Ask any consultant new to the field of consulting what is their main concern is and pretty much all of them are going to reply that they worry about how to get consulting clients quickly. This is also true of other services and businesses, but when you are just starting out in any domain, you may have a bit of a rough time. (more…)

The consulting market is booming, and there are numerous consultants out there that are offering a number of different types of services, as well as varying, competitive fees. Whether you are a novice consultant or experienced in the industry, you want to be sure that the prices you charge for your services are fair for both you and your clients. (more…)

When you are in the world of consulting, you may encounter times when you have to have some form of agreement when starting a collaboration with a client. A consulting contract is one way to do this and asks both parties to describe what their expectations are, and may also describe what instances may occur should any issues arise. (more…)

A good workout starts with good prep. You need your training schedule at the ready. Ask Arnie. Reps and reps. The same applies If you are thinking about opening your own gym. Prep and rep mean the difference between failure and success. (more…)

If you are a consultant, you need to provide all kinds of solutions to your clients that need advice. To do this in a professional way you need to learn and understand how to make a consulting template for your proposal. (more…)

The concept of a spa as a way to make you a more healthy and relaxed person is far from new. It goes all the way back to ancient times. (more…)

Online coaching with the use of a professional coaching website is a profitable business. A modern coach has a modern coaching website; it looks great at first sight and delivers a good dose of energy throughout. You’ll also notice that coaching websites typically emphasize looks with bold text and clear pictures. (more…)

We all know people who seem to be able to bend the laws of nature. They seem to get more done in a day. Do they get extra hours or is it magic? And it’s not a perception. They DO more. (more…)

You’ve landed here looking for the best medical appointment scheduling software. You want that medical appointment calendar ready for you to have an overview of what’s happening.


An all-time classic and always a good idea is to open a hair salon. You, of course, need the proper experience combined with a passion for the beauty industry. If you’re reading this, chances are you are in that position. (more…)