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The applications for online booking forms are vast and diverse. You can book hotel rooms and reserve tables at restaurants. You can purchase tickets for events or for traveling. You can even use an online form to book appointments.

An online form helps you to be scheduled and organized. They make it easier for you to get customer information. A good booking or check-out form is essential. When designed poorly, it can make the user experience unpleasant and negatively impact profit.

Below are various booking form template examples to help inspire you. Each example is organized to be efficient and easy to understand.

Booking Form Templates

When you are looking for a booking form, you want to pick one that will help you gather all the information you need.

Booking form templates offer designs that provide users with everything they need. Then, they can customize the form template to their unique needs.

Some powerful features in these templates allow you to accept payments and view booking requests. Others allow you to sync information from your website to Google Calendar or Google Sheets.

Here are a few examples of booking form templates.

Medical / Health

This mock website is a great place to start if you are looking for ideas. The interactive template shows you what your client will see when they visit your site.

You can see how your descriptions of services, procedures, and appointment bookings will look from the visitor’s perspective.

Cleaning Service Online Booking Scheduling

This template is super useful for cleaning companies. You can customize the sales script to your own prices and services and provide other relevant information.

Fitness Gym / Yoga

This is a pseudo website for a gym or yoga center. You can tour the classes offered, and schedule individual or group training.

You can also see how the homepage will look to a customer. They can check availability on the calendar, book appointments, or choose their trainer.

Booking Form

This is a great free booking form template for hotels and restaurants. It makes organizing reservations easy, and you can add a payment processor to accept payments in advance.

Plus, you can design your website to match your company’s image.

Free Online Appointment Form

An organized schedule is a major element of success. For business owners, business executives and secretaries, every day revolves around a tight schedule. This appointment form template helps you maximize your work day.

You can also create a mobile-friendly version of this page so clients can book appointments or meetings on the go.


This is another mock website designed for business consultants or coaches.

You will see how your services will appear to clients as they browse their options. You also see how easy it is for a client to schedule an appointment.

Car Service Booking Form

This is a great booking form template for mechanics. Vehicle owners can schedule maintenance or repairs for their vehicle. They can provide details, such as the make, model, and year,  along with a contact number. This saves time when the customer arrives for their appointment.

The free version of this template comes with all the features included.

Car Service Booking Form

This is another great option for mechanics. This booking form template gives clients the option to book an appointment for specific repairs or general maintenance.

It also helps mechanics organize their appointments and manage service requests in a timely manner.

Hospitality Booking Form Template

This is an appealing template for the hospitality industry that you can easily customize to your hotel, resort, or tourism center. It’s easy to use and supports translation into other languages.

This template contains all the basic elements a booking form template needs. Clients fill in necessary information such as contact details and other pertinent details about their party. A client can also submit their arrival date and check out date so you know the duration of their visit.

Cruise Booking Form

This free booking form template is a great option for cruise websites. It’s built so you can accept reservations and collect payments online.

You don’t need to know how to code to use this form template. It is easy to set up and use in just a few minutes.

Booking Cancellation Form

This booking form template makes it easy for clients to reschedule or cancel when they need to make a change to their appointment. And it is an efficient way to integrate a cancellation feature to your website.

Wedding Photography Booking Form

Photographers and event organizers will love this template. It makes the booking process simple. Clients can book photography sessions and see your prices for each session.

Health Booking Form Template

This appointment booking form is great for hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes. It is also great for other lines of work such as therapist offices, beauty salons, and spas.

The client can provide their personal details and indicate if anyone will accompany them. They will no doubt appreciate not having to wait in line, since you will have all the necessary information in advance.

Taxi Online Booking

This template is perfect for taxi services. The customer provides contact details, indicates where they want to be picked up, where they want to go, and other preferences they have for the trip.

Learning Booking Form Template

This booking form template is ideal for academic institutions, or any organization that offers online classes or distance learning.

The customer fills in the relevant information. Then you review their application and send them what they need to get started. This form can also integrate email marketing so that you can keep clients up to date on available courses. Also, to enhance your email marketing campaign try enabling DMARC for your domains.

Conference Booking Form

This booking form template lets you handle all the details of organizing a conference in a smooth, organized manner. You can announce your conference and accept reservations in advance.

The online payments tool is built-in, so you don’t have to worry about how to collect payments.

Booking Form Inspiration

A well-made booking form is effective and makes filling out forms more enjoyable. When a booking form has problems or is hard to understand a client may quickly lose interest. When it’s well done, clients appreciate it.

Here are 10 booking form templates to get you started.


This is a dummy WordPress website for Barbershops. It supports online appointment forms. This booking form template supports the Amelia WordPress plugin and is easy to use.

Beauty and cosmetology

This mock cosmetology website is a great source of ideas for how your booking forms will look to the client.

You can look through lists of procedures and treatments offered. You can pick the employee you prefer and book an appointment.


Reservation Form

This form template has ideas for the look of your booking form. Clients can see prices for services, available dates, and add personal details. There is also a section for them to make online payments.

Form to book a dentist appointment

Here is another great source of ideas for your booking form. The layout is easy to understand and each step of the booking process is clearly marked and easy to follow.

Accounting Appointment

If you want inspiration, Accounting Appointment is a great option. The layout of the booking form is designed to put potential clients at ease. It is visually appealing and easy to understand.

Booking form for UpGuard

This modern, clean looking template is organized into slides showing each step of the booking process.

This booking form template helps you get the information you need without making things complicated for the customer.

Gardenary Coach Profile

This elegant demo has been arranged into slides so that you can see an idea of how the finished product will look.

How to Find an Online Booking System That Suits Your Business?

No two businesses are alike, so there is no “one size fits all” solution. How do you know which booking form template is right for you? Here is a checklist of things to think about before you decide.

First, write a list of the features you need.

If you have some ideas in mind, having a list of what you want is a good idea. You can check each option against your list and find which fits your business the best. This will help you make a more objective decision.

What if you don’t know what you want?

Here are some features you might find useful:

  • A customizable appointment page that you can adapt to your brand and is available 24/7.
  • Automated reminders that you can use to send announcements. (Be sure to check if it is included in the price or if it’s an add-on.)
  • Adjustable appointment settings to schedule individual or group appointments. This will help avoid long wait times or lines.
  • Advanced calendar settings. Between-booking buffer time slots are useful so you can enjoy a break or take care of other responsibilities.
  • Intelligent reporting can help you to track your business’ performance and trace contacts.
  • External calendar syncing and an integration library. This allows you to access other digital calendars or access video conferencing apps.

The Wrap Up: Inspiring Booking Form Template Examples

Scheduling appointments is a crucial element for many businesses. It’s worthwhile to invest in a good booking tool to help make this side of your business a success.

These are just a few booking form template examples out of the many wonderful options out there. Not all of them will be what you need. Your personal preferences, style, and brand will affect your final decision. Our goal was to bring you user-friendly options to inspire you and help you get started.

Hopefully, these options will be helpful to you.

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