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Do you need a landing page template and you don’t know where to start? Our team at Amelia (probably the best WordPress bookings plugin) created this article to help you. Depending on what features you need, the free landing page templates listed below will definitely end your search.

Quickly building a landing page never turns out well, so these templates represent the best option you have at the moment. Read a short description of each and see which one suits your requirements.

A list of free landing page templates


Landing should be one of your top choices when it comes to landing page templates. Using this template places the registration form visibly, to increase the chance of transforming the visitors of your website into leads. The landing page contains a relevant intro about your brand, accompanied by a beautiful call to action button.

This landing page template is a one-page only, which means that users will simply have to scroll down to get the information they need. It is one of the few free landing page templates that have such a simple look. The navigation bar sticks at the top no matter how far the visitor is scrolling, which is a convenient detail.


Marshmallow is the perfect free landing page to showcase your SaaS startup. Easy to customize and with many cool elements, Marshmallow is ideal for startups looking to showcase their next big project! A one-page template available under MIT license, this free landing page is built to please.


Another free landing page that is definitely worth a shot is Infinity. This WordPress landing page theme is modern-looking and highly responsive, which are the exact two things that people seek when selecting a look for their websites. It suits the needs of creatives and business agencies the best. This is one of the free landing page templates that support mobile navigation and hi-dpi displays.

Meal – One Page HTML Template

Meal is one of the free landing pages that has a pre-built theme. It can only be used by restaurants, as it has all the necessary features to present meals. It is a one-page template that uses transitions and off-canvas navigation. The food menu can be personalized according to the needs of the user (breakfast/lunch/dinner). Customers can also leave reviews and fill reservation forms. It can be integrated with Google Maps.


Your search for a WordPress landing pages theme is over with Elevate. This is a free landing page template that is meant to generate leads fast. The design is a clean, professional one that is suitable for businesses which sell products or services. It is a scalable template that goes well with all screen sizes.

Dev Space Free Landing Page Template

If you want to find WordPress landing page themes that can be adapted to your own needs, you should try this template. It is an HTML/CSS landing page which combines coding and designing. The theme was developed by Lapa Ninja and is a popular choice among users who know exactly what they wish from their website.


If you are looking for good free landing page templates, Mountain will meet all your expectations. This template is suitable for daring agencies that consider aesthetics a very important part of their work. The template is customizable and highly responsive.

Evelyn Landing Page

Another free WordPress landing page that impresses through its appearance, the Evelyn Landing Page is great for startup companies or other professional agencies who want to put together a website for commercial use. The landing page comes in a personal use version as well.


One of the best landing page templates you will find on the Internet, Pure is a great way to organize your products and services.

All businesses who want to start their lead-generating journey with the right foot should try this customizable template. It is suitable for all industries and navigation is highly efficient, making it a top choice among free landing page templates.

Holly Free Landing Page Template

If you own a startup and you want to put your own startup website together, Holly Free is the best free landing page you can use. It is very easy to customize, as you can edit each element in particular. It can be downloaded for either commercial or personal use.


Another free WordPress landing page that makes everything easier is Kairos, a stylish template that is suitable for presenting an app. The landing page includes beautiful banners, numerous CTA buttons, a price section, and a testimonial slider. The overall design of this landing page is great for app developers or anyone who would like to showcase a digital product.

Lapax Free Landing Page Template

Lapax is a free WordPress landing page that uses HTML and CSS. It is great for tech startups that are ready to present their products. It is another template produced by Lapa Ninja, a trustful developer in terms of free landing page templates.

Florence Free Landing Page Template

Florence is great if you want the best level of scalability out there. Considering the huge number of mobile-exclusive users, it’s best to make your website accessible for all possible devices, regardless of the screen size. Florence is the exact landing page template you need in that situation. You set the page up once, and it fits all possible devices from that point further.


Dazzle is on the list of the best free landing page templates for showcasing products. The template uses HTML5 and CSS3 for the best responsiveness. It is very easy to customize, it is scalable and supports hi-dpi. It should be one of your top choices if you want to present a mobile app.

The Factory

The Factory is great for innovative startups that want to present their idea in a good light. This free landing page template is fully customizable, scalable and aesthetically pleasing. The level of customization is higher with The Factory compared to other free landing page templates.

Ending thoughts on these free landing page templates

The options are numerous but is your choice that ultimately matters in the lead generation process. Make sure to choose the landing page template that suits your needs the best. The templates listed in this article are premium-like, even though they are free of charge. Make great use of this information and select the landing page template that will amaze your website’s visitors.

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