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Looking for a hassle-free cleaning experience? Look no further! The online booking system for a cleaning service makes scheduling a breeze. Say goodbye to cleaning stress and hello to a sparkling clean home.

Small home cleaning services often struggle to keep their workers and clients organized. Disorganization comes at the cost of the contentment and satisfaction of all involved. Some have found that most of their time goes to organizing rather than improving and growing their business.

Software for scheduling cleaning service appointments is therefore of great help. This kind of software automates digital scheduling and makes life easier for cleaning business owners.

You won’t need to miss appointments anymore due to not having the necessary staff available. That, in turn, takes a lot of stress off your employees. Many online booking systems allow you to organize staff holidays and staff changes, as well as payroll administration.

If you are thinking about getting an online booking system for a cleaning service, you will love this list. This guide will show you different options and how they can benefit your cleaning business.


Amelia online booking system calendar overview

Simple but powerful, the Amelia booking plugin is designed to work flawlessly with every WordPress site out there. Easy to use, this software-like plugin has a minimal booking interface, a clean and simple design, and plenty of amazing features that facilitate the appointment scheduling process.

Amelia is bound to streamline your workflow, automate various tasks and processes, and make the scheduling process hassle-free for your clients. The booking process is straightforward and takes only a few clicks, providing an exceptional customer experience and increasing your chances to get booked again.

Send automated email and SMS confirmations and reminders and ensure both your employees and your customers never miss their appointments.

Double bookings? Not with Amelia’s calendar manager.

Integrate Amelia with your Google Calendar and your availability will be set automatically. Other integrations, including Zoom, Google Meet, Google Analytics, Webhooks, and Zapier, enable you to connect Amelia to all your favorite business apps and tools you use on a daily basis.

Accept payments via PayPal and Stripe and allow customers to pay in advance to book appointments.

You get all of these and much more only with one license, no add-ons needed.

Take a look at the demos and test Amelia for yourself – you’ll see why business owners worldwide love it.


trafft homepage screenshot

Trafft is a powerful scheduling software solution that helps you save time and focus on your work. With Trafft, you can free up to 75% of the time normally spent on managing appointments.

Trafft offers you plenty of customization options for any part of the booking engine. You can brand and integrate it into your existing website with only a couple of clicks. Or you can use its booking page if you don’t have a dedicated website yet.

Some of its most prominent features include:

  • A professional page where clients can book appointments
  • Online payments acceptance
  • Automated workflows
  • Design that maximizes business efficiency
  • Detailed schedule configuration, with the ability to add vacations, days off, and other special days
  • Local time display for clients in other time zones so you don’t miss important meetings
  • Flexible pricing for cleaning and similar services
  • Data business processes in real-time, allowing you to review analytics and financial data of every part of your organization


homebase homepage screenshot

Homebase specializes in support for businesses that pay their staff by the hour, such as cleaning services. Scheduling is only one of its many features. It tracks time and facilitates team communication; and it manages HR, payroll, and employee satisfaction. Homebase integrates with other management tools to give an all-in-one experience.

There are several other features worth mentioning:

  • The ability for staff to switch shifts
  • Automated appointment reminders
  • Auto scheduling
  • Personal notes
  • Mobile device compatibility
  • Option to expand into other platforms
  • Vacation requests processing
  • Sales forecasts for informed scheduling
  • Templates for scheduling

Homebase is an attractive option because of its many features. These features center around the many aspects of service-based businesses. It makes paying people by the hour faster and easier.

It does more than scheduling, so Homebase may not be for you if you only want an online booking system for a cleaning service.


launch27 homepage screenshot

Another platform through which you can accept bookings is Launch27. It’s great if you have already created a strong brand and website. With Launch27, you can add a branded appointment scheduler to your website with a few clicks.

This scheduling software has an intuitive user interface and clients can make appointments with it at any time. Customers know they can rely on you and your services. A bonus for them is that they can pay online with their credit card.

Flexibility is important if you have branded your company already. Your online scheduling software has to fit in with your professional presentation, so you want it to be able to use your company’s logos and colors. Launch27 gives you that flexibility. You can customize colors, add custom fields, and move sections around however you like.

Launch27 works on your mobile devices and those of your clients. They will see the booking website the way you want them to see it.

Its most important features are:

  • Billing and invoicing
  • Calendar syncing
  • Customer management
  • Dispatch management
  • Job management
  • Mobile access
  • Multi-location options
  • Online bookings
  • Quotes and estimates
  • Recurring appointments
  • Scheduling automation
  • Scheduling service history
  • Work order management


jobber homepage screenshot

Jobber is a cloud-based app for cleaning and maid service companies. Small and medium-sized companies will love its features for managing personnel and customers.

Jobber offers an app that you can access through your mobile device or desktop computer. Customers can book online and you will be able to increase your business operations.

Businesses from the service industry will enjoy this scheduling software solution. It has a complete, integrated CRM system and allows you to see changes in real time.

Jobber is the complete solution for your cleaning business no matter what you do, whether it’s window, residential, or carpet cleaning. Of course, every cleaning business is different, and everyone expects different things from a scheduling app. So, it is smart to first do research and test out the app you plan to get.

Below are some of the amazing features that Jobber has to offer:

  • Automated quoting
  • Automated scheduling
  • Bid management
  • Billing and invoicing
  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Calendar management
  • Calendar syncing
  • Client database
  • Client management
  • Order change management
  • Recurring appointments


bookingkoala homepage screenshot

With this scheduler, clients can reserve services online. You, as a business owner, can manage appointments, market your brand, and track sales. It has all the features you need from a booking app, but it offers much more.

There are several special features from BookinngKoala for running and growing a small cleaning services business. Here is a selection:

  • This is part of the beta version. BookingKoala helps to bring clients in contact with your business.
  • Customers can track providers via GPS.
  • Clock in/o Customers can see how long a provider spends on their job and how much time they spend traveling to and from the job site.
  • Automatic reviews. You will get more reviews on well-known sites like Facebook, Google, and Yelp. Customers can post their reviews of your services on their social media page, or you can post them on your website.
  • Recurring appointments. Never miss an appointment again thanks to the accurate BookingKoala scheduler. You can schedule, reschedule, and set up recurring events. Turn one-time clients into regulars by upselling your services. Offer discounts and send out promotional emails.

When I Work

when i work homepage screenshot

When I Work is an appointment scheduling software application for shift-based companies. There are four main modules that center on scheduling, timekeeping, management, and communication.

Here are several features that stand out:

  • Employee scheduling. There is a dashboard that gives you a quick overview of appointments and pending tasks.
  • Employee clock. To control costs, you can track the attendance of your personnel and their time off.
  • Team messaging. You can message your team and individual members at any time and at any place.
  • You can integrate the timekeeping module with a payroll management platform.

When I Work stands out for its design in coordinating schedules. The time-tracking ability, communication features, and scheduling process are of high quality.

On the downside, it lacks some other common features, like HR compliance and staff satisfaction measures. But When I Work offers several advanced features that do not come in the basic package. You can get them at an extra cost.


zen maid homepage screenshot

ZenMaid is a maid service software platform. It is less equipped when it comes to the needs of other types of cleaning services. If you do only house cleaning, ZenMaid could be a good option for you.

This cleaning scheduling software allows customers to book with your cleaning company. You can then review the request and approve the booking. ZenMaid will handle the rest of the booking process.

After the approval, ZenMaid sends work orders to your staff. That eliminates the need for you to schedule people and call around. The app can send automated reminders to clients, and it informs them when the assigned cleaner is on its way. They will appreciate knowing when to expect their service to arrive.

The cleaning scheduling software also follows up after the appointment. You can thus collect feedback from clients and obtain referrals. That will help you to grow your business and improve your maid services.

ZenMaid claims that their product transforms your way of working within a week. To prove it, they offer a one-month free trial. After that, you pay a license per employee.


servicem8 homepage screenshot

Service businesses have struggled with the same things for decades. These challenging tasks include scheduling, communication, and managing staff. ServiceM8 will solve the problems that can arise in these areas. It establishes and optimizes a preset scheduling process and workflow. The work gets done, and your people will get paid.

The features that will fulfill these promises include:

  • Automated reminders for clients and employees
  • Improved scheduling features
  • Integrated caller ID
  • Templates for emails, SMS, invoices, and quotes

With ServiceM8, you can keep track of your current jobs, quotes, and the work your team is doing at any given moment. The software also helps you learn how to make the most efficient use of your staff and other resources. With automated suggestions, you will be in a better position to make decisions.

The platform facilitates communication through email and text messaging. It offers a wide range of options so you can customize your templates and messages. There is an integration with MailChimp so you can brand your emails and make a professional impression.


connecteam homepage screenshot

Connecteam is a management app for those that spend little time at a desk. Its intuitive user interface uses a drag-and-drop scheduler to create and change shifts. In a simple way, you can set up recurring bookings.

Connecteam can be used as an online booking system for a cleaning service

Some of its outstanding features are:

  • Checklists and forms. Prepare electronic forms, checklists, instructions, and workflows.
  • Employee communication. Secured chats that link with everyday operations.
  • HR and people management. Keep track of HR documentation, onboarding, and training. Give out team rewards.
  • Create shifts and avoid conflicts on the go.
  • Task management. Set up process automation for recurring tasks.
  • Time clock. Employees clock in and out with their mobile devices. You can keep track of vacations and manage your payroll.

This team management software has many of the features that you need for your company. It has some advanced HR and communications features, as well as basic scheduling.

It is most suited for larger organizations that want to grow. If you have a smaller flexible company, Connecteam may not be for you.


maidily homepage screenshot

This cleaning scheduling software has a complete command center for cleaning businesses. You can assign jobs and send out reminders to your employees with one click. The Maidily scheduling system recognizes and schedules recurring jobs.

Besides scheduling and assigning, Maidily handles different aspects of providing a service. It always ensures that there is a contact point, even after the job is done. That helps you keep track of customer satisfaction.

The purpose of the online bookings feature is to turn leads into loyal customers. It makes communication with clients faster and more efficient.

The Maidily booking portal lets your customers book convenient appointments online. You can integrate the booking portal into a range of different websites.

Maidily generates invoices for every job, and you can adjust prices according to added values of a particular service. You can do this without effort and with only a few clicks.

Prospr At Work

prospr at work apple app store screenshot

Prospr At Work is an app that works to improve the efficiency and productivity of your cleaning team. The most important features are automatic scheduling and alerts for employees.

Other interesting features of Prospr At Work are:

  • Automatic scheduling. This automated feature will save you a lot of time.
  • Real-time alerts. You can send messages to staff at any moment.
  • Real-time monitoring. The application will notify you of updates and changes.
  • Shift scheduling. You can set up shifts for different people and different work sites.
  • Messaging for the entire team. Send out messages and announcements for your entire team.

Prospr At Work is lightweight and simple, yet full of features. You can message and schedule right from your mobile device, and you can add check-in capabilities for your staff.

Prospr At Work only has a version for mobile devices. This is a drawback because there is no way you can use it on your desktop computer. Also, there are few advanced features.


bookedin homepage screenshot

At its release, Bookedin was mainly for businesses in the health and wellness industry. Now, it is starting to target companies in other areas of business. Your cleaning company might also enjoy the Bookedin set of features.

This cleaning business software allows customers to book on your website, social media page, or email. You determine how much information a client needs to provide for booking.

You will find the following key features on Bookedin:

  • Appointment reminders
  • Automated appointment confirmations and reminders by email and text message
  • Calendar syncing
  • Custom booking forms
  • Integration with the most popular key social media platforms
  • Options for recurring bookings
  • Android, iPhone, and web applications. You can work from any place


zenbooker homepage screenshot

The last online booking system for a cleaning service is one that they say changes the booking experience of your clients. They can see the availability of their favorite staff members and book from your website in a minute.

The page for online appointments has many customization options to suit your needs.

Zenbooker sends out automatic appointment notifications to help reduce no-shows. You determine what you put in the email or text messages, and you can customize them to match your branding.

The platform is a great help in setting competitive and attractive prices for your services. Customers can see beforehand what they are going to pay. You can add custom questions to the booking form that finetune the offer you can make to your prospective clients.

It takes a few minutes to assign jobs with Zenbooker. You have access to your employees’ schedules and assign jobs to the ones that are available.

Conclusion on the Best Online Booking System for a Cleaning Service

There are many options if you are looking for a management system for your cleaning service business. Finding them is easy, but picking the right one is more difficult.

Some of the options for an online booking system for a cleaning service mentioned above are suitable for larger companies. Others are better for small and medium-sized organizations. Don’t only look at the features and user interface. Make sure that the design is suited for your kind of organization. You can also consider using more than one system to make sure all aspects of your business are cared for.