by such influential companies like Hootsuite, Netflix, Disney, Airbnb and Sony, then this is the virtual conference for you.

Berlin AI Summit

October 4 & 5

Berlin, Germany

This conference aims to assemble AI industry leaders to discuss and review the latest research and practical applications for AI, along with business implementation. Two tracks are available for attendees: the Enterprise AI Summit and the Deep Learning Summit. Speakers will highlight their expertise to deliver the latest news on industry trends. You will also have the opportunities for networking with like-minded professionals.

2022 St. Louis CIO Executive Leadership Summit

October 5

St. Louis, USA

Tech conferences like this HMG Strategy Executive Leadership Summit provide the best in thought leadership discussions. You can gain novel insight into the most effective practices and learn from true-life stories of success when it comes to leaderships, management, tech and career development.

Evolve Technology Conference

October 5

Las Vegas NV, USA

Top-notch IT leaders and innovators will share practical knowledge when it comes to influencing both the corporate and IT world. Be inspired to not only learn but to share, associate with others and have a little fun too.


October 6

Hybrid/Gdańsk, Poland

This is the largest CEE conference dedicated to emerging tech, startups and business with the option of attending virtually or in person. Come and increase your knowledge of business trends, digital marketing, tech innovations, Web 3.0 and Tech4Good.

North Star

October 10

Dubai, UAE

If you’re looking for a global tech conference that looks to disrupt the world of startups, North Star is where you should be. This event sets the path for success for those wanting to create a startup. They point the way for innovators in the technology industry to drive the future.


October 10

Dubai, UAE

The Middle East’s largest conference for business leaders in tech. This year’s event will gather movers and shakers and other technology leaders to debate and confront emerging ideas, exhibit the latest products and determine upcoming trends.

GlueX 2022

October 10

Miami, USA

You can attend immersive workshops that focus on developing your productivity and increasing profitability in the domain of tech innovation. Get involved in discussions with thought leaders and gain actionable insights to take your company to the next level.

RTE2022 — The Largest Real-Time Engagement Conference

October 10

Hybrid/San Francisco, USA

Attend this conference, powered by Agora, in real-time and get connected to the most groundbreaking tech, tools and people in the industry. Join savvy business leaders and tech experts online or in-person as they bring you up to date on the future of voice, video IoT, VR/AR, and human engagement.

Black Tech Fest

October 10-14

Hybrid/London, UK

Black Tech Fest puts a spotlight on building an inclusive technology industry. More than 5000 people will get together in London to consider how black innovators put the focus on the intersection of inclusivity and tech.

Google Cloud Next ’22

October 11

San Francisco, USA

Google Cloud Next 2022 provides over 200 sessions featuring a variety of keynote speakers, as well as Google executives, to keep you informed on the latest, updated cloud services. Diverse topics from applicable machine learning to service scale and digital maturity are covered at the event.


October 11 & 12

Hybrid/Austin TX, USA

With the goal of raising the quality of life with the use of technology, this two-day event merges stimulating technologists with groundbreaking businesses from around the world.

AI in Healthcare Summit

October 13 & 14

Boston, USA

There have been tremendous tech developments in AI and ML systems and tool which are shaking up and reforming the pharmaceutical, healthcare and diagnostics industries. Such developments involve image grouping, machine learning (ML), and speech and text recognition.

2022 Washington, D.C. CIO Executive Leadership Summit

October 13

Washington, USA

Thought leadership is the driving point at the HMG Strategy Executive Leadership Summit. Be a part of the discussion with industry experts who provide effective knowledge related to administration, tech and career progression and of course, leadership.

October 13 & 14

Virtual Conference

Customer engagement that results in successful business relationships is changing at breakneck speed. At this virtual event will help you take on any obstacles you encounter by developing strategic expertise.

MLCONF: Sharing Lessons Learned in Machine Learning Best Practices

October 17 & 18

New York, USA

Data science can be a complex field. MLCONF takes a deep dive into machine learning. algorithms, tools, and platforms used to work out any issues that come up when organizing and analyzing super large data sets. On October 14, specialists will host a virtual meeting.

Guiding CIOs and IT Executives to Accelerate Digital Business

October 17-20

Boston, USA

In this version of the Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo™ 2022 conference, you will examine ambitious enterprise technology with its insights and best practices currently influencing future trends in IT and business. Wanting to learn how to implement IT strategies on key initiatives? Then grab your ticket for this Gartner digital workplace summit.

SOPRA Banking Summit 2022

October 17-21


Global banking is changing fast. The SOPRA Banking Summit sets out to address this by offering market leaders a platform to discuss and find solutions to sustainable growth. Listen to industry experts and executives from banking, finances and fintech as they impart what they know to help anticipate the future of banking and finance.

Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo™ 2022

This is one of those top tech events where innovations in technology and business strategy meet visionary leadership. The opportunity for both a formal and informal networking experience allows you to interact with Chief Information Officers (CIOs) from various industries and regions. Gartner experts and industry leaders deliver inspiring keynotes and captivating sessions.

Coalesce 2022 by dbt Labs

Hybrid/New Orleans, USA

This year’s conference aims to develop the method of analytics engineering. At Coalesce, data professionals can enhance their knowledge and widen their networking pool.

Oracle CloudWorld 2022

October 17-20

Las Vegas NV, USA

Would you like to find out more about cloud infrastructure and applications solutions that fit in with your one-of-a-kind professional demands and business requirements? Oracle’s CloudWord is the up-and-coming international conference you need to get to. Clients and partners can exchange ideas and sharpen their much-needed skills. You’ll not only have access to demos for never-before-seen products, but Oracle experts will provide interactive training and certification sessions.

BCI Summit: Corporate Innovation

BCI Summit is a private event created for enterprise data leaders, innovation heads, CVCs and principal technology founders. Attention is given to enterprise data’s top ten challenges and game-changing solutions are reviewed and finalized.

The BFUTR Global Tech Summit

October 19-20

Toronto, Canada

This is North America’s biggest and Black tech summit—over 20,000 savvy Black technologists get together for three days to network and form a complete community of Black executives and supporters dedicated to a global content metamorphosis.

iNNOVATE Tech Show

October 19-21

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

If you’re looking to find out the current trends on AI, drones, digital health, food tech, fintech, robotics and more, check out the event that draws trailblazers and thought leaders—the iNNOVATE Tech Show. The stage is set for Asian brands to exhibit and launch new products and market themselves.

AI Accelerator Summit|Boston

October 20

Boston, USA

AI Accelerator Summit is busy with their AI Hardware Tour which draws industry leaders in AI hardware and architecture from the biggest companies across the globe, along with Boston’s most intriguing AI Chip startups. You’ll get the opportunity to hear about their success stories, experiences and professional struggles.


October 20


Find out more about the various possibilities in the realm of no-code and automation with virtual events like Zapier’s one-day conference which takes place entirely online.

Computer Vision Summit

October 20

Boston, USA

Big name companies and electrifying startups are sharing their tech experts with the aim of revealing what they know when it comes to designing, installing and scaling cutting-edge vision technologies. Their objective is to establish substantial business value.

Money 20/20

October 23-26

Las Vegas, USA

During the past year, Money 20/20 boasted more than 8000 attendees from 2,800 companies and this year, they plan to continue the ‘biggest conversation in fintech’ featuring standout industry names. Global leaders in fintech and financial services come together to deliver opportunities for networking and learning what lies in store for the fintech landscape.

CXL Live

October 25 & 26

Possibly the most globally recognized CRO event. CXL Live features a new addition to the lineup—B2B growth. It’s not just about keynotes, the spotlight is on networking and building solid professional relationships. Event organizers will facilitate mini-group discussions so the relevant people can get the most out of the networking event.

Singapore Week of Innovation and Technology (SWITCH) 2022

October 25-28


The startup-centric government agency, Enterprise Singapore, is the driving force behind this flagship event to be held at the Resorts World Convention Centre in Singapore. Global industry leaders, investors and other movers and shakers will hold a variety of in-person and online events.

BMC Exchange 2022


October 25 & 26


A quick review of what BMC Exchange had to offer in 2021 reveals an event where you can customize the format in order to select and organize career-specific content by choosing appropriate tracks and sessions. Current technology issues were addressed by means of keynotes and sessions drawn from particular case studies.

Elevate 2022

October 27

Hybrid/New York, USA

A three-day event organized and held online by industry experts wanting to create change and renovate the world and the workplace. Gain a better understanding of how to manage change in an unpredictable 21st century.

The DEVOPS Conference

November 1

Hybrid/Copenhagen, Denmark

Everyone in the DevOps community, from executives and managers to engineers and programmers is at the DEVOPS conference. Using real-life situations, you’ll find out how good decision-making and tools provide DevOps customers with a top-quality experience.

Web Summit 2022

November 1-4

Lisbon, Portugal

Founders and CEOs of tech firms, startups, policymakers, and heads of state gather in Portugal at what is considered one of the world’s top tech events, Web Summit, to talk about the current state of technology and where new technologies are leading us.

Customer Success Festival Sydney

November 3 & 4

Sydney, Australia

Prominent experts from companies taking the lead in practical CS strategy gather at the Customer Success Festival for networking opportunities and to share ideas that will boost your confidence.

AI Summit Silicon Valley 2022

November 3

San Francisco, USA

You can find some of the most significant digital stakeholders from an array of companies at the AI Summit in Silicon Valley. Get a chance to talk with these leaders and learn more about the world of artificial intelligence.

TestJS Summit

November 3 & 4


Are you a QA or software developer wanting to update your best practices for JavaScript testing and enhance your skills? TestJS Summit will do just that and more, including updating you with what’s new from premium products core teams.

Africa Tech Festival 2022

November 8-10

Cape Town, South Africa

Africa is experiencing a renaissance in digital transformation and the Africa Tech Festival facilitating the conversation and debate with decision makers. The launch of 5G connectivity will be one of the highlights at the 2022 event.

2022 Denver CIO Executive Leadership Summit

November 8

Denver CO, USA

HMG Strategy Executive Leadership Summits take place from New York to San Diego and this time Denver, Colorado will host this quality summit where networking and best practices are paramount to creating strong leadership, quality management and innovative development in both tech and in your career.

Zoomtopia 2022

November 8 & 9

San Jose CA, USA

Customers, partners, analysts and IT professionals wanting to learn more about this well-known videoconferencing software should check out this hybrid event.

Build Stuff 2022

November 9-11

Hybrid/Vilnius, Lithuania

This software development conference was set up with software designers, web developers, founders and academics in mind. “The Future Beckons Us Home” is the theme for the 2022 event.

MLOps Summit

November 9 & 10

London, UK

You are provided with the opportunity to further develop your expertise with your machine learning workflow. Trailblazing companies will lead the way in helping you establish best practices and solutions with the objective of gaining a basic insight into MLOps and its various functions.

Mobile DevOps Summit

November 10


Welcome to the first ever Mobile DevOps summit! Over 2,500 mobile practitioners and business leaders from around the world will discuss specific obstacles mobile developers encounter. From tracking app performance to finding strategic solutions, come talk with thought leaders and industry experts from the mobile world.

AIBC Summit

November 14-18


AIBC Summit’s flagship event is bringing 4 key industries together under one roof: iGaming, MedTech, Web3, and Affiliation.

Software Architecture Gathering

November 14-17


If you’re a software architect, then this is the preeminent conference you should be at. Some of the top players in the industry will be lending their technical expertise to developers, professionals in quality assurance and system analysts. You’ll also learn to refine your solution structures in your IT tasks.

PASS Data Community Summit 2022

November 15-18

Seattle, WA; USA

In 2022, PASS is all about reunions. Previous acquaintances will reconnect, and new relationships will develop, along with the opportunity to learn from some of the world’s best in the data platform community. Attend the event either online or in person.

Up Your Game with Practical Tech Conferences

Attending one of the above-mentioned conferences will surely deepen your knowledge when it comes to the most current developments and innovations in technology, no matter if you’re a CEO, IT professional or someone working in the tech industry.

Take your time to read up on the variety of tech conferences out there and pick the ones that will help you to enhance your skills and reach your career goals. Want to take your business to the next level or looking for inspiration to get going with your startup? Then buy a ticket for one of these fantastic tech events!

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