With the learning management software nowadays, you don’t even need to meet clients in person to train them. You can transfer the entire learning process online, and make use of different marketing tools and membership plugins. The essential tool you need, however, is a WordPress coaching plugin.

Which WordPress themes support online coaching? Let us present the best WordPress online course plugins you can use on your website. This is the easiest way to turn a WordPress page into an online platform for learning, even without coding experience.


The best WordPress coaching plugin for your website

How would you like a Treehouse or Udemy-like website? Luckily for you, every WordPress website can have these functionalities. The only thing you need is an LMS plugin compatible with your WordPress theme.

Developers identified this need a long time ago and created an array of great plugins and appropriate page templates. It is therefore even more important to make an informed decision and to understand your requirements.

Why should you use LMS WordPress plugins?

Many great WordPress plugins are developed for membership and eLearning. The ideal coach plugin for your website should include the following features:

A good LMS WordPress plugin can even be used for upselling purposes. You can turn course attendees into clients and get them engaged in private coaching, and generate even more profits.

These are the best learning plugins for WordPress plugins:


amelia booking calendar overview

Amelia is a powerful WordPress booking plugin that works flawlessly with WordPress sites of all kinds. It has a minimal, yet powerful appointment booking interface designed to ease your workflow, automate repetitive tasks, avoid double booking, and make appointment booking a breeze for your customers.

You can even have email notifications and SMS notifications so that nobody forgets about their appointment bookings.

In order to book an appointment, the complete user interaction takes a few clicks with this WordPress plugin. Moreover, with it you can accept payments via PayPal and Stripe, perfect for those who want to pay in advance to book appointments.

As a business owner, you can monitor KPIs in the WordPress dashboard and analyze other important data to keep a pulse on your business. Amelia is a straightforward, no-nonsense booking calendar plugin and an amazing option for those who want an around-the-clock solution for their WordPress site.

Amelia also has an Events Calendar module integrated within its features.

amelia booking form overview

You can now automate your event bookings as well. To be more precise, it means that you will be able to schedule a single day, a multi-day, and also recurring events with Amelia.

Did we mention that you can manage multiple locations and that you have Google Calendar integration?

All of these and much more are under only one license, no add-ons are needed.

To test things for yourself, I’d suggest checking out the demos and seeing how things look on the front end as well as in the back end.

Consultant booking page demo

A pseudo Business Consultant / Coach / Lawyer website, where a customer can browse through provided consultancy and lawyer services and book an appointment.

→ View Frontend Demo – Backend demo

Hands down, this is one you should absolutely use from this list.


This plugin is professional and reliable, which makes it a top choice for higher learning institutions. We recommend you to check LearnDash – a great WordPress plugin developed in line with industry standards.

The WordPress plugin comes with multiple features, including the possibility to create as many courses as you need. In addition, you can organize interactive quizzes and create downloadable certificates.

For each of the lessons, you can enable a timer function for each lesson to make sure attendees are not skipping the sections. Both the organizer and the learner can track the progress, or enhance the course with additional features.

The plugin can be used to organize both premium and private courses, and it offers multiple earning sources. Sell your lessons as one-time purchases or memberships. Or, organize special discounts for visitors interested in multiple courses.

The plugin license costs $159 per website.


MemberPress Courses

Many learning WordPress themes use MemberPress, and for a good reason. The plugin comes with an unparalleled set of built-in features that manage every aspect of course provision. The plugin is also preferred by educational institutions, thanks to the nifty Classroom Mode.

Building a course curriculum with their WordPress page builders will be very easy. Developers included a drag-and-drop interface, and let users embed pretty much any piece of content they need. Instructors will also be able to follow the progress of their students and help them complete the courses successfully.

And yet, the most distinctive advantage of this plugin is the access control rule. It is the admin who decides who can access which content, and who is entitled to a certificate. It is even possible to introduce several membership levels for each course. Depending on your needs, you can sell course bundles according to specific rules.

As for the pricing, there are three tiers to choose from. It starts with the basic plan priced at $179 per year for a single website.


Tutor LMS

Tutor LMS hasn’t been around that long, but you can still find it on many learning WordPress themes. You will appreciate its modern interface, as well as the moderate pricing scheme. You can download it free of charge at WordPress.org.

What makes this plugin so successful is partially its integration with video platforms, such as Vimeo and YouTube. You can easily upload any video you want on your website.

When it comes to course creation, the plugin facilitates the process. It has probably the easiest drag-and-drop builder you can find on a WordPress theme. It will also enable a beautiful interface and easy navigation for all course-takers.

For a tool that doesn’t require payment, this plugin certainly excels at generating profits. You can organize courses from multiple instructors in a single marketplace, such as the one of Coursera or Udemy.

After the course is completed, you can test attendees on the same WordPress website.

These are the key features to expect:

All the fundamental features are available in the free version. Other than that, Tutor LMS offers three paid plans starting at $119.20 per year.


Good LMS

Good LMS is also a great learning plugin for your WordPress site. It is best known for the easy creation of courses, which only require basic user knowledge. If you created a WordPress blog post at some point, you will be able to create courses too.

Next to the courses, you can assemble your quizzes, certificates, and grade books on your WordPress dashboard. Depending on the WordPress theme, you can even involve new audiences with coupon codes.

Good LMS improves learners’ experience as well. They have their account and can follow their progress and their scores at any point in time.

As for pricing, you get to use a learning tool with premium features at a fraction of the usual price. The yearly subscription for web hosting is only $32 per year.

These are the highlights of the WordPress theme plugin:


Video Lessons Manager

If you are only looking to organize video courses on your WordPress website, check CM Video Lessons Manager. The all-in-one solution lets you create amazing courses, share those across social platforms, and earn from them.

We recommend this tool to creative users looking to improve their video courses. The same courses can then be hosted on Wistia or Vimeo, and shared on any WordPress page where you need them.

If you want to receive payments for the lessons, you will need the Video Lessons Payment add-on. There are also multiple add-ons available to monitor student progress and to award certificates.

Learners will once again have their own eLearning space to track their courses. This function is included, and no extra add-ons are necessary.

This advanced learning plugin is free of charge.



Masteriyo has all the features of an advanced WordPress learning plugin. Yet, it is one of the simplest and most intuitive course building panels you can find. You can use it to create all sorts of lessons, courses, quizzes, and informative events.

The contemporary interface is powered by React, and so are the most advanced features. This plugin enables both an excellent frontend and an excellent backend experience for all users.

Once you’ve designed your course, you can post it on the website either paid or for free. There is even a specific function that lets you post free courses only for registered users.

The ordering system is very practical. Each user has a cart where they can save interesting courses, and pay for them through a standardized checkout process. You can process and receive these payments right away, and you don’t need an eCommerce plugin to make this possible.

These are the key takeouts when it comes to Masteriyo:

There is a free version of Masteriyo that you can download on WordPress.org. Yet, it is the paid plan that offers the most advanced functionalities, and you can get it for $79.75 per website.



Teachable is not a plugin, but a sub-domain online course creator. You can use it independently or as a sub-domain of your current WordPress website. It enables the creation of both free and paid courses, or for sharing of promotional content of any kind.

The marketing tools of Teachable won’t disappoint you either. You can use powerful marketing integrations, affiliate marketing, and analytics. You can further enhance the experience of each prospect or attendee, by involving them in discussion forums.

Teachable will also take over all payment and monetization issues. You can offer paid-for courses and process the payments with tools such as Stripe and PayPal. Note, however, that a 5% transaction fee will be deducted from each payment.

These are the features to expect:

The base features are available for free. There are three premium plans, the cheapest of which costs $29 per month.



LifterLMS will help you create a professional website for learning and business. You can turn students into paying clients and involve them in private coaching. This plugin is a recognized tool to sell courses to potential clients with just a few clicks.

The most competitive edge of this WordPress plugin is the ability to offer multiple payment types. You can either charge one-time payments, membership subscriptions, or custom payment plans. Check out their library to learn how to upsell private coaching to interested buyers.

These are the most prominent features:

Custom coupons with fixed or percentage discounts. You can use these for both single and recurring payments, and introduce expiration dates.

Special member-exclusive pricing for your best customers

Possibility to enhance the tool with additional functionalities. For instance, you can buy the necessary add-on for $120 each. Follow the marketplace for special offers and add-on bundles. The price varies between $360 and $1200 per year.


Course Catalog

If you are looking for a premium WordPress eLearning tool that won’t break the bank, you’ve found the winner.

Course Catalog sticks with the ear and only has positive reviews. It is indeed a catalog of multiple courses, each accompanied by images, descriptions, and current schedules. The browsing feature is more than engaging and leads subscribers where you want them to be.

Visitors can look up courses by entering keywords. They can search for lecturer names, specific dates, or categories. There are even additional search filters, such as Required Degree or Course Type.

The visuals of this plugin can turn a standard WordPress theme into an advanced virtual classroom. You can choose one of the three appealing catalog templates and insert your content.

Better yet, there are add-ons for charging attendees. We recommend it for college websites, or to individual coaching clients looking to enhance their business.

The pricing scheme is very simple: you pay $49 for a single website or $119 for 10 websites at once.



If we look at statistics, LearnPress is by far the oftest downloaded eLearning plugin on WordPress.org. The reasons are pretty obvious: there are many advanced features that you can use for free, among them even social media integration.

Another distinguishing function is the setup wizard. It lets you customize the theme features and come up with a truly personalized website.

You can generate courses and create quizzes very easily. These courses can afterward be shared and exported on any page, as long as you are using LearnPress on it. If you want to extend these features, check some of the paid add-ons. As it turns out, the plugin can also support WooCommerce, bbPress, and other membership plugins. You would also need a paid add-on to enable grading and scheduling.

In essence, LearnPress can be used for free. The pricing for add-on bundles varies between $49 and $249, depending on the themes you are using.


Thrive Apprentice

It may as well be that your business or life coaching website doesn’t only focus on learning. In this case, check lightweight alternatives such as Thrive Apprentice.

This plugin is developed for marketers who use simple courses to engage their client base. If you are running a serious educational institution with more complex learning processes, this is not the solution for you.

To give you an example, you wouldn’t be able to introduce drip-fed content or issue awards and certificates. Nevertheless, there is a nifty integration with ThriveCart, WooCommerce, and SendOwl. In this way, you can monetize your learning content with ease.

These are the features to consider:

If you are a personal development coach, you can use Thrive Apprentice as a standalone solution and pay $97 per year. The full membership package would cost you $299 per year.


Namaste! LMS

You can also optimize your learning WordPress posts with this simple solution. It may not be the best choice for advanced online learning providers, but it still handles the basics of e-content.

More focus on learning and managing course material is provided in the Premium version. What we like the most about it is unification, as its modules cater to each niche. If you want to organize quizzes and exams, you should consider integrating the Watu add-on.

Creating courses for a life coaching website, for instance, will be as easy as creating your regular WordPress page. With the right integrations, you can charge for these courses and manage long-term subscriptions. The tool even lets users embed video content.

As expected, the core plugin is offered entirely for free. We recommend you consider their premium course design package priced at $47 per year.


WP Courseware

WP Courseware is also quite limited when it comes to advanced learning functionality, which explains the lower price. The difference is that it excels in providing multiple payment options. Some of them are not even supported by more expensive plugins.

To give you an example, WP Courseware enables recurring subscriptions and installment payments. Begin with the free courses, and lead your prospects’ way into making a purchase. To see how this works, check the free WP demo that explains the process in detail.

WP Courseware is also unusually cheap for a tool that lets you design an unlimited number of courses. Note, however, that the marketing features are quite limited.

Their lowest full-featured plan costs $129 per year, and it lets you use their plugins on two different websites.



Sensei is Automattic’s best-known eLearning tool that pairs perfectly with WooCommerce. The integration with the payment gateway is not an absolute must – the free version will still let you design courses and offer them for free.

Participants can be charged individually or on a subscription basis, depending on your needs. This makes monetization very flexible, which is not always the case with LMS plugins for WordPress.

The plugin offers all learning features users expect, such as courses and quizzes. Keep in mind that customization of quizzes is limited, but you can still set up a timer and decide how much time is necessary for each question.

Compared to similar tools, Sensei doesn’t offer that many third-party integrations. You can only integrate it with another membership plugin since there is no add-on for this.

Next to the free plan, there is Sensei Pro which costs $149 per year for a single website.


MasterStudy LMS

The MasterStudy LMS plugin comes with WYSIWYG editors. This means that it features great creation tools tailored to every user. It doesn’t matter how much experience you have – you can still design the most amazing lessons with slides and video content. Management of courses will be just as easy.

If this is not enough to convince you, note that all its key functions were developed by Vue.js. This leads to smoother page transitions and excellent response times.

Here are the main reasons to choose MasterStudy LMS:

The base plugin is offered for free. Their premium plans start at $54.99 per year.



Teachpress will help you manage courses like a professional. Thanks to its fully optimized BibTex integration, you can publish your courses and let users contribute to your research. Therefore, we recommend this plugin to professors and academics.

teachPress is dedicated to institutions for higher education. It offers all necessary enrollment, assessment, and documentation features. You can use it to upload publications directly to the WordPress website and run an RSS feed. Better yet, you can create an archive coach template and use it as your learning database.

These are the features to look forward to:

Best of all, the plugin is free of charge.


FAQs about WordPress coaching plugins

1. What is a WordPress coaching plugin and what does it do?

To manage their coaching programs, clients, and content, coaches can use a WordPress coaching plugin, which is software that can be placed on a WordPress website. It provides WordPress-compatible functionality including appointment scheduling, payment processing, membership management, course building, and more.

2. How can a WordPress coaching plugin benefit my coaching business?

Many facets of your coaching business, including client management, scheduling, and payment processing, can be streamlined with a WordPress coaching plugin. Additionally, it may give your coaching services a polished and well-organized platform and make it simple for you to design and handle coaching programs and material.

3. Can a WordPress coaching plugin be integrated with other plugins and tools?

Yes, the majority of WordPress coaching plugins can be combined with other plugins and technologies, including payment processors, social media platforms, email marketing programs, and more. This enables you to design a coaching platform that is personalized and suits your unique requirements.

4. What features should I look for in a WordPress coaching plugin?

Consider features like appointment scheduling, payment processing, course building, membership management, client management, content creation, and customization choices when choosing a WordPress coaching plugin. The functions you require to handle your tutoring business properly should be offered by the plugin you choose.

5. Can I customize the look and feel of my coaching site with a WordPress coaching plugin?

Yes, the majority of WordPress coaching plugins feature customization options that let you change the way your coaching site looks and feels. You can build a website that reflects your brand and style using options like color schemes, fonts, layouts, and more.

6. Is it easy to create and manage coaching programs with a WordPress coaching plugin?

Yes, the majority of WordPress coaching plugins provide tools for setting up and administering coaching programs, including lesson planning, course development, and progress monitoring. This makes it simple to run your coaching initiatives and monitor client success.

7. How can I use a WordPress coaching plugin to manage my client base?

Tools for managing your clientele, like appointment scheduling, client notes, and progress monitoring, can be found in a WordPress coaching plugin. Additionally, it can include membership administration tools that let you manage client accounts and give members access to your coaching programs.

8. Are there any security concerns I should be aware of when using a WordPress coaching plugin?

A WordPress coaching plugin may raise security issues, just like any other plugin or piece of software. Choosing a trustworthy plugin vendor is crucial, as is keeping your WordPress site updated with the most recent security patches and upgrades.

9. Can a WordPress coaching plugin be used for group coaching or only one-on-one coaching?

The majority of WordPress coaching plugins may be applied to both one-on-one and group coaching. Look for a plugin that has functions that can be applied to both individual and group coaching programs, such as course building, lesson planning, and progress tracking.

10. Are there any limitations to what a WordPress coaching plugin can do?

WordPress coaching plugins come with a variety of capabilities, however, they could have certain restrictions. It’s crucial to do your homework, pick a plugin that gives the functionality your coaching business requires, and be aware of any potential restrictions or compatibility problems.


Final thoughts on using a WordPress coaching plugin

As you see, many WordPress plugins can help you enhance your life coaching website and bring profits your way. Most of them can be managed and put into action even if you don’t have developing skills.

Finding the right plugin for your WordPress site can’t be tricky, as they all have different learning functionalities. For instance, you may get the most advanced GS coach plugin packed with features but still miss integration with a payment gateway.

What all of these plugins gave in common is the possibility to engage audiences without sending hours in front of the screen. They will manage your client base and update events in real-time, and even help you rank higher in search engines. Try them out and choose the best GS coach plugin for your needs.

If you enjoyed reading this article about the best WordPress coaching plugins, you should read these as well:

Everyone running a vehicle-oriented website needs a professional car dealership WordPress theme. Be it that you are selling cars or providing information for those who buy them, the right WordPress themes will bring new audiences your way.

The car dealer WordPress theme doesn’t only need to be beautiful, but also functional. You need a feature-rich and responsive website that guarantees a great user experience. Keep reading to learn about the best car dealer WordPress themes and get inspired. There will be something on our list suited to your needs.

We’ve selected the most beautiful and useful WordPress themes for car dealers. You can either list a vehicle for sale or invite visitors to do so, and turn your website into a popular marketplace. Some of the WordPress themes also offer advanced search bars ideal for car listings. Next on the list are eCommerce integration for easy payments and VIN decoders that let you customize everything.

Let’s check them out.


The Best Car Dealership WordPress Theme Options



The Automotive theme is designed for those selling and buying new motor vehicles. It features an easy-to-browse interface and excellent listings. Visitors will not only be able to find the type of car they want but also learn more about styles and manufacturers.

The WordPress theme filters out all vehicles that don’t match search criteria. As a prospective buyer, you can compare multiple vehicles at once, and even use a loan calculator to find a car within your budget.


Garax is a flexible Automotive WordPress Theme for car agencies, repairing workshops, and car/garage businesses. Garax comes up with Contact Form 7 integration, connecting customers to you simpler and more conveniently. Also, we include the Google Maps tool to show your location. In convenience, your customers can make online appointments and save lots of time with the “Appointment Now” button. In Garax, we offer you the plugin Visual Composer to build and edit your page in a short time.

Also, the plugin Revolution Slider is embedded in this theme for better portfolios. WooCommerce allows you to turn your garage into an online store. Users can always add their products, like dash cams or car accessories, services, and galleries. On the other side, the widget for filtering products by different criteria is also available. Having been well-designed and improved gradually, Car Dealer Automotive WordPress Theme – Garax will absolutely fit car and related services, boosting your reputation and brand.


Vehica offers a package of even seven car dealer WordPress themes and demos. This makes it an absolute favorite of many leading car dealers. Each demo has its focus and uses grids and sliders to list cars intuitively. Visitors can find what they want within seconds, and there is a variety of tools that keep them interested even once they do.

With some of Vehica’s demos, you can add location maps, video content, and individual contact forms for visitors to make a request. Each car listing is packed with useful information.




Here comes another advanced automotive WordPress theme that focuses on searching. The intuitive bar works with multiple filters that lead visitors to the desired vehicle. This makes it incredibly easy to sell cars quickly and safely.

Another competitive advantage of this WordPress theme is the WooCommerce plugin. The installation process is very simple, and in return, you can receive and process payments directly on your website. You can take a step further and install the WPBakery Page Builder for the ideal marketplace. Once again, no coding experience is required.

You will also like the variety of setting options, such as color, header, footer, logo, blog, shop, etc.



The Voiture Automotive and Car Dealer WordPress Theme is an end-to-end car dealer solution for easy listings.

These are the features you should expect:


Use the best booking plugin for your car dealership site

Staying organized has never been easier.

You can now manage your business and grow your brand with a single, powerful WordPress booking plugin that keeps all of your appointments in line, your clients organized and your business booming.

Amelia is perfect for business owners who need to streamline their booking experience both for their staff and their clients.

Amelia handles everything for you.

You can even have email notifications and SMS notifications so that nobody forgets about their appointment bookings.

In order to book an appointment, the complete user interaction takes a few clicks with this WordPress plugin. Moreover, with it you can accept payments via PayPal and Stripe, perfect for those who want to pay in advance to book appointments.

As a business owner, you can monitor KPIs in the WordPress dashboard and analyze other important data to keep a pulse on your business. Amelia is a straightforward, no-nonsense booking calendar plugin and an amazing option for those who want an around-the-clock solution for their WordPress site.

Want to know more? Check out Amelia’s awesome features to see what you are missing.


If you want to sell the old good way and meet buyers in person, Motors is your solution. All contact and location information is featured on the homepage header, and there is no way you will miss it. There is also an array of promotion-friendly features. Examples are special prices, attractive images, and countdown special offers. If you go premium, you can use this car dealer WordPress theme to create a car rental website.

The gallery layouts let you list autos how you want them, and display relevant information like gas mileage and price right next to the images.


Auto CarForYou

This great dealer WordPress theme is known for its responsiveness. If you want to have all features of an advanced car market, you need integrations and add-ons. We recommend Map Box, Social Login, Elementor page builder, Dealer Registration, and Advertisements. These add-ons perform great, and the integration is seamless.

You can create multiple different homepages and choose between two listing styles. The car dealer website enables real-time comparison on a dedicated page and has even 20+ inner pages that help you import your brand.

The color palette at your disposal is unlimited. The car dealer WordPress theme even has a test drive request block, a finance calculator, and five different font styles.


Car Dealer

This dealer WordPress theme is just as versatile when it comes to homepages. It provides you with even 14 different options and supports the best GIF pre-loaders you can think of. Better yet, it is among the very few car dealer WordPress themes that offer listing apps for iOS and Android.

With this theme on your car dealer website, you won’t need to integrate WPBakery and Elementor Page Builder. The latest version already supports both of them.

The real cherry on the cake, however, is the integration with Web Manager Data. This extension pulls in vehicle inventory from the WebManager Marketing Platform to your website.

The Geo-Fencing functions, on the other hand, gather visitors who are already looking up competitors’ websites. This way, you can bundle up a database with genuine buying potential. You will be able to use current smartphone technologies to drive sales up.


Automobile Car Dealer

There aren’t many free car dealer WordPress themes that are as good as Automobile Car Dealer. You can use it to sell both new and used vehicles, and offer visitors an SEO-friendly and responsive environment.

The WordPress theme is translation-ready and uses optimized codes for you to create the most beautiful menu. You can also customize the header and footer and add your contact information.



We are huge fans of CarListings, especially due to its looks. The free automotive car dealership WordPress theme suits multiple user scenarios. You can get it to list and sell vehicles, rent them, or run an informative blog.

The variety of top WordPress plugins lets you manage sales and pricing directly on your website. A loan calculator plugin is also available.

The same as Automotive Car Dealer, CarListings lets you customize the header section end to end. You can share your contact data, business hours, and logo.



If you want a premium dealer WordPress theme that follows all trends, look no further. You can take your auto business online with only a few clicks.

Autozone offers premade website pages for all sorts of car dealer businesses. There is a demo you can use to get started, even if you are an absolute beginner.

In the last couple of years, Autozone developers added even 550 options and 110 new elements. Every successful car dealer will appreciate this, as they know how difficult it is to be unique in this industry.

This is why the WordPress theme offers many templates and custom fields, even if you are selling yachts or renting boats. Visitors can translate content to their preferred language, and look for vehicles in their area.



Revus is a car dealership WordPress theme that pays just as much attention to quantity as it does to quality. It is the perfect tool for car dealers with multiple vehicles to sell.

You will also like the unique front page design and the layouts that let you create a separate page for each vehicle. You can design a beautiful image gallery with video footage so that visitors get even more interested in your offer.




If you want to keep things simple, choose a dealer WordPress theme with a drag and drop function. You don’t need to be a coder to design the perfect car dealer website and make sure it displays well on any device.

This being said, give the AnyCar WordPress theme a try. There are even eight different options for your homepage, and multiple blog pages and gallery styles. You can manage payments thanks to the WooCommerce integration.

Translations are seamless with this theme, especially when it comes to social media. It also supports some of the best call-to-action buttons on this list, and a professional layout that guarantees the quality of service.



Autoimage is a car dealership WordPress theme that offers some pretty straightforward extensions, such as a One-Click demo import. You would have an inviting homepage with a full-width slider image where you can display special offers and deductions. For some car dealers, this could even be the place where he displays the newest vehicles in their catalog or the testimonials of satisfied buyers.

Extensive and fast comparison is also part of the package. Visitors will prefer your car dealership, as they can find anything they want.


Automotive Centre

This WordPress theme is for any stylish car dealer who wants a cool website. Your industry may be competitive, but there is still some space for you to be unique.

Why choose Automotive Center? For starters, the WordPress theme is SEO-optimized and will push your vehicle listings on top of any search engine. You get a responsive slider, and you can process payments thanks to WooCommerce compatibility.



KarDealer is a fantastic WordPress theme for anyone who loves cars, not only the ones that sell them. It is a one-stop shop for a marketplace, a car rental, or a blog with informative content.

Better yet, it is tweakable. You choose the plugins and the third-party integrations. It lets you use different color skins, custom header and footer widgets, and even a social media menu.

The WordPress theme supports multiple currencies and languages. It will help you sell locally or all across the automotive industry. Compatibility with WooCommerce is there, and so is integration with social media.

Last but not least, the WordPress theme enables advanced searching and features a customizable slider. You can display any information you want right on the homepage of your car dealer website.



What this WordPress theme does is make your online hub more professional. It is clean and easy to use and comes with prebuilt booking forms for customers to schedule appointments and test drives. Searching through your inventory will also be easy, thanks to the variety of available filters. This is without a doubt something any car dealer needs.

The dealer WordPress theme has an almost unlimited color palette, which brings your car dealer website in line with your brand. You benefit from a WooCommerce and eCommerce integration to complete financial transactions online.



This car dealership WordPress theme has the largest choice of grids and layouts. It puts the admin in control of the car dealer website.

You can adjust the information blocks any way you want, or add custom fields to your preferences. The Page Builder is very powerful and can be easily added to the Autoimage package.

WordPress themes like this one use a premium Revolution Slider and layouts that can be completely edited. Car rental services, for instance, use it to show off their best deals and create shortcuts to the availability of information. More often than rare, this is where you find the testimonials of happy customers.



Every great car dealer site relies on flexible layouts. Paired with mobile sidebars and catch color schemes, there is nothing this website can’t do.

Still not convinced? Maybe you should know that this theme is cross-browser compatible.

At first sight, the AutoPro car dealer theme is minimal, but that’s exactly what makes it special. The sidebars and the layout can be tweaked in any possible way, both for full-width and boxed websites. It is mobile-friendly and reliable and has some excellent user reviews.

The car dealer theme features integration with WooCommerce, which helps you manage finances. It has its loan calculator and offers all the shopping functionalities of an online marketplace. Are you ready to organize your next special sale?



Maxwheels caters to any automotive business, be that a car repair service or a blog on vehicle details. If you want to sell with it, you should know that it features a premium car review system with custom fields. If you are preparing your car blog, you should know that six excellent homepage designs capture attention right away.

Depending on the version you choose, this auto dealer WordPress theme will offer a Simple or Modern gallery for the listings. You can either opt for the default classic layout or use the page builder to create something that is truly yours.

The following features are included:


The Automobile

If you appreciate a good bargain, check The Automobile. The free WordPress theme is built particularly for selling cars online. It features a beautiful image slider, as well as vertical and horizontal tabs. It is a great tool to create a stunning website without breaking the bank.

You won’t only be able to showcase cars for sale, but also run a blog on car inventory. The car dealer templates are fully customizable through a powerful options panel.

This is what you get for free:



Autohub is chosen by the best automotive businesses, and for a good reason. It comes with all features embedded, be it that you sell cars or offer car repair services. You don’t need to buy extra plugins or integrate other solutions. This premium theme has it all.

To give you some examples, you will be able to use wonderful layouts, advanced searching options, and searchable listings. The premium dashboard takes care of many different aspects of your auto car business, thanks to advanced stats.

With this visual composer, you can even enable external users to create and submit listings. There is a custom registration system that lets you invite users to participate in the marketplace. Any action they take needs to be approved by the admin.



This feature rich theme offers all the core features you need for a great WordPress website. It is SEO-optimized, translatable, and retina-ready. You can choose just the right templates and color options to create a unique car dealership website.

To make things even better, Octane supports mega menus and drop-down menus. The header and the footer sections are adjustable, and even let you add photoshop files to make the page more beautiful. It is one of the most beautiful WordPress car dealer themes on the market.



If you need a car dealer website for mechanic listings and contemporary design, this is your winner. The free automotive WordPress theme is compatible with all main browsers. It looks great on mobile devices and desktop devices alike.

You can sell vehicles online and manage your entire auction business with the powerful Theme Option Panel. Each page is customizable and lets you come up with the perfect layout.

These are the features you should look forward to:

Indeed, this car dealer WordPress theme can do it all!


Automobile Hub

Sometimes, it is exactly car dealer websites that convince buyers to make a purchase.

This modern automotive WordPress theme certainly proves this, as shown by its excellent reviews. It is used for dynamic and modern car dealer websites. Yet, it also works for car rental services, cab services, bike showrooms, and even aircraft businesses. Since it is cross-browser compatible, it looks great on any device.

The WordPress car dealer theme is SEO-friendly and speed-optimized. Visitors appreciate the easy navigation and the stunning image gallery.



How about an automotive WordPress theme where you can build your homepage? With Motodeal, you get even 11 homepage designs for your dealership, as well as 200 element blocks and 30 inner pages. The more creative you are, the better your car dealer website will look.

Motodeal also offers an advanced finance calculator. It showcases total amounts, monthly payments, and accrued interests. This is why it is often used by car trading businesses and rentals.


Car Manager

There is so much that you can customize with this car dealer WordPress theme! The homepage variations are breathtaking, and there are even six different listing pages. Any car dealer can make this WordPress car dealer theme work for his brand.

Compatibility won’t be an issue. Your car dealer website will integrate with some powerful tools. Examples are MailChimp, WooCommerce, BuddyPress, Yoast, Shortcode, Contact Form 7, etc.

You can preserve the competitive edge by using unique colors and typography styles. Once your car dealer website is online, you can use the analytical features to gather information and attract new audiences.



IdealAuto is probably the best car dealer website template with a minimalist design. You will find any color or layout you’ve imagined, as well as moveable sidebars that help you arrange information your way.

The automotive WordPress theme supports both full-width and boxed modes and adapts easily to all devices and browsers. It covers all aspects of the automotive industry, including selling, car repair shop, and more. It is very customer-oriented, so you may also consider it for your support team.

The structure of such automotive WordPress themes is based on a drag-and-drop framework. As expected, IdealAuto combines easily with extensions and add-ons, so that you can turn it into a personalized car dealer website.

Make sure you check the following features:



The most important thing for any car dealer is his product pallet. But how would this car dealer be able to showcase what he’s got, if this information doesn’t go viral?

We live in a time when first impressions mean everything, and those are usually created online. As a modern car dealer, you can’t achieve much without an excellent car dealer website, where customers can find everything they need. The automotive WordPress theme shouldn’t simply be beautiful, but also fast and responsive.

To help you find the perfect automotive WordPress theme for your car dealer website, we gathered all market leaders in a single post. They all offer similar features, and it only comes to details when deciding which one is better.

You can choose the one that works the best for your needs and your budget. Yet, one thing is for sure – great WordPress themes can help any car dealer expand his business and make it more manageable.

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What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word Zoom? In the last few years, Zoom has become a synonym for video meetings. Both individuals and businesses prefer Zoom to all its alternatives, both paid and freemium. If you are looking to integrate a Zoom function on your WordPress business website, you need a Zoom WordPress plugin easy to integrate and use.


Would you like a dentist website that attracts more customers? If so, you should consider investing in the best possible design and content.

It sounds expensive, but it doesn’t have to be.

There are many ways to make visitors welcome on your website and to help them find the information they need. Most of all, medical websites need a handy booking function where visitors can choose the desired service and make an appointment.

If you are looking to stay on budget, you should consider one of the top dentist WordPress themes for dental websites. These themes are often used by dental clinics and come with fully enabled demos you can install with a single click. Some of them even have customizable templates to help you create a website that works with your branding.

Check our list of the best dentist WordPress themes and find your solution.


The best WordPress themes for dentist websites 


Denta offers intuitive form builders and state-of-the-art headers to let you create a beautiful website. You can build dedicated service pages, news blogs, and doctor profiles, and use pretty much any tool a dentist would need.

The dentist WordPress theme is SEO-ready and ensures your website will rank higher on all engines. The function is also given the appropriate attention, resulting in websites that are fast and responsive.

Last but not least, Denta websites adjust to the size of different screens, which is essential for smartphone and tablet users.



ProDent is entirely dedicated to dental clinics and the creation of dentist WordPress websites. The wide slideshow on the homepage is the right place to introduce yourself to new customers. You can add photographs from your practice and satisfied customers, and get visitors involved. As they scroll down, they reach an impressive call-to-action button that invites them to make an appointment.

The default layout also lets you centralize contact information, and let patients call you by just clicking a single button. You can also use the feature grid on the homepage to easily highlight the main dental services you offer. The variety of custom widgets helps you build a dentist WordPress theme that supports your branding efforts. For instance, you can share patient testimonials to inspire trust and reliability.



The Mediron WordPress Theme offers some of the most elegant web elements for a dental website. It is probably the most customizable dentist WordPress theme on our list, as you can see on their professional admin panel.

You will also benefit from a very responsive layout. Your medical WordPress theme will look beautiful on any display or resolution, be that a laptop or a smartphone.

Here are some of the features Mediron offers:



Use the best booking plugin for your dentist site

Staying organized has never been easier.

You can now manage your business and grow your brand with a single, powerful WordPress booking plugin that keeps all of your appointments in line, your clients organized and your business booming.

Amelia is perfect for business owners who need to streamline their booking experience both for their staff and their clients.

Amelia handles everything for you.

You can even have email notifications and SMS notifications so that nobody forgets about their appointment bookings.

In order to book an appointment, the complete user interaction takes a few clicks with this WordPress plugin. Moreover, with it you can accept payments via PayPal and Stripe, perfect for those who want to pay in advance to book appointments.

As a business owner, you can monitor KPIs in the WordPress dashboard and analyze other important data to keep a pulse on your business. Amelia is a straightforward, no-nonsense booking calendar plugin and an amazing option for those who want an around-the-clock solution for their WordPress site.

Want to know more? Check out Amelia’s awesome features to see what you are missing.

SKT Toothy

If you are looking to stay on budget, check out this free dentist WordPress theme. You can create an attractive website and run a parallel blog for your customers.

The homepage comes with built-in sections for all essential information. You can use it to showcase timetables and opening hours. Customization is limited and beginner-friendly, but the live theme editor still lets you bring the site in line with your brand. Since you don’t have to pay anything, we encourage you to try this theme and see how it works for you.



Carenow is a contemporary WordPress theme for dental clinics and hospitals. Its competitive edge is its mobile-friendliness, as it performs excellently on high-resolution screens. There are even four WordPress themes for your homepage. Each of them comes with a nifty contact form that facilitates appointment scheduling.

With this dentist WordPress theme, you can list all your services with their prices, and run a blog with more than 16 ready-to-use pages. If you have some coding skills, you can also use their Elemetor page builder plugin to create your pages. Finally, this WordPress theme also makes it possible to embed high-quality imagery and video content on your website.



DentiCare pays just as much attention to function as it does to form. Users describe it as very practical, and there isn’t much they would add to enhance the outcome. There are several features not supported by similar dentist WordPress themes. Among them are the before-after image function, integration with Google Maps, and the automated timetable.

All of these features can be found on their options panel. Here, the admin can even choose distinctive typography and design the page transitions. The fully customizable Cost Calculation plugin makes it easy to price services depending on the user’s entries. This WordPress theme even offers the Bold Timeline Lite plugin for page building.

As if this wasn’t enough, DentiCare offers an easily navigable menu that simply sticks with the customer. Thanks to the awesome clipboard functionality, you can copy/paste content across pages with a single click.


Dental Pro for Dental & Dentist

Dental Pro is another great WordPress theme for dentists. It can be used for single-sites and multipage-sites alike, and it offers even 24 demo variations for the homepage. The layout is stylish and responsive, and you can use pretty much any font or color that works for your brand.

There is even more to consider -Dental Pro is one of the very few dentist WordPress themes that support parallax effect animations. You can embed your AJAX contact forms and ensure a seamless experience for your patients.



Dentalo is a professional dental website theme that can add value to any medical organization. It is best known for its intentional design and very responsive layout, as well as the variety of purpose-oriented features.

Dentalo will enhance your online presence with many top-notch features-. Examples include the image gallery, patient testimonial & success story section.

Navigation on your end will be intuitive and fast, and you can make all customizations you want.

A feature that deserves attention is Bluebell. You can install it quickly via WordPress or FTP, and load all your demo content once it is active. You can multiple the added content on several pages at once.

Best of all, the theme options panel lets you use any Google web font you want.


Dentist by wphunters

You should also consider the excellent Dentist by wphunters WordPress theme. It is only part of their wide offering of medical website themes that work for every practice and hospital.

Their custom admin section CMS is packed with customization features for you to edit the website in any specific way. Better yet, the visual content composer is very easy to use, and you don’t need coding skills.

We are also huge fans of how functional their menus are. They combine all aspects of dental care and are fully compliant with the selected theme.

Other important features include:



Dentaris certainly deserves a place on our list of leading dentist WordPress themes. It is very professional, and yet free to use. You can design your full-length homepage that works on any screen, and all the services you want. The dental clinic theme also allows you to list your team members and embed a booking form for your patients.

Dentaris focuses on quality information delivery. They’ve reserved a top spot for the contact number, address, and business hours. Be it so, you can change and update these details any time you want, thanks to the easy customization and live preview.

This is also one of the very few dentist WordPress themes that are free but still compatible with WooCommerce.



HouseMed caters to the needs of diverse healthcare businesses, among others also dental clinics. It lets users develop a timetable for every doctor so that patients can see what he does and when his next free appointment is.

This WordPress theme uses the services of WPBakery page builders, which means that customization is as simple as drag and drop. There are even eight amazing homepage designs, but users can also import their own using the demo installer.

The Mega Menu Factory is another feature to watch, as it helps you design some awesome mus. The medical theme is also compatible with Slider Revolution.

Finally, HouseMed is among the most advanced WordPress themes for dentists that you can get on a budget.


Dental Clinic

Dental Clinic is a highly-responsive Wordpres theme that can enhance the online presence of your dental clinic. There are two layouts available – a standard boxed layout and a full-width layout. Upon need, you can convert this retina-ready theme into a single-page website. It is also WPML and SEO compatible.

The admin panel will let you switch among different colors very easily. There are also several header configurations used to set a specific tone on the website. You can list all services of your dental clinic using the handy drag&drop page builder, and you can work with more than 100 custom shortcodes.



Check out this modern and very responsive medical WordPress theme with dental clinic functions. They offer a full niche demo for creating different pages. At the same time, this healthcare WordPress theme was created using Redux, Elementor, Sass, and ACF Pro. This guarantees that it has some of the most advanced features on this list.

Third party WordPress plugins are also provided, such as shopping via WooCommerce.

This WordPress theme also comes with MailChimp AJAX Subscription. Better yet, it supports Contact Form 7 plugin submissions. To make things easier for you, the provider prepared detailed documentation on how to customize the source code.

These are the most prominent Rola features:



As indicated by the name, this medical WordPress theme caters to the needs of dental service providers. It offers an impressive homepage design that follows all current trends. It is therefore equipped with a full-width layout.

You can further enhance your medical theme with an animated slider. The divided sections can accommodate all your services and contact information. You don’t need programming or coding skills to customize the homepage – changing the layout only takes one click.

Customization goes beyond the homepage. Dentalia enables you to customize all aspects of your medical theme from the control panel. What you will appreciate the most is the before-and-after slider, to show patients how effective your services are.



If you are looking for a versatile medical WordPress theme, look no further. There are eight different demos to choose from, each of them customizable and flexible.

With iDent, you can create a comprehensive web space for an entire dental clinic, and make sure you are noticed. You can tweak the demo with a drag-and-drop function which is very user-friendly.

As expected, iDent is fully compatible with WooCommerce and Slider. It is also SEO optimized and retina and mobile-ready.



Dentalux is another great WordPress theme to consider for your dental clinic. This is especially so if you want to introduce an appointment management function on your website.

You can integrate the function with your calendar and keep patients updated, even if you don’t know how to program websites. There are multiple premade icons for dental services which you can tweak to your needs.

Team members of the dental clinic also get their page. The admin can use shortcodes to link their information on multiple pages of the dental websites.


Dentist by CurlyThemes

If you want your dental website to be memorable, check out this CurlyThemes WordPress theme. Nobody is indifferent to their beautiful layout!

Better yet, it only takes minutes to get your dental clinic website up and running. You will definitely like their before-and-after and patient stories section.

You can showcase all your services with special icons, and invite users to make appointments with an easy-to-use booking tool. The dentist WordPress theme can be used by dental clinics all over the state, thanks to the Google Maps integration. The theme targets primarily visitors in your area. The visitors will also be able to translate your website into their preferred language.

To sum up, you can share website info across social media with just a few clicks.



The leading advantage of this WordPress theme is its SEO optimization. Dentists, as well as other medical professionals, can use this WordPress theme to boost their rankings on search engines.

The Visual Composer plugin, on the other hand, lets them create homepage layouts that work perfectly on every device. This also has to do with the fact the WordPress theme was built on a Bootstrap 3.0 framework.

Importing features on your dental clinic website will be extremely easy. You can select the colors you want, choose from more than 600 Google Fonts, and have content translated into any language. Prident is also fully integrated with MailChimp and ensures seamless communication with patients.


Healthy Smiles

The Healthy Smiles Dental WordPress theme caters to your every need. All of its features and functionalities are dentist-specific, and its pages are clean and informative.

Which functionalities can you expect from this dental clinic WordPress template?



This WordPress theme offers even 12 healthcare-oriented demos. Each of them can help you create the perfect website for your dental business. You will also appreciate the diverse homepage layouts that work for any business.

The theme controls can be described as powerful, at the very least. You can adjust the colors, layout options, fonts, and any other aspect of the healthcare WordPress theme. If you want to enhance visitors’ experience with even more creative features, start with the WPBakery black canvas. Many content blocks can help you design the perfect WordPress theme.


Dental Care

This retina-ready WordPress theme is very responsive and cross-browser compatible. It will work great for any design theme, as all dental services have been taken into account. The navigation page can be customized with multiple dental icons, header styles, and other handy design elements.

We are also talking of a WPML-enhanced and responsive WordPress theme which you can integrate with your social media accounts.

If you are not convinced yet, check also its lightbox options and amazing built-in menus.



If you are interested in multiple homepage design possibilities, consider SmilePure. The health WordPress theme is developed with dentists in mind and makes it easy to display dental services attractively.

The technique behind it belongs to WPBakery, which means you can use a drag-and-drop feature to put pages together.

There are more than 20 headers, multiple menu options, CSS3 animations, and Contact Form 7 integration.

There will be no data protection concerns, as this WordPress dentist theme is fully GDPR compliant. It is also Retina-ready and open to translation, and users describe it as simple and easy.

If you purchase this WordPress theme, you automatically get access to Slider Revolution and the WPBakery Page Builder.



Consider this multipurpose WordPress theme to create a professional dentist website. It offers all the necessary features for dental practices. Also, it integrates with all desired third-party services.

What makes this premium WordPress theme so special is the section dedicated to working hours. The fully customizable WordPress theme can be adjusted to your needs thanks to the Visual Composer page builder. You can tweak and customize each page as you want it to be.

Choose Healthflex because of the following features:


Dentist WP

The specialty of this dental WordPress theme is that it lets you import any demo content on the website, and use it as a placeholder. Alternatively, you can check the black canvas and start designing your website with the templates that are already there.

Dentist WP makes your work easier as it automatically accepts appointments and bookings from your patients. They will also benefit from your case studies and success stories shared directly on the homepage. You can further improve the experience with before-and-after imagery.

The WordPress dentist theme is fully integrated with Google Maps, and lets you share your location for everyone to find the clinic easily.



Dentistry prefers function over form, which is why its main quality is responsiveness. There are only two colors available (green and blue) and two layouts (full-width and boxed). And yet, the wide range of styles lets you adjust the website to your needs.

In the fashion of the previously discussed health and medical theme, Dentistry can engage new audiences. It enables before-and-after galleries and success stories. Its advantage, however, is the use of shortcodes. these let you create custom popup boxes, tabs, blocks, and buttons.

Customization of your dentist’s website will be easy and simple. Pick the adequate theme, adjust the header and footer, set up the typography, and you are ready to go!


Wellbeing Hospital

You will love this WP theme because of its comprehensiveness. The feature-rich WordPress theme is chosen by the best health institutes. It offers all premium features and excellent design options.

You can schedule appointments, share patients’ testimonials, and create team member pages. Social media integration is also worth mentioning.

You should also consider this WordPress theme because it is localization-ready. Its content can be translated into multiple languages. You will also get a 100% responsive dentist website that works well on all devices and browsers.



If you want your WP theme to be trustworthy and reliable, give Mediz a try. Good-Layers developed this dental clinic theme with usability in mind. Their efforts were recognized by many leading clinics and hospitals.

Customization is ensured, as Medix is very flexible and simple to use. It offers various background wrapper options, page templates, and pre-built development pages. It integrates seamlessly with Revolution Slider and AJAX.



Dentario is a truly modern dentic WordPress theme that meets all patients’ expectations. Developers keep up with the newest developments in the area. They will let you showcase any new service you have and engage users with clean call-to-action buttons.

Moreover, Dentario features a very advanced appointment system that synchronizes with your calendar. You will also appreciate the premade service & price modules.

These are the other key features you can count on:


The best dentist WordPress theme and why do you need one

A WordPress theme designed specifically for dentists has many advantages. Here are some of them:

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