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Grab Amelia
Grab Amelia

Everyone knows that it’s easier to convey a message with visuals rather than with words. It is no secret that images tend to hold more emotional meaning than words do. Starting from this idea, it’s important to acknowledge the huge that role web design plays in our lives since people spend a lot of time browsing the Web, being influenced by visual design in various ways. (more…)

As a new, up-and-coming web designer, it can be difficult to attract clients or to get hired by an agency. A good resume can make the difference between capturing the attention of a client or company… or not. And, since it’s the first impression they will see, creating a web designer resume is not easy because it needs to be both visually pleasing and convincing at the same time. (more…)

As humans, we are sensitive beings that have emotional responses to all sorts of stimuli. The psychology of color analyzes how different hues can make people feel a certain emotion. Once researchers figured out how the brain works when it comes to colors, they started to be used for various purposes. One of these purposes is intelligently adding colors in web design.