When people hear the words “double-booked” or “overbooked”, they usually think of something negative. Double booking is when someone schedules more than one appointment for the same time slot. Overbooking is when someone schedules too much work in one day or when someone accepts more reservations than what is available. (more…)

Scheduling group meetings can be a source of frustration. A team booking tool makes it easy to schedule large meetings. (more…)

Do you run a hotel business, travel agency, or service that requires an online booking system? What is the best WordPress booking theme for your business? (more…)

Like with any business, promoting your photography is all about marketing. (more…)

When the COVID-19 pandemic began, many businesses were forced to host virtual events instead of in-person events. Everything from concerts to conferences moved to the digital world. Although it was initially a huge challenge, it became obvious that virtual events provide many benefits. (more…)