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The adage is, time is money. We all have the same 24 hours in a day but it is important to note that time management is often linked with success. Calendar apps will be an instrumental component of your organizational process.

This list created by our team at Amelia will give you alternatives to Google Calendar for effective time management. These apps are straightforward and well designed. The right scheduling app will help keep your schedule streamlined so you can accomplish more in less time.

By the way, Amelia has a Google Calendar integration, in case you still want to stick with that one, or an Outlook Calendar integration, if you’re more of an Outlook user.

Edo Agenda

The first of these Google Calendar alternatives is Agenda by Edo. It is a calendar solution that is useful for creative freelancers. The platform allows its user to keep track of upcoming events and pending tasks, and create to-do lists. It effectively helps you diarize everything in a simplified format.

This program is available as a web version that can be accessed through a browser, and as a mobile app that is available on both iOS and Android through their relevant app store.


Any.do provides a centralized space for task planning, goals, reminders, and schedules and helps you stay on top of your agenda.

This calendar provides great tools to help its user stay organized, such as location-based notifications, reminders each morning to preview your agenda for the day, and the functionality to add notifications and travel time to your events. The calendar performs best on mobile devices, as its interface is built to utilize a smaller screen.

This app’s grocery list feature is very popular with users as it organizes items together by type, allowing sharing between family members.

Zoho Calendar

While Zoho boasts a competitive suite of products. The calendar is straightforward and aesthetically pleasing. Its impressive sharing features and embedding capabilities allow the user to sync schedules with external calendars, which is especially useful for scheduling meetings and coordinating with group members.

Zoho has importing features, which will allow you to transfer events from other calendars, like Google and Outlook, making for a smooth transition. Uniquely, the calendar has a “smart add” function that allows the user to create events with ease. One could simply type, “Meeting with Mark on Friday at 10 AM,” and the relevant details would be added to the calendar.

Simple Calendar

Simple Calendar is an openly accessible calendar app that is highly customizable. As its name suggests, this ad-free app has a simple but beautiful interface and does not require unnecessary permissions.

The app provides a great user experience as the lack of advertisements and annoying pop-ups make it easy to use. No internet access is required to use the calendar, which further validates the privacy, security, and stability available through the app. Users can choose from 29 languages available and import events via .ics files. The app provides multiple event reminders, a handy snooze option, and much more.


Etar is another publicly available app that is based on the AOSP Calendar. The app supports month, week, day or agenda views, light and dark themes, notification support, no advertising, and a pleasing design.

The app has importing capabilities by utilizing Android’s built-in CalDAV service. This makes the transition from Google Calendar much easier as all schedules can be transferred effortlessly. Calendars can also be imported and exported in the .ics format.

Teamup Calendar

This app was designed specifically to streamline communication with team members. Teamup provides a simplified platform for sharing plans, scheduling events, and communication status updates. Users will be able to color-code calendars according to different teams, jobs, projects, and bookable resources.

The program is managed centrally and while permissions will need to be granted to different users according to their roles, no accounts are required for use.

The calendars are customizable and can be shared with other users to facilitate ease of communication within the team. This makes it convenient to check the availability of group members and rooms when scheduling meetings. Teamup is user friendly even for those who are not technologically inclined.


SmartDay is a calendar and task manager bundled together seamlessly. Users can drop tasks that have been created onto the calendar and, if these tasks are not completed on time, the calendar automatically reschedules.

Other functionalities include taking notes, setting reminders, and managing projects from within the calendar. It makes excellent use of Google Maps by adding locations to events that have been created and thereafter offering the user directions when the time of the event arrives.


Jorte is unique because it is highly customizable. Themes and colors can be adjusted according to the user’s preference. Tracking of specific types of events can be added including religious holidays, music releases, international festivals, or sporting events.

Users can keep track of personal milestones by highlighting important dates and events. Content from news websites can also be integrated into the app, including the ability to activate weather tracking.


TimeBlocks combines the functions of a calendar and a to-do-list in a comprehensive app that is valuable for time management. The interface has a sleek, appealing design that can be color-coded, making it much easier to view events at a glance.

The app’s unique sticker feature allows users to assign stickers to certain types of events. For example, a cake can be used to signify a birthday or a bag can be used for travel plans. This feature makes these events easily recognizable with a quick glance.

Business Calendar 2

The popular organizer offers support for calendar use, schedule planning, and task organization all in one easy to access place. The app has a pleasing design with custom calendars and is easily cohesive with other calendars on your mobile device.

Because of the integration functionality, tasks can be migrated to the calendar, which makes it easy to see which tasks need to be completed on specific days. Furthermore, national holidays can also be synced to the app and users can utilize the integrated appointment scheduler that features drag and drop functions.


Timepage is an app that features a design very similar to that of Moleskine notebooks and planners. For users who appreciate the elegant, uncluttered aesthetic of Moleskine, Timepage is a versatile iOS app that can be used for calendar functions.

The app has natural language processing capabilities, which makes it easy to create and input new events. It also features a “Heat ap” view that enables users to see how busy or free their month is at a glance.

DigiCal Calendar Agenda

This app features an extremely flexible and customizable calendar that boasts a clean and elegant interface for quick and easy scheduling.

DigiCal Calendar Agenda syncs with other major apps like Google Calendar, Outlook, and Exchange, which makes migration of data seamless. The app can be easily adjusted for the user’s preferred view with options including day, week, agenda, month, next month, list, and year views available.  It also has great accessibility capabilities, with six different widgets being available for calendar overviews.

Microsoft Outlook Calendar

Microsoft has been a titan in technology for many years and it comes as no surprise that the Outlook Calendar is a dependable option for scheduling purposes. Its multipurpose desktop interface allows you to merge personal information, like your calendar, email, notes, tasks, and contacts, into one straightforward platform. The mobile version allows for the convenient combination of the calendar and email functions.

One of the major advantages of Outlook is its sharing capabilities, which makes it easy for teammates to view each other’s availability. It makes use of Exchange Server accounts to allow users to subscribe to each other’s calendars as necessary.


TimeTree is a calendar app that allows calendars to be shared between family members, friends, or colleagues.

It is one of the best free calendar alternatives on the market and its versatility allows the user to create different calendars for various uses, such as work or personal. All this information is then integrated and can be viewed on the daily agenda under the “My Schedule” or “Feed” tabs. This simplifies calendar viewing for easy organization of your day.

Apple Calendar

The Apple Calendar comes built into all macOS and iOS devices, which makes it a convenient option.

With no extra effort, the app can be used for iCloud calendar entries syncing them on all the user’s Apple devices. If necessary, you could also use iCloud.com to view and update these entries when accessing them from a non-Apple device.

The Apple Calendar can also be synced with other calendars, such as Google Calendar, Microsoft Exchange, Yahoo, or any other calendar using the CalDAV function. It is easy to set up even for those who are not technologically inclined.


Woven is an interesting calendar app that is geared toward busy professionals.

Woven has a Smart Template functionality that allows the user to customize an often used template. If meetings are held regularly at the same location, a template can be created using that location as a standard, which can then be edited as needed to include the other pertinent details.


The last of these Google Calendar alternatives is Fantastical. It integrates information across an iOS device to create a central point for all events, reminders, and essential meetings.

The app boasts several powerful features all culminated onto an intuitive user interface. It works in the background to notify the user of events, reminders, and alerts, ensuring nothing is forgotten.

Ending thoughts on the best Google Calendar alternatives

While all of the apps mentioned are great alternatives for Google Calendar, each has its advantages and disadvantages, therefore, it is important for you to evaluate which features will work best for you.

Transferring information to the new calendar of your choice should be effortless as most allow the import of an iCal file that can be exported from the Google Calendar you are currently using. This means that all existing events and reminders will not have to be recreated and will easily be available on your new platform.

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