Amelia: The Best WordPress Booking Plugin to Use on Your Site

Amelia is the best booking plugin that you could install on your website. It works 24/7 to make sure your customers can book appointments or events and pay online even while you sleep.

Dashboard and step by step form
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Dashboard and step by step form Dashboard and step by step form
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Amelia - WordPress Scheduling Plugin

Our powerful WordPress booking plugin is perfect for

Tool for business coaches business automation

Asesores jurídicos

Schedule meetings, list multiple services, collect payments, manage staff.

Gym and Sports training scheduling

Gimnasios y centros deportivos

Permite que tus clientes elijan, reserven y paguen con facilidad su entrenamiento grupal o individual.

Healthcare appointments reservation

Clínicas privadas

Programación de citas, catálogo de servicios médicos, pagos y otras herramientas.

Spa and Beauty Salons reservations automation

Salones de Spa

Lanza un completo mostrador de recepción en línea para tu spa o salón de masajes.

Repair and mechanical services reservation

Talleres de reparación

Enumera los servicios de reparación que ofrecen, los técnicos y su disponibilidad.

Hairdressers appointment reservation

Salones de belleza

Allow customers to choose a stylist, browse procedures and book visits in advance.

Intuitive & Easy-To-Use WordPress Booking Plugin

Organize your Calendar in WordPress with Amelia

Lleva tu negocio a un nivel profesional y de confianza.

We have created Amelia using the latest technology stack, modern design, and user experience techniques.
The booking system allows you to provide an enterprise-level smooth booking experience for your customers, without investing in branding or making big changes to your work process.

Organizing calendar in WordPress
Accept and schedule bookings through WordPress website
Appointments Management

Concéntrate en tu trabajo y olvídate de pagar a los ayudantes.

Amelia will fully automate the interaction with potential customers, help them pick the right servicio y el empleado adecuados, se encarga de los pagos.
Moreover, with our appointment plugin you get real-time SMS en tiempo real both for the customer and employee for booked, canceled or rescheduled appointments.
With our appointment booking system, you can focus on your work instead of handling appointment bookings manually.

Intuitive Appointment automation tool

No training is needed to install and use.

Amelia is one of the easiest booking plugins to use. Instalar y utilizar Amelia will take you a few clicks. We continuously focus on maximum simplicity and convenience for Amelia's end users.
Most actions, both on front-end and back-end are intuitive and do not require more than 2-3 clicks. And in case you will need help, Amelia has detailed documentación sobre las funciones del plugin - and of course, we're always here to offer support.

Organize unlimited services in WordPress

All-In-One Solution for Your Business

Amelia WP Plugin demonstration

Detallado Panel de Administración

The Amelia WordPress booking plugin provides business owners and managers with a dashboard that summarizes all the business-critical KPIs. Neat and insightful, various widgets, charts, and tables allow checking the performance at a glance.

Business owners want to take advantage of the entire booking system by tracking the performance of the whole business and individual employees. Being on top of your business and staff’s performance is a key to a successful business.

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Preview of step-by-step booking wizard in Amelia Plugin

Asistente de reservas paso a paso

You can opt for a classic step-by-step appointment booking form with modern design focused on smooth UX in a single-page-app style. The most popular booking form is also highly converting and inviting, reducing churn and making the appointment booking experience a breeze.

Customers can quickly pick services, employees, location, date and time, payment details, and change any settings without leaving the booking page. The entire appointment booking process includes several intuitive and easy-to-navigate steps.

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Preview of Admin Calendar in Amelia

Event List and Booking Calendar View

Our WordPress appointment booking plugin can also handle events using the event booking forms. The event booking view lets you list events, create tags and colors, add images and descriptions to each event.

While it is easy for you to manage an event through our booking plugin, it is even easier for your users to book an event thanks to our carefully designed, UX-oriented event booking form.

After installing Amelia on your WordPress site, your users will be able to create online reservations with just a few clicks.

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Preview of customizations page in Amelia plugin

Diseño personalizable

Amelia has one of the most minimalistic & modern user interfaces among booking plugins. You can quickly adjust to match your theme and business branding. Even more, you can customize booking forms to look as if they’re an integral part of your WordPress site.

On the backend of the customization page, a WYSIWYG editor will help you adjust colors, information, and fonts to make beautiful appointment booking forms and events calendar forms that fit your booking page.

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Preview of customizations page in Amelia plugin

Automated Notifications

Amelia WordPress appointment and event booking plugin helps you keep your customers updated and reduce no-shows to a great extent. With Amelia, you can send SMS, Email, and WhatsApp notifications and reminders, and you can choose whether you want to send them to customers, employees, or both of them. Besides sending reminders for upcoming events and appointments, you can send notifications about the status of each appointment.

Amelia’s automated notifications also help you engage with your customers and increase loyalty because it allows you to send follow-ups a few days after the appointment or congratulate birthdays to your customers with birthday greeting notifications.

Our booking system offers you the default SMS, Email, and WhatsApp notifications list, but it also allows you to create custom notifications for which you choose when you want them to be sent to your customers and employees.

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We have more than 50000 happy customers

Thousands of businesses choose us

The Amelia WordPress Booking Plugin powers thousands of businesses and received recognition from leading industry websites:

“Existen muchas y muy buenas razones para utilizar Amelia. Una de ellas es la oportunidad de mejorar el aspecto profesional de tu empresa. Amelia no requiere ninguna formación para su uso y puedes configurarlo con muy poco esfuerzo. Por lo tanto, es fácil probarlo para ver cómo funcionará para ti y tu equipo.”

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“El panel de administración de Amelia es bastante extenso y ofrece a los propietarios de negocios, gerentes y proveedores herramientas precisas para gestionar la programación de citas.”

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”What separates Amelia from other booking solutions is the level of control it gives you over everything. It is a highly customizable solution that helps you tailor booking forms to your business.”

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“Nunca volverás a perder una cita o una posible cita. Puedes tirar la basura sin temor a perder el papel con la información de la cita. Amelia recopilará toda la información en un solo lugar y lo organizará a la perfección. Puedes concentrarte en tareas importantes sin interrupciones.”

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15-day money back guarantee

Garantía de devolución de dinero de 15 días

Política de Reembolso

Some of the Most Popular Features

WooCommerce Payments

Leverage the power of Amelia’s integration with WooCommerce and take care of your payments the easy way. Thanks to WooCommerce integration, you can use multiple payment gateways, send invoices, and include taxes for your services. Offer online payments with WooCommerce, PayPal, Mollie, y RazorPay and get paid on the same day.

Paquetes y servicios

Encourage your customers to buy more by bundling single or multiple services in a package of appointments. You can set the price for the whole package and create discounts for your customers when they purchase the package of services. Read more

Google Calendar Integration

With Google calendar syncing or Outlook Calendar synchronization, you and your employees can integrate your personal calendar with Amelia and keep track of all your appointments with a single look at the calendar. Each appointment booked in Amelia will be added to your Google Calendar Outlook Calendar with a customer added as a participant.

5 front-end views

Our appointment and event booking plugin uses shortcodes for adding booking forms and customer and employee panels to the front-end page. These shortcodes generate 5 front-end booking views: barra de búsqueda de reservas, reservas paso a paso, el catálogo de servicios, vista de eventos reservados and Event calendar booking form.

Extenso panel de administración

Amelia WordPress plugin has a complete booking package on the back-end - a panel de control con las estadísticas y los KPI, vista de calendario, estión de citas, empleados, administración de servicios y ubicaciones, y otras páginas.

Real-Time SMS, Email and WhatsApp Notifications

Keep your customers and employees notified in real-time about their bookings with SMS, Email or WhatsApp notifications. No more sending manual reminders, our WordPress appointment and event plugin takes that worry off your back. Remind your customers about upcoming appointments and events with automated notifications. You can also create custom notifications.

New Version of Amelia Booking Plugin

Meet new Amelia's Catalog 2.0 booking form.

The process is smoother. Steps load faster. The conversion rate is higher.