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June was the ultimate party month for Amelia’s team! Quite a few important events lined up following one another, and we enjoyed the journey all the way. We’ve introduced a redesigned and improved booking form, we’ve attended WordCamp Europe in Porto, and we’ve celebrated the 4th birthday with a 30% discount on all licenses! So many reasons to celebrate.

Find out more about the events we are bragging about.

A Brand New Amelia Booking Form Release

We’ve been working hard in an attempt to boost our clients’ businesses to new heights. Finally, after several busy months, we were excited to announce the Amelia 5.0 update, with an emphasis on an improved, fully redesigned booking form. The new form comes with a sleek, modern, eye-catchy look, better loading speed, and straightforward and intuitive navigation. The whole booking process is organized in several informational and intuitive steps, presented via visible step-to-step progress you can reverse if necessary. All mentioned changes skyrocketed the UI and UX design.

New Form. WCE Porto. 4th birthday discount.

List of achieved objectives that came with the new booking form

  • Modern and inviting design for the enhanced booking experience
  • Easier navigation for a better user experience
  • Animated step-to-step transitions for smooth usage
  • Visible Contact Us option for users’ convenience
  • Sidebar for simple tracking of the booking process 
  • Improved user experience for the booking packages
  • Larger and more insightful calendar for better service availability review
  • A better summary of finished bookings 
  • Improved customization page for better brand-adjustment
  • Increased loading speed for overall booking experience improvement
  • Elevated conversion rate and retention of clients

In short, the new form is fast, modernized, insightful, smooth, straightforward, intuitive, easy to set, and easy to use.  We can assure you your clients will enjoy using it. 

If you are interested to know more details about the form, check this article for information.

WordCamp Europe 2022 Porto, Portugal 

In June, after a 3-year long pause, we had a blast at the WordCamp in Portugal! We were there to promote Amelia, but also our other products, wpDataTables, and Trafft.

We gained many valuable friendships and potential collaborations we are looking forward to. And we had so much fun meeting all the faces behind important names in the business. 

We were hanging out with our friends from Visual Composer, we discussed the existing integration improvements with the Mollie payments crew, Oliver Pos team even showed us the brand-new integration with Amelia, so we had a live demo with them!

Oh, we even chatted with the Google Maps team. We talked about how we can upgrade the customer experience with Google Maps and Amelia locations.

Besides the conference, we enjoyed exploring Porto, sightseeing, and trying delicious local food.

Amelia’s 4th birthday with the amazing 30% off discount on all licenses!

And finally, yet importantly, we have celebrated our 4th birthday! 4 amazing years of joining forces with a goal to create a superior WordPress plugin. That’s why we’ve decided to treat our customers with a 30% discount on all licenses. The period for the discount was June 10th to June 20th, but due to large interest, we decided to extend it to the end of the month! 

Seize the opportunity and grab your 30% discount.

Birthday discount