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Grab Amelia
Grab Amelia

You can’t keep up with the business world today unless you modernize and automatize the systems you use. This is utterly important for small businesses in the health, beauty, and wellness industries. Owners are looking for more and more possibilities to meet the needs of their clients. An important aspect is the scheduling process, which is, thanks to plugins and software, online. (more…)

Since the outbreak of the Coronavirus, online conferencing apps have gained a lot of popularity. Zoom is one of them. People need efficient programs to connect people online through a good and secure connection. Zoom does just that. Zoom does a great job in helping people work from home through conferencing. (more…)

You can’t grow your business unless you provide excellent services. Your clients should have memorable experiences starting from the moment they find out about your business. That includes the appointment-making process. (more…)

In this well-known battle between Housecall Pro vs Jobber, which scheduling program would win? If you’re still hesitating, a fair comparison between these two may help you end the debate. We know your goal is to work more efficiently and make the scheduling process easier for your clients. That’s why we’ve analyzed both types of software and came up with a series of advantages and disadvantages. We focused on the prices, features, tools, and the offer conditions of the two. (more…)