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This unique branch of software is used to manage staff productivity and the output of each employee. There was once a time when scheduling and recording staff productivity was done manually, but since those days, things have shifted and the manual labor involved with shift management has all but vanished. (more…)

If you own a client-based business of some sort, then you most likely offer some services that require appointment scheduling.

Almost every type of business in the service industry needs its clients to schedule appointments, whether it be a doctor at a hospital, a therapist that needs to manage the appointments of their patients, a personal trainer, or a coach that wants to set up meetings with their clients.

In this article, we will take a look at the best free scheduling app options for your business. (more…)

Spa business owners are often overwhelmed by the number of appointments they get on a daily basis. That’s why many of them have to employ people for the sole purpose of dealing with appointments, which results in additional costs. (more…)

Ask any consultant new to the field of consulting what their main concern is and pretty much all of them are going to reply that they worry about how to get consulting clients quickly. This is also true of other services and businesses, but when you are just starting out in any domain, you may have a bit of a rough time. (more…)

In today’s technologically oriented world, online appointment booking is vital for businesses that depend on appointments. Clients book appointments from their devices because it’s insanely convenient.


Many people worldwide love using Google Calendar to manage their schedules and appointments. However, Google Calendar does leave room for improvement. Additional tools and customizations can take this calendar from adequate to amazing. (more…)

The consulting market is booming, and there are numerous consultants out there that are offering a number of different types of services, as well as varying, competitive fees. Whether you are a novice consultant or experienced in the industry, you want to be sure that the prices you charge for your services are fair for both you and your clients. (more…)

Digital calendars have become a part of our daily lives. Advanced scheduling tools come with powerful features. (more…)

During these times of pandemic and social distancing, it may seem that the industry of event planning is on the decline. Venues are closing and events of all types, from sports to the arts, are canceled. However, with this upheaval comes the necessity for change.

Virtual events are on the rise, thanks to technology making them easier than ever. And one day, in-person events will return. Because of these new challenges in event organization, event management software is being used more than ever before. (more…)